Friday, 9 September 2011

September 9th

The ambulance
While out on a territorial walk, yet again the Sheppard was the victim of an evil attack from below. Somebody (yes, we still believe it is that really “low” dog from next door, who is behind this cruelty) had placed a rather huge thorn just there where the Sheppard had to put her paw. She didn’t see it coming, but she did feel it. It was incredible painful, and there was no way she was able to walk back home, even though it was only about 300m straight down. Luckily her trip advisor also double as an ambulance, and the poor very unfortunate Sheppard was lifted in to his arm and carried back home.
At arrival back home, a nurse was immediately called for, and the thorn was removed from the very aching paw, hardly with out any whimpering from the Sheppard at all.
The Model say: “You know she looked a tad to comfortable in that ambulance if you ask me. I might even say it looked liked she rather enjoyed it.”
(We have no photos from this incident, as the normal photographer was way too involved in removing thorns, but we have been so lucky to come by this illustrated photo taken by sub-human superior elite, where you can see how the Sheppard look in the arms of the ambulance.)
((This poto is tilted of own free insisting, it just refused to stand up.))

New arrivals
Miss Flowers who seem to be hatched to the perfection of motherhood, has just herself hatched 4 new eggs. The experienced mother is all ready on and about with the little ones, and they are all doing swell under her safe and experienced wing.
Miss Flower say: “Isn’t it just the most beautiful children you have ever seen!”

This is a great time of the year. The weather starts to be really cosy again, and the grape harvest is to be collected and turned into wine. Since Maifrin don’t have grapes who will be turned into wine, the dogs offered to help in the neighbours wineyard, where they made sure nobody unauthorized where to get close to a basket of grape waiting to be collected.
Sheppard say: As the perfect guard dogs as we are, I am happy to announce that not even one grape was closed to be nicked!”

Censured Royalty
A very happy cabbit the angora cat was in the 7th heaven when he for the very first time got his postcard ever, and it was only for him. It also was the most beautiful postcard he had ever seen, with a lovely photo of one of his all time favourite snacks. The photo becomes even lovelier when the automatic royal censure strip was removed. It was a nice thought of them off course, but to be honest, totally unnecessary as cabbits are not shy about certain aspect that belongs to the love life. Actually sooner the opposite, but the cabbit was then informed that maybe the censure was not meant for him, but for the poor postal workers, who is a little more shy about the subject than the cabbit is, or maybe it was to protect the postcard to arrive at all, as they where afraid somebody with certain interest might steal the postcard before it arrived to enjoy the photo for themselves. Actually the postcard did use 5 times as long as normal to arrive; leading the cabbit to believe that he was not the first to have the censure removed.
The Model say: “What about me, I also love to get postcards, I do, and I don’t even mind if the motive is not that of an intimate love situation, I rather prefer it is not actually.”

The weather forecast
Just perfect
The dogs recommend you to enjoy it while it last


Vintage feathers
Vintage feathers of all size and colours, very nicely used, for sale.
Ref: The collective bird department

All the citizens would just like to say that they are never happier (OK, maybe around dinner time, but that it is.) than when they get an old fashioned postcard in the snailmail.
Ref: need my address?

Saturday, 3 September 2011

September 3rd

Arrival of torture
It is not with pleasure that we can announce that the veterinarians are multiplying. Yes, it is shocking but it seems that also veterinarians can become pregnant, and off course on of ours had to prove it. The unpleasant surprise is supposed to arrive in December and in the meantime the vet has told us that scratching will not be tolerated.
The Model say: “I have all ready booked an appointment for January, and let me tell you right now, there will be scratching and I’ll even put in a bonus bite!”

Biking with sheep
The phenomena with dogs running along with biking humans are no news in the world. Off course the dogs here at Maifrin are so busy that they do not have time for this kind of amusement. Therefore they left this work to somebody with a lot more spare time on his trotters. Shaun jumped at the assignment with the biggest positive attitude and a necessary equal patience. Because even though Shaun just loved his new hobby, the male human didn’t seem equally happy about it. Actually Shaun had a sniky suspicion that the male human was trying to shake him off. Shaun was off course not easily fouled so the two friends where observed going back and forth just in front of the neighbours wine yard. The whole thing was witnessed of the neighbours’ grape picking team, whom still seem to be laughing out very very load indeed.
Shaun said: “Have nobody ever heard of a sheep gone biking before?”

This is a very painful season for the pigs. Not only have they been locked up in a tiny private garden, but all day they can hear the scream of the local road kill trying to cross the road to get down to the two very lonely pig tummies.
DJ sQuil say: “Normally I am not lost for words, not at all actually, but this is such a torture. Laying here listening to the violent murder of innocent fruit and nuts, whom has done nothing wrong except trying to help out a hungry pig tummy in need. It is awful, awful I tell you. I just can’t talk about it. It is too hard. I have nothing to say. The world just isn’t right when a pig have to listen to their scream, while all we would like to do was heading right up there and help the poor poor fruit and nuts. Honestly it would be much better if we just ate them at once, and that way the awful destiny as road kill would be avoided. I am so sorry; I just can’t talk about this.”

We would like to welcome our 2 new citizens. Mrs and Mr Mandarin have moved in at the poolside. The two ducks are a splendid addition to our team and are all ready valued member of our clan.
Mr Mandarin say: “I just put my eyes on the pool and though, whaw, this is perfect it can’t get better than this. Than I saw her!!! WHAW! She is the most beautiful Mandarin Duck in the whole wide world, she is amazing, and go figure, but she likes me!”

Number of eggs hatching today: So fare 1

Weather forecast
It is not that hot anymore, but more than hot enough.
The dogs recommend you not to let go off your cold spots just right yet.


Duck pool
A geese free pool wanted in a geese safe and tranquil position.
Ref: The duck department