Saturday, 29 October 2011

On the road again

Archive photo of Primadonna
On the road again
After Primadonna got her health certificate back from the vet (after the awful ear incident) she is now back on the road. She has been observed around snack time, but next to that the cat is celebrating her new found freedom, and is spending it on the road again.
The Primadonna was not available for neither comment nor photo.

Seniora on the road
 On the road again
Today the citizens woke up to the most beautiful autumn day. The sun was shining and the temperature was rising. Actually the weather was so great that even Seniora went out, and not only out, but she hit the road and went for a walk. The old lady who normally seems allergic to every living green thing was observed almost all the way to the hen house, where she even got completely into the spirit, and hunted down an insect.
Seniora was not available for comment as she was to tired after the long walk, and was currently sleeping a serious nap in the indoors area.

Beauty doing a propper border inspection
On the road again
After a long period of getting older, Beauty today took a break from his normal refusing to join the Sheppard for a longer walk. 2 happy dogs were last seen walking the hills, inspecting everything that possible could be inspected, at least twice.
No dogs were available for comments as they are currently off on a full border control and inspection.

DJ sQuil cleaning out an area
Big Daddy cleaning out an area
On the road again
After the grape season came to end, the pigs have yet again been allowed on the road again. This has finally led them back to their work for the neighbours were the unselfish pigs help out the overworked farmers with land management. The pigs help consist on vital input towards the cleaning and fertilising department.
The pigs were not available for comments as they were currently to busy cleaning away every last piece of fig under the neighbours’ fig tree.

Chicken watching the road

From left: Chicken, Mother Hen
On the road again
After several days with what everybody will claim has been rather grey what the weather is concerned, today even mother hen was happy. Therefore even she and her little one was observed leaving the barn and trotting around on the huge courtyard.
Neither mum nor chicken are available for comments as they are to busy getting back to the barn.

A butterfly having the last meal of the season?
On the road again
The citizens were not the only ones who wanted to take advantage of the earlier mentioned beautiful autumn day. Even the occasional butterfly decided to postpone the winter hiding, and went off to enjoy a meal on the last flowers of the season.
The butterfly was not available for comment, unknown of what reason. 

Weather forecast

A beautiful autumn day is to be expected.
The dogs recommend you to run around and bask in the sun.


Sub-human superiore elite Torild

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our dear bestest friend and sub-human superiore elite Torild with her birthday today! May you have a truly wonderful day with all the food and naps you want!
Torils is currently on the road again. 
Big purrs from Seniora and a big hug from every citizen at least twice.

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Thursday, 27 October 2011

October 27th

King Tiny trying to get out
Seniora trying to get out
The flapping fiasco
The grumpiness and in some cases (most actually) angriness, spread like fire through dry grass on a very windy day when the new cat flap was installed. 6 cats, an angora cat, a dog and a hen were all furious of the new instalment. The dog meant it had become too tight, the hen and the angora cat thought it was useless, and the cats got really upset when they realized that the flap only opened inwards and not outwards. The Primadonna refused all allegations that this was done to keep her indoor because of her bad ear. Still the new flap is there, and the cats, dogs and hens had moved out.
The Model says: “You know I had to get out in human down time here the other night, and it took me several minutes to get the lazy human to open the door for me. Than half an hour later when I really needed to get out again, it took even longer timer to get out. I would seriously recommend for that flap to be fixed asap. Who care about that silly ear of the Primadonna anyway? Not me, I promise you that much!”

Beauty in his winter proof bed
A winter snooze
There is no way denying it, the hot days of summer is really gone. Therefore the dogs have started to winter proof their beds. The beds had their thick woolly sheet back on, and are now placed next to each other for the sharing of warm comfort.
Beauty say: “I miss those hazy lazy crazy days of summer!”

The new ventilation shaft

The anonymous philanthropist
New ventilation
Yesterday somebody installed a new ventilation shaft on the henhouse. Somebody thought that it was of vital importance that the ventilation was improved in the area of the hens’ food bowls. Even a child knows that all food area in damp areas needs a lot of ventilation to avoiding it getting mouldy. Actually the good doer even sacrificed his own well being and ate the whole lot just to see that the food was good enough for the lovely ladies. The saint behind this beneficiary work wants to be anonymous, but serious research has led us to believe that this self sacrificing animal is none the less than Big Daddy.
The Spokeshen say: “What a guy, what a guy!”

The very upset Mrs & Mr Geese
The pool mystery
Lately the geese have come upon a terrible problem. Their beloved water in their beloved pool seems to escape in a scary fast speed. This is really mysterious since this started to occur just after a huge rainfall. The terrified geese now insist on having their pool topped up at least twice a day.
Mrs Goose say: “You know, I was just about to run into the water, and than there were no water to run in to!”

Weather forecast
Wet and awfully foggy
The dogs hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they do recommend you to get your winter sleeping arrangement in order.


Experienced diplomat
Diplomat with long and relevant experienced towards communicating with wild boar hunters are wanted. We have tried hard to communicating with them, but they speak neither cat, dog, pig, bird, sheep, goat, rabbit nor human. We are at the end of our wits.
Application with CV and recommendations to be forwarded to the Citizens.

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

October 13th

Big Daddy in exercise mode

Speed 17
While out on his daily trot, a certain Big Daddy was so totally into his exercise that he had totally forgotten to see where he was heading. So when he saw the fence coming toward him, it was just too late. There was nothing he could do. The speed was way too high. Big Daddy immediately realized that this was not the day to be outside his fenced in area (hunting day) so he started to slow down. Off course you don’t have to know much about the law of physics to know that pure muscle in such a big size need a lot of time to slow down. Therefore Big Daddy was seen taking some rather advanced turning operations, hoping this would slow him down. Which it did, but the speed was so HUGE. The first turn slowed him slightly down, but only slightly. Strangely enough this turn had put him in the straight direction of the barn door, just smashing through the geese feeding bowl first. This started to be very scary for the normal rather tranquil pig, as there just wasn’t enough time to take another turn to avoid hitting the barn door. Luckily for the poor chap, the door was slightly ajar, so he aimed for the opening and hoped the impact would not hurt his muscle mass too much. The impact made the whole barn shaking and the barn door flew straight up. The speed was now noticeable smaller, but still the speed was dangerously fast. Big Daddy had by this realized that crashing was not to be avoided, but he continued his turning manoeuvres to make it as little as possible. But in the end, there was just no more place to turn, and the desperate pig crashed straight into the waterfowl food container whit his snout first. Finally the pig stopped, but unfortunately the impact had been so big that the food container had tipped over and spilled its guts all over the floor. After checking that no damage had occurred on himself, the unfortunate pig thought he better start to clean up after himself, because as you all know, pigs are by nature very clean animals.
Beauty said: “I saw the whole thing; it felt like it all went by in slow motion.”

The almost ugly duckling
Our beloved peachick has still refused to reveal his true sex for us, but the speculations has lately taken a new turn after she/he lately gave us a glance of her new feathers. If the peachick stand in just the correct angel towards the sun, and you again stand inn the correct angel to both the sun and the peachick you can almost completely clear see a shimmer of green in the neck feathers. This is a big discovery to lead us to believe he is a boy, versus the clue about the brown eyes versus yellow or blue leads us to believe she is a girl.
The discussion is as you can imagine going high, and some betting has even been rumoured to go on.
The peachick itself say: “HIHIHI This is so fun!”

The big rescue
This morning one of Miss Flowers tiny ones had manage to escape from his house. The tiny one was no where to be seen nor heard. A huge rescue operation was immediately put in to action to find the little one trotting around all alone. Miss Flower and the rest of her tiny flock went in one direction, the rest of the search crew in other directions. The rescuer met up as agreed, but nobody had any good result. The only one who wasn’t there was Miss Flower and her tiny ones. So the search was now for Miss Flower with all of her flock. Normally this is a rather noisy bunch, but not today. The search was no concentrated on the area Miss Flower was last seen, and sure enough, not fare from there you could see Miss Flower laying on the bottom of a very steep hill, and up from between her wings was a tiny red head popped up. Miss Flower had with out any problem at all found her missing chicken. So in the end, all she needed the rescue help for, was to go and fetch a nice helping of snack, to motivate the little chick for the long climb up again.
Miss Flower said: “I knew where he was all along. It was nice of the others to help, but off course totally unnecessary.”

Weather forecast
Wonderful weather for autumn
The dogs recommend you to enjoy it for as long as it last.


The Primadonna planning her escape
Due to escape planning I am urgently in need of the movie “The Italian job.” Needless to say it is the original from 1969 I need, and not the so-called copy from 2003.
Ref: Urgent matter att: Primadonna (still in the sick bay)

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Monday, 10 October 2011

October 10th

Primadonna showing of the ear in question
The awful aching
Yesterday the Primadonna came to the conclusion that even though she hated just the very thought of it, she needed medical care. Therefore she decided she could not postpone it any further, and went to talk to the nurse. As normal the nurse was not very fast on the uptake, but as soon as the nurse awoken even she could smell the problem. The Primadonna had an unfortunate abscess problem and according to the smell, the abscess what not whole anymore.
Still the nurse didn’t find the puss, so the poor Primadonna had to spell it out for her. So when she insisted on getting her ear scrubbed, even the nurse felt the problem. The awful abscess was actually leaking into her ear, which was not only painful but also irritated, the ear as well. So the nurse did her best cleaning out the area, and said it would have to be the vet next thing. The poor patient was in the meantime restricted to the bed chamber area. Which was not incredible popular.  
The next morning the Primadonna was put into an ambulance carrier and off the vet it went. There they had no mercy what so ever, and drained the whole thing, and injected her with a very painful needle indeed. Than she was not only told to come back, take meds but also to stay indoors!! The indoors thing has been debated ever after, and we assume the debate will continue for about the next 12 days. The sad Primadonna is now back to the bed chamber, debating her freedom through a huge bowl of her favourite food.
King Tiny said: “Oh oh oh, this is awful. My poor poor Primadonna is ill! How could this happened, is there no justice in the world. My poor poor girl. I did off course offer to accompany her to the dreaded vet, but she was so ill that she mistook me for an intruder and slapped a couple of sharp claws in my direction. That is how ill she is!”

The tailless d'Oro
Feather perfect?
Every hen and rooster unfortunately knows that not all days are good feather days. Especially the moulting season can be hard on a certain good looking rooster, still is life fear when you loose all your tail feathers at once? This might have bothered a rooster with a poor self-consciousness, but luckily for d’Oro he suffers from no such thing. The tailless rooster is still observed clucking up the chicks like nobodies business. 
D’Oro said: “Tail feather or no tail feathers, the ladies still understandable adores me. I am just that hot!”  

Shaun showing off his latest accessory

The new accessories
Today the sheep department consisted on two very proud sheep. Due to very fast growing wool (needed for the upcoming cold season off course), the two sheep had ordered themselves brand new collars, as the old ones had just become to tight with all the wool pressing up from underneath. The sheep have spent the rest of the days parading their new accessories, and admired each other. Strangely enough the other citizens didn’t seem that interested in their happiness, so the sheep continued to admire themselves even more.
No sheep was available for comments as they were to busy admiring themselves, but we were lucky to get the following comment from the Sheppard: “Big deal!”

Henhouse roof
While the sub-humans were here, they showed out to be very useful, in more ways than one. They also was incredible thoughtful, so when the hens wasn’t really that into petting, the male human instead made them a completely new roof, which actually was something they had been dreaming about for quit a while. Now the rain will no longer bother the hens, or at least, it will not bother them at their safe haven.
Mr Purr say: “It works for me as well. This is a nice place for me to help with the feeding. That sub-human is a true hero!”

Weather forecast
The days are hot and the nights are cold.
The dogs recommend you to find a tin roof, drag it to the sunniest spot you have, than pay it a visit when the sun goes down.


The Primadonna planning her escape
Due to escape planning I am urgently in need of “Rome & Julie” written by Shakespare.
Ref: Urgent matter att: Primadonna

Saturday, 8 October 2011

October 8th

art according to Mr. Purr
art according to Mr. Purr
Some may think that the citizens don’t really care about art. That is wrong, totally and utterly wrong. The truth is that they do indeed care very much about art, but it need to be beautiful art, and the citizens has a clear view on what they consider good and beautiful art. Therefore the art is limited, as not much get up to their standards. Still even though they all more or less approve of art, some citizens approve of it more than others. Therefore this citizen had to go and have his sculpture made. Not only one, but two. He is very happy with the result himself, even though it must be admitted that not all citizens agree with Mr Purr that this is good art, not at all actually.
Mr Model say: “Honestly, I must admit that the artist has managed to get the best out of the situation, but off course it would have worked better if he had used a professional model. Just saying, just saying…”

Amber with Mum before mum shrunk
Amber after mum shrunk
Perched up
It was a big night for “not so little Amber anymore” when she had to sleep on the perch together not only with her mum, but also all the other hens and roosters. Lately mums wing had been shrinking so much, that she could hardly fit her head underneath it, so this night her mum thought she might just be big enough to sleep at the perch. It was off course a bit scary, but even though mummy’s wing was not over Amber, it was still just right next to her, and Amber did rapidly fell into sleep, and so did mum and all the other who was ready to meet the night at the perch.
Amber said: “Honestly, I would prefer to sleep under the wing of my mummy, but she has been shrinking so much lately, that I really have trouble fitting underneath it. Her shrinking is actually a bit scary, sleeping at the perch though, not scary at all, ok, almost not scary at all.”

Beauty re-inacting how he totally scared of the Fox

Mr Pearl living the henhouse
Unwanted visitors, yet again
Last morning most of us woke up to the most dreadful news. There was no doubt, in the distance we could clearly here the awful sound of a fox. Luckily the dogs did their job to perfection (as almost always) and the fox soon left the area. For our nevous readers out there, the fax was never seen, and after listening to the dogs department pep talk, we don’t think he will be back shortly. Still the hens are perched up an hour extra each day, as a safety measure.
Mr Pearl said: “If I had been awake, my feather would have been shaking with fear!”

Flooded swimmingpool
Flooded swimmingpool
The autumn is not only in the air, but also in the water, literally. The poor waterfowl department is these days struggling to find the water in their pool underneath a constant layer of old retired leaves. Even though the pool is cleared for leaves several times a day, new leaves are just to happy to jump in and spoiled a poor bird need to get her wings wet.
Mrs Goose say: “You know you jump out in the water to get clean, and what happens? Instead leaves stuck to you all over, and it takes forever to pick them off. Autumn is a cruel thing.”

Weather forecast
Windy but sunny.
The dogs recommend you to hold on to you fur.


well used cat for sale

Well used cat for sale, close up
Cat for sale
A very experienced cat for sale. This is an absolute bargain as this cat has done, seen and experienced everything a cat can experience, and that at least twice, most likely much more. She adores telling everybody about all of her experience, also at least twice, most likely more. This cat would therefore be the perfect cat for somebody fresh at the cat business, as she as earlier mentioned love to share her previous experience with everybody she can get her paws on.
She is today totally dedicated to her new life as a cat guidancespeaker, and are therefore fairly easy to look after. As long as she has a soft lap, a huge food bowl always full and a cat with great patience she is only moving her toothless grin.
Ref: The dogs

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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

October 5th

DJ sQuil with his not so welcome bandage
Big Daddy proudly sporting his support band-aid
Pig bandage
DJ sQuil had as normal been out rocking the world, butt his time something had gone wrong. He came home with a wounded ear. It wasn’t a particular big wound or anything; evil tongs might even say it was hardly visible. Actually it hardly was visible, but that had more to do with that fact that the wound was on the inside of the ear and not the outside of the ear. Everybody knows that the inside of a black pig’s ear is hardly visible at all, wound or not wound, so there was no doubt that the wound needed nursing. OK, so not everybody meant that the wound did need nursing, and one in particular was absolutely convinced it did not need any treatment at all. So with DJ sQuils negative attitude towards treatment but the nurse insisting, something about truly evil flies, the small operation of cleaning and dressing the wound got almost as huge as DJ sQuil himself. The fact that the only thing who was able to stick on the poor unfortunate pig ear was the before mentioned evil flies, did not make the operation go any faster. Actually it went so slow that Big Daddy actually felt sorry for the poor chap, and insisted on getting a support band-aid on his own ear, which he then sported in front of the by now rather grumpy DJ sQuil. In the end the bandage did stick, and as his best friend, Big Daddy immediately put his snoutstamp on it.  
DJ sQuil was too grumpy to give any official statement, but we got the following words from his very good friend Big Daddy: “What a big pussy that boy is. Honestly I have been wearing this band-aid now for ages, and it does not bother me at all, NOT AT ALL. I can’t help it, but the truth is, DJ sQuil is nothing but a BIG cry baby! A BIG ONE! That is my honest opinion.” 

The Sheppard and sub-human having a nice chat
Sub-humans missing!
After 3 weeks with nothing but the best treatment from the 2 most wonderful sub-humans, the sub-humans have no left. Their departure was not popular amongst the citizens, but as they all know, nothing good last forever. So the citizens are currently hissing themselves through long feeding times while praying for the wonderful sub-humans to come back.
Seniora said: “Finally somebody understands an old retired street cat like my self’s need for a nice fur scrub, and than…. Gone! Oh I miss those magic fingers!”

The spy

Model watching the spy
Who flew over our nest?
Just the other days the citizens noticed that somebody was spying on them. Up there, in the air, somebody was looking down on the suspicious citizens. Still a citizen understands that they are the victim of envy, and behaved accordingly. Just in case a paparazzi was onboard immediately pruning and posing was done.
The Model said: “This is the backside of being a famous model. Everybody wants to have a piece of your private life. Still, I do accept visitors, if asked nicely, and sometimes I even show myself to these visitors, if I have the time, and they show the right respect towards a cat of my proportions.”

The dogs always makes sure their humans are safe

Meeting up with citizens of other nations is a very important diplomatic work which the dogs carry out perfectly
The dog show
This being the festive season in our area (This season is more or less all year round to be completely honest) the dogs have yet again been working very hard travelling to represent our nation to several big parties all over the region. Just the last couple of weeks they have been to wine festivals, a nut festival, antiques marked and so on and so on. Strangely enough the dogs seem to love all this jet setting, and are never turning down an offer for a new show.   
The Sheppard say: “It is not that I like the lime light, oh who am I kidding, I love it love it love it!”

Weather forecast
The weather is rather nice. Sunny and not to hot, but something tells us that the autumn unfortunately has arrived.
The dogs recommend you to ignore those yellow leave as long as possible.


Dear wonderful sub-humans please come back. Our fur is aching from the lack of your magic fingers, and we are hardly not fed at all. Please come back! Please!
Ref: Sad dogs