Tuesday, 25 January 2011

January 25th

The Model is GOOD!

We are happy to announce that the Models blood test results are back and they were all fine. The Model doesn’t like wasting his blood, so when he first was talked into this blood test (with only some slight protests from himself, and only 1 human and 2 vets to support him under his massive blood loss) he decided to have a full scale test, and as he knew in adwance, it all came back purrfectly!

The Model say: “REALLY! This was a waste of purrfectly good blood, but hopefully should keep the silly vets of my back for a while. Now, could anyone please remove that pebble that is under my new Chief Editor spot, I just can’t get any hard needed rest with that pressing into my precious body!”

The New Office

While we are still waiting for the odd decoration here and there we are surprised to let you know that the new office is now in working order. In this photo you can see 2 of the investigating journalist, and as normal they are having a slight discussion about the angle of a certain article.

The Model say: “What can I say? It is so hard to find peaceful workers these days.”


Unfortunately poor Tiny was the witness of a horrible suicide this morning. One of the eggs had lost its will to live and just leapt off the table. The egg died immediately.

Tiny say: “I saw the whole thing, I was there. I tried to talk the egg back off the ledge, but nothing I said made any difference. I than tried to hold it back, but I wasn’t strong enough, it just jumped straight out of my paws.”

New friends

After Tiny got hold of the big amazing room outdoors he has met a lot of new good friends. He loves them all, and almost everyone loves him back. In particular Tiny has become a very good friend of Big Daddy and they are now seen hitting the floor together.

Big Daddy say: “That cat sure knows how to scratch my itches!”

The Grass is greener over there!

It is no longer a rumour, but seriously investigation has shown again and again that the grass at the other side of the border is greener than our own grass. The team mainly consisting of Mrs Goose and Big Daddy, have taken spot test all into the next wine yard, and the grass over there, well it just is greener.

Mrs Goose say: “This is a seriously matter indeed. Why does the spring occur earlier in areas with out me?”

Numbers off eggs today: We don’t know yet.

Weather forecast

Perfect except for a very slight fog.

The dogs recommend you to keep on smiling.


Empty house ready to be moved into.

Ref: something small

Friday, 21 January 2011

January 21st

The last farewell

Today was is a very sad day in the cat department. The very last beanpuff spilled its guts all over the new office floor. No surgery in the world could fix the huge flare in the gut area, and beans where all over the floor. Spite something as rare as begging cats, the beanpuff was put to rest in a garbage bag.

The cat department has given the following official statement: “We would like to thank our beloved beanpuff for the wonderful time we spent together. No matter what our problem was, you where always there to give us the support we needed. You hugged us tight and gave us of your heat. Dear dear beanpuff, you will always be in our hearts. So long and until we meet again. A last hugs from your cats.”

1st photo; from happier days

2nd photo; the funeral

One big room

Today Tiny finally figured out how to use the catflap. He has afterwards been observed in an out and out and in. Kitten is having a hard time watching after the little one.

Tiny say: “Whaw! That is really one big room out there, and all those strange animals. Whaw whaw whaw. IIIIK that goose is scary. KITTEN WHERE ARE YOU?!”

Guard pig

We have all heard about guard dogs, and even guard geese. A little rarer is the guard pig. Lately though a guard pig has been observed here at Maifrin. The guard pig has specialized in guarding the door so that no food can escape. The pig has developed a special snout for this very function. We are proud to announce that several apples and even the odd piece of bread have been detected trying to flea by this very guard pig.

Big Daddy say: “It really is hard work, but like all jobs, somebody has to do it!”

Fresh water

A happy goose is giving the fresh water in her swimming pool a run for its money. Advanced exercises as saltoes with screws and feather spraying is done perfectly. A very proud Mr Goose is watching proudly from the poolside.

Mr Goose say: “You know, she is just such an athlete. I can only dream to do the things she can do with water. I am the luckiest man on the planet to be married to a girl like her.”

Flying high?

A hen has lately been observed trying to get down from the hayloft. It was very easy to get in, but somehow the opening seems to have changed since she got in there.

Brass say: “I think I should have paid better attention in those flying classes.”

From the office

We are surprise to confirm that things are actually moving forward when it comes to our new office. The walls have all been painted, and today strange words have been coming out of male human mouth when he is trying to connect the floors and the walls with a peace of wood.

Snow say: “I am ready to move in, and the cage is not coming with me.”

Number off eggs today: eightish

Weather forecast

Not bad, not bad at all actually

The dog are to busy enjoying themselves in the good weather to give any recommendations at all.


Magic cleaning solutions wanted to remove paw print, traces of dead mice, accident just outside the litter tray, rabbit poop and all kind of lost fur.

Ref: Tired human slave

Beanbags wanted urgently

If you have an old beanbag (or a new one, we are not famous for being difficult) you do not want anymore, please forward it here immediately. Here it will be transferred into lovely beanpuffs, cat size.

Ref: The cat department

New nick!

The Kitten would still love more ideas to what he could use as his new nickname. Afterall you must all understand that he really has grown out of Kitten.

(photo: sub-human)

Ref: New nick needed urgently

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

January 18th

Food frenzy

While the winter seems to be on a small break (THANK HEAVENS) it is still cold and the green could according to a couple of hungry geese grow just about very much faster. Still fresh, cold and crispy green brought in from the wine yard next door seem to satisfy the geese somewhat.

Mr Goose said: “I must admit I prefer to eat my greens fresh from the roots, but hey, a hungry goose has to do what a hungry goose need to do.”

Cats and dogs

With the sun making the outdoors look good, the Peace Supremo left the fire place and was today observed having a peaceful walk with good friends. Like always when the Peace Supremo is involved everybody felt the PEACE!

The Lady dog said afterwards: “I just don’t understand how it happens? However bad mood I am in, after a couple of hugs and some but sniffing, that cat has me all smiling again. He is a gift to animality and peace among the species. That cat is a saint!”


Yesterday the cats department was the victim of sabotage so low that it is hard just to write about it. Somebody had snuck into the kitchen and pied all over they tins with food. The CSI (Cat Smell Identification team) immediately confirmed that the terrorist of this unspeakable crime was as suspected the Boy Toy.

The Boy Toy had this to say about the matter: “I still think this was so fun. Let me tell you it was not easy to sneak in. I had planned this attack for a long time. I am not going to do it again though, because the next time it won’t be the tins I aim for, if you get my drift!”


Sometimes for reasons unknown for us normal animals, the humans leave the safe haven of our Maifrin. For their own safety the dogs than have to put a leash on them and guide them safely back to our kingdom.

Big Daddy say: “The dogs still claims they have sacrificed themselves by taking on this burden. Honestly I have a sneaky suspicion that they like it!”

(Photo taken by sub-human)

New office

We are sad to inform you all that the new office is yet not ready. We have also ordered fresh paint and furniture. Fare enough the humans did arrive with the paint yesterday, but humans will always be slow workers.

The Kitten said: “I don’t want to point any claw in any direction; I am therefore only going to swipe it lightly over some not so hard working humans’ buts. Letting that wonderful Sub-human leave! As normal, not a step in the right direction!”

Number of eggs today: The day is still too young to tell.

Weather forecast

AMAZING! The sun is melting away tired and exhausting winter faces all over. Even some greens have returned.

The dogs recommend you to GET OUT AND ENJOY YOURSELF!



Fast growing seeds wanted for small private grass garden.

Ref: Mr & Mrs Geese

New nick name needed as the old one is outgrown. Serious suggestion can be given. Non serious suggestions to be met by a sharp claw.

Ref: Kitten

Friday, 14 January 2011

Januray 14th 2011

New office

We are proud to announce that Latest news by TamTam is moving into a new office. A wonderful Sub-Human has arrived to help us getting it al ready. Needless to say our regular humans could not be trusted with such an important task, as they really do not have any talents what so ever, even though this has meant some seriously delays on our behalf.

The Primadonna said: “Hmmmm, where can I put my paw print of approval?”

You are hereby warned

The Model Cat was lately given a amazing gift by some top-notch superior elite sub-humans.

Finally he has got a sign warning silly humans and other not so bright creatures about the danger of touching his highness. The only problem he could se about tis is that he only got one sign, and he could really need some more.

For those of you not fluent in Italian, this is the translation: “From here on and beyond. BE AWARE OF THE CAT! (Don’t tell us later that you weren’t warned”.

The Model Cat said: “For the first time ever I can’t hardly wait for my next VET appointment. Still, can vets read?”

Egg trouble

Today a very embarrassed Mrs Flower was caught red feathered laying an egg. The one moment she was minding her own business of laying eggs, and the next moment a surprised human had removed the roof and floor of her new secret nest box. The egg just fell out of shame.

Mrs Flower say: “Jeeze, can’t a hen get some privacy. It is getting harder and harder to find these private nest boxes. Still I have to keep on trying, as somebody is always trying to steal my eggs.”

Getting Hay

Some much exited goats, sheep and pigs are today expecting the delivery of 30 bale of alfalfa hay. Somebody wants to eat it, and the pigs want to build with it.

Mike say: “We are going to have a huge party to test the merchandize this evening!”

Number of eggs today: so fare 8, but the day is still young.

Weather forecast

FINALLY IT IS SUN! What is that big grey wave coming in over the valley over there? FOG! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

The dogs recommend you to live in the moment!


Secret nest boxes needed

Ref: Mrs Flower

Are you living or going to Rome? In that case please get in touch with the Model Cat, as he needs your help.

Ref: Shopping list

Utterly adorable tiny pig is in need of a personal assistant.

He has his own brush, so only the ability to handle a brush is needed.

Ref: DJ sQil

Saturday, 8 January 2011

January 8th

Something not so fishy

A desperate dog was yesterday both seen and heard trying to get out of the bathtub, (which for the time being was filled with water). Still it was all in vain and the very dissatisfied dog was not let out until all his precious perfume was rinsed away.

Tiny had this to say about the matter: “Whoaw!! I had been told about dog bathing days, but never seen it before. Honestly I though the Model Cat was exaggerating a tiny bit when he tells his stories from these days, but NOOO, It was just as great as he had described them. I just can’t wait until next time, and I have ordered front shelf tickets!”

(Due to a bad fur day this is an archive photo)

Sleeping deprived

As the noble creatures cats truly are, they don’t mind sacrificing their own sleeping comfort and let the humans crawl up in the bed with them. Still even cats have their limits, and after a while when the cats realized that the humans tossing around was there to stay, the human ended up being thrown out of bed.

Seniora had this to say about the unhappy episode: “Honestly we do our best to work together with these human, put sometime you just have to put your sharp paw down!”

(due to a mailfunction of the photographer of the sleeping type, this is an archive photo of the sleep deprieved cats.)

2 little piggies went for breakfast

Some serious swearing (censured for our readers off course) did this morning fill the otherwise peaceful surroundings of our beloved Maifrin. Very little investigation was needed to track the not so good language back to two very hungry pigs who at this time had found themselves a human and was busy walking after this poor being telling the poor human that some food bowls didn’t fill themselves so that the human could please get its behind in gear and get some proper work done.

DJ sQuil had this to say about the matter: “You know, when you are that hungry, and nobody gets it, what is a tiny little very small tummied pig to do? You just have to make yourself heard, as nobody else is speaking for you, right. Please send me food, as I am still very hungry, and I do not get enough food!”

Something even less fishy

While somebody doesn’t mix well with water, somebody mix better. Today Fritz went to the spa to get a full feather rinse after a not so lucky getting under the perches incident.

Somebody enjoyed the services of the spa so much that cats actually left their front shelf seats out of complete boredom.

Fritz said: “JUHUUUHUUU That was pure bliss. I can’t wait to get out to my ladies. You know how they are always looking for good looks and now I am clean as well!”

The Huntress

A very proud Silver did today finally make use of her course in hunting (course held by the Model Cat). The happy hen caught a mouse trying to get to the hen food, but he was not that lucky as Silver was patrolling the area.

The Peace Supremo had the following to say: “Personally I would not like to be eaten by a hen, but if that is what a mouse want, we will have to respect that.”

Number off eggs today: 7

Weather forecast

The colour GREY springs to mind!

The dogs recommend you to think of spring, as that is the closest you get to it.


Food wanted

Can anyone please spare some food? In that case, please forward it here immediately.

Ref: Hungry pigs

General information to all mice

The hen population at Casa Maifrin has been upgraded to dangerous enemy off all the local mice in the area. This together with the cats means that this area has now gone from red to DARKRED. Insurance did rise with 173% and travel insurance with 298%. Please also note that for the travel insurance to be valid, all mice need to travel with a minimum of 3 corn seed, to be thrown in the direction of a hen while you seek cover in another direction.

More information available at: mmm.mice.it/maifrin