Monday, 23 January 2012

Sheppard taking a flying leap down the deer walk.
Latte & Caffe going the wrong way due to an hungry tummy feeling. 

The Deer walk
While out on a social walking the other day, we noticed that the deer walk going from “The end of the world” through “No-mans land” to end up at the “Walnut tree” seem to be well used. We therefore decided to try it for our selves, as it would really be a very nice short cut. The only problem is that this walk might not be long, actually it is SHORT, but the distance is equally long in height meters as in actual meters, which could lead to problem for some (1) member of the group. Still we went at it with our normal positive attitude. We are happy to announce that it was a success. Even though some used longer time than others, everybody got safely down. If certain citizens hadn’t insisted on eating their way through, it might also had been very time consuming.
Latte say: “All in all I would call this a success, if only we could get some more time consuming all the nice snack along the walk, it would even be perfect.”

A tired DJ sQuil on his way home after a long day works.
The long commute
Like with every other citizen, this isn’t exactly Big Daddy & DJ sQuils favourite time of the year. Not only is the freezing temperatures bad enough, but NOOOO, you actually have to commute to get to work. Wile the rest of the year is filled with delicious green and fruit and berries and even the occasional nut, this time of the year is dreadful. You have to commute all the way up to the old wine yard to get some proper foraging done at all, and for WHAT! Old roots!
DJ sQuil says: “You know, I don’t mind my job at all. Honest I don’t. Rootmanagement is a very important part of our job you know. It is jobs were you need a lot of experience at least if you want it done proper, and we pigs, let me tell you, we have the best work ethics in the business. Not only in the business, all over I would say. We only do a job if we can do it proper, because otherwise it isn’t worth doing. Still I do prefer other jobs we have, as they taste that much better, but on this time of the year, this is the only job left, as we work so hard the rest of the year. We pigs are incredible hard working you see. So we saved rather boring commute foraging for now. It’s a huge project, but I am off course in total control. Like always I would say. If you want a job done, leave it with us!”

Sombody taking advantages of their bantam size.
The snack robbery!
Like with the pig department also the hen department suffers with more problems than the cold. Every so often the evilness itself manifest in the shape of the ugliest bird you ever ever saw, and fly over the hens outing area. This has led to the hen staying indoors until afternoon.
Staying indoors can off course be rather boring for hens that normally spend the day tracking around our kingdom. So to get their mind off the lack of free movement due to the evil ugly killer bird, they have put in a subscription for an extra snack delivery. Off course nothing is perfect, so the hen department is now working with the snack producer to find a solution who does not discriminate the bigger hens for first dip at the delivery.
The Spokeshen say: “This is a tricky situation for us bigger ladies. The smaller ladies seem to take advantages of their small size, and literally dive into the snack for the best bits. This is not fare, and we have therefore decided to hire a guard. Hopefully this will solve the problem at beak.”

King Tiny is always eager to help out!
Who slept in my bed?
We all know King Tiny as a very thoughtful individual, always concerned about everybody else’s well being. Therefore nobody was surprised when thought the hen could need some help. While inspection the hen palace he noticed that the hens had so much eating to do, that they didn’t have time to keep those nice wonderful looking egg companied. He had but no choice to take it upon him, and with out any thought of his own well being he crawled into the nest box to keep the lonely eggs accompanied.
King Tiny say: “You know, you just have to help out whenever you see the need. That is the only right thing to do!”

Weather forecast
Fog has been observed in the valley.
The dogs recommend you to keep your paws crossed for continues “good” weather.


Security guard wanted
A serious security guard wanted to protect all valuable transport going from the barn to the Hen Palace. Experience will be preferred, but we are desperate.
Short application with CV to be forwarded urgently.
Ref: Hen Department

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Out enjoying the SUN!

Finally the cold fog realized that it had most definitively overstayed its welcome, and left for a break. Must it be a very long break indeed. In the meantime the Sun is not only back, but for today it even brought its good friend Warm. The citizens have therefore yet again taken to the outdoors, and this time in a happily fashion.
Big Daddy say: “What do you mean?! We don’t need extra food anymore?!! ONLY 30 apples for breakfast?!!!”

The winefarmer hard at work with poletesting.
 The art of wine farming – cat style!
The days when this used to be an active wine farm is long gone. Even Beauty can’t remember those days, so we are really talking ancient history here. Not all is gone though. Are you lucky you can even get to taste a grape when they are in season, off course if DJ sQil didn’t get there before you, which he most likely did. King Tiny doesn’t care about the grapes though. He does on the other paw, care about the old poles. These are of the most vital importance for any wine cat, as they come as fully equipped cat training station. You can scratch your claws, climb them and balance on them. Therefore King Tiny has taken it upon him to safety check all the standing poles, and this is a responsibility he takes very serious indeed. If in doubt he just keeps checking them until he is sure one way or the other. Some poles are actually checks several times a day. As you can clearly see from the photo above, he does this with out any thought for his own security.
Big Daddy say: “I knew it, DJ sQuil did eat those grapes! That ¤?”((¤##!”

A proud Sheppard is now playing Dog Chess.
 Dog chess
After years watching the cats playing the extremely advanced game cat chess, the Sheppard finally managed to talk the cats into letting her play with. Off course whereas the cats are born with the rules built into their head, the same can absolutely not be said of any dog. Therefore the Sheppard had to take private lesson from the Model with King Tiny as an assistant trainer before she will be allowed into the official Maifrin Cat chess cup. If she will pass the course that is.
The Model say: “Unfortunately the will to play is NOT equal to actual talent. We started the lessons at scratch, and that was just to advanced, so we had to invent a completely new low level. We call it Dog Chess!”

The Cabbit does not agree with the lack of snack in the world.
The Cabbits delivery
The Cabbit was delirious of happiness when the delivery man called and asked if the Cabbit could arrange to have his delivery picked up in the village the next day. It had been a long wait, but finally his snack refill was arriving. The Cabbit didn’t leave anything to change, and his driver was put on 24 hours phone service, and the car was ready to go in a jiffy. When the package finally arrived the Cabbit went into a snack frenzy.
The cabbit say: “What do you mean? I can’t have it all at once?? But…. I have all ready put in a new order!”

Weather forecast!
We are hoping that this hot day is here to stay.
The Dogs recommend you to live for the moment.


Do you want to see your ad here?
Well, off course you do!
So all you have to do is to get in touch with us, and we will put it right in here, as soon as the payment is cleared that is.
Ref: LNBTT PR-dep.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Model letting the weather know excatly how he feels about it!
The Cold Continues
The cold continues to bother the poor poor citizens. Fare enough, part of the days is now fog free, but otherwise the humidity is huge even then, and we never seem to be anything but below zero. The sheep, goats and goose still insist on staying outdoors, the rest, oh well, they really don’t get out that much. Even the hens have left their favourite hobby of foraging and seems to prefer the indoors.
Seniora say: “I have never understood the pleasure of staying outdoors anyway. Now, could anyone please switch on my heating blanket?”

Sheppard in the cold water.
Beauty in the cold water.
The first bath!
Yesterday somebody got the swell idea that it might was time to go down to the river. The idea was met with huge enthusiasm, but only from the dog department. A car arrived to taxi the 2 strangely enough happy dogs down to the riverside, while the rest of us totally ignored the stupid idea. Apparently the river was beautiful, and while the side part of the river had offensive ice all over the place, the main part of the river was surprisingly free from the blasted stuff. Still, almost 24 hours later, nobody have found any conclusion to why Sheppard thought it necessary to chose this time for her first bath this year. Not even her. Fare enough, the smell of dog is there, but honestly, it isn’t that bad, at least not when you are used to it like we are. We are happy to announce that the Sheppard did not catch any cold from her poor lack of judgement, but we do not recommend her any new trip to the river until the weather has approved with at least 15 degrees Celsius.  
Beauty say: “You know, this has gone totally out of proportions. Honestly, it is not like it was a proper bath or anything. She just vaded! OK, personally I vaded in a more shallow part of the river, but only just, only just. Than again, I vaded in the side part of the river! What, did she also vade in the shallow part of the river? Are you sure? I can’t really recall that sight.”

The spacious penthouse appartment.
Moving in?
It seems like it is getting more and more popular to become a citizen, which off course is highly understandable. We were therefore not at all surprised when we noticed that new building had occurred with in our borders. We still haven’t seen the builders, but we would like to congratulate them with their choice of property and welcome them to our gang.
Latte says: “Now, where did a put that left over wool from last season? Maybe they could use that as nest material?”

Mr Purr is shockingly observed on the wrong side of the duvet!
The purring quilt
At the same time it starting to get cold around here, some strange sounds started to occur underneath the cat department’s favourite duvet. While most of the cats is using the duvet in a proper cat fashion, heap sleeping to maximize the heat collection, some (as earlier mentioned) strange sounding sounds with attached vibration has been arriving from underneath the duvet itself. Serious investigations led horrified cats to discover that a certain Mr. Purr were no longer happy with the heat from the heap sleeping, and had moved underneath the duvet for an even warmer climate.
King Tiny say: “Please! Can anybody get that so-called cat a proper fur before he put us all to shame?”

NOPE! The weather doesn't look good at all!!
Weather forecast
It looks COLD! It looks GREY! It looks FREEZING!
The dogs recommend you to invest in the fleece marked.


Heating pads
Heating pads and heating quilts are urgently needed.
Ref: The citizen’s antifreeze program

Obviously the citizens do not have enough blankets!
Fleece in all sizes is urgently needed.
Ref: The citizen’s antifreeze program

Wood transportation
Somebody to continuously transport wood from the wood shed to feed the fireplaces indoor is URGENTLY needed. This is a 24 hour job of the biggest importance.
Short application with a detailed CV and serious recommendations to be forwarded us immediately.
Ref: The citizen’s antifreeze program

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Model is glad the fog stoppes him from seeing the misery.

It wasn’t at all a good morning for the citizens. It was not only cold, but the air had been painted in a not at all see through dark grey and everything had been covered in ice crystals. Some might consider this beautiful, but the citizens prefer the warmer beauty.
The Model say: “It is just as well I can’t see anything through this )#?”&&=!( fog as there is nothing I want to see anyway!”

Not all the citizens are equally bothered by the cold weather.
 Frozen wool?
Not everybody seems to be equally horrified of the coldness that surrounds us. A certain sheep didn’t feel much worse at all. He might be surrounded by icy matters, but he is firstly surrounded by the warmest and fluffiest wool. It is actually so nice and hot that it shall a bit more than some silly frozen fog to scare that boy indoors.
Caffe says: “When you have a woollen coat like me, sometimes the cold can actually be a little bit refreshing. Off course frozen wild food is a required taste….”

Out for a cold walk.
Cold walk
It might be cold and it might be foggy but a walk is still a walk, and it has to be done. Therefore as normal the citizens (some of them at last) did as normal head off towards the end of the world. Spite cold paws and freezing snouts, no checkpoint was missed out. Trees, walls and stones was climbed and/or signed just like normal. Still the walk was reported to be just a little bit faster than normal. Not because it was cold off course, but because the view was non-existent.
The Sheppard say: “To keep warm I just run even faster, and let me tell you, that is incredible fast!”

What happens to frozen wasp nuts?
 Frozen food
A piggy piggy isn’t either so bothered by the cold weather. Yes, it might be a little cold around the trotters, but finally all the work to get the body well isolated is paying off, so as long as there is food to be eaten the pigs are happy. Frozen food is also food, still some pigs may prefer warmer food. Therefore it was not with sadness in their hearts the frozen mutant oak nut. Being their normal soft hearted pigs, they could not but hope that the %&(&¤%/¤& wasp had frozen dead in the nut it had stolen!
DJ sQuil sais: “You know, we pig are the kindest living creatures there is. You actually can’t get any kinder than us, it is just not possible. We are the nicest there is, and that is a fact. There just isn’t anybody nicer than us. I am the nicest pig there is. Still food is food, and you just don’t better steal my food!”

The cold view.
Weather forecast
The dogs recommend you to keep your hottest spot occupied the whole day.


A citizen popping by to wish Christine a happy celebration.
We would like to congratulate our good friend Christine with her birthday today! May she have a wonderful day filled with purrs and cuddles!
May you never freeze!
Here’s to you Christine!
PURRS & HUGS from all the citizens!

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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Beauty beeing interviewed about the importance of dog fashion.

 Let me leash!
After a certain dog (lets call her Sheppard) had “forgotten” her leash at the neighbours the evening before after a “do not run after the car” –episode, the dogs were terrified to discover that they only had one leash between them and lunch at their favourite bar. This being (due to human regulations, what else) one leash too little. The leash store was closed for lunch so suddenly good advice was scares. What to do? A throughout search of the car didn’t help much, no leash did magically reappear. Would they really have to skip lunch? The thought was just too painful. So Beauty decided to sacrifice himself. He volunteered to use a shopping bag as an ultra fashion statement leash. After all you can’t do statements like that in your local bar, were can you?
Beauty said: “With my amazing beauty you can get away with everything! Several fashion designers and magazines have all ready been in touch.”

Yesterdays eggs. No prize for guessing which is not the egg of the Spokeshen!
Fresh eggs

Now that the days finally are getting longer happy hens do yet again want to produce the most beautiful eggs you have ever seen. This year’s egg season is therefore now officially started.  Everybody off course claiming that there is no egg more beautiful than theirs. Still some hens need a couple of tries to get properly back into the game. Is it not that easy apparently?
The Spokeshen say: “I do off course not need adjustment of my perfect egg laying skills, but some of my fellow hen does, and there is absolutely no shame in that!”

Desperate cats trying to get some sleep spite the nightly concert.
Nightly serenade
During the night when most of the citizens were a sleep, a guest arrived. From under the balconies the nightly guest started to sing. Deer music filled the dark night. Since it would be rude to interrupt a guest artist like that, the citizens decided it was best not to get out on the balcony to applause, especially since deer are famous for being a little skittish. Instead they turned around and continued to sleep with the lullaby hanging in the air.  Unfortunately the guest didn’t stay, and had left by the time the light hit the new day.
Seniora said: “Can’t an old lady get a night sleep anymore?

A victim of a slow inefficient postal service.
Mr Postman
Everybody who knows us does know how we really appreciate the old fashion snail mail system. We just love it when we get postcards and packages in our mailbox. (Bills not that much to be completely honest.) What we do not understand is why the postal services itself seems to sabotage us. After all the postage is paid, and we use a lot on postage our self for nice things to end up in other mailboxes. This is supposed to share joy and happiness, but obviously this is not to liking of most countries postal services. For instance this beautiful piece of pig art was stamped the 18/12 but did not arrive here before the 9/1. Dear postal services, why do you this to us, WHY?
Big Daddy say: “Actually I think I know why this card in especially was delayed. The Postal service is ashamed with good reason indeed, that they manage to bend the one corner of this most beautiful photo.”

Weather forecast
Somebody has totally against our will replaced our beautiful sunny days with a foggy day.
The dogs recommend you to remember the better days.


Silvio out for a short walk, security is tight.
 Enemy alert!
This message goes out to the hen department in particular. A falcon is observed and as normal it is only interested in spreading pain, evil and sorrow. Therefore until further notice we have come to the conclusion that the hen department will have to spend the first part of the day in the safety of their hen palace. Extra snack will be provided together with light entertainment.
We are sorry for the inconvenience this will bring you, but remember the motto, safety first.
Ref: Maifrin Safety Bureau.  

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sheppard demonstrating the propper way to behave in a bar/restaurant.

Dogs in Rome
As a shocking start to the New Year, the dogs favourite bar choose to take vacation, and closed down for a whole week. You can all imagine the dogs despair to this horrible act of selfishness from their local bar. Still the dogs are of the forgiving sort, and when the bar people finally got their lazy act together, two dogs were yet again observed sleeping themselves through lunch time.
The Sheppard say: “It isn’t like we are depended on that bar or anything. We do off course lay down in other bar as well, but in this bar the other customers depend of our company you know.”

New food containers out to dry.
Some might think that the citizen’s life is filled with excitement. They are wrong! Life can in fact be rather boring and it therefore doesn’t take much to please them. Some are even easier pleased than the rest, like when Mr Goose was totally excited and happy watching the new food containers getting washed and dried out.
Mr Goose say: “For crying out loud! It is not that I really enjoy watching the cleaning of the food containers, but knowing one of them was for me, and in the meantime I got myself a drizzle shower and afterwards I got to splash around in water. Utterly wonderful!”

The Full moon rising
The Full moon rising
Yesterday it was time for the monthly full moon concert. So while the full moon was rising over the hills, we were lucky enough to be mesmerized by the most beautiful tunes floating through the evening air. When Beauty and Mr Goose together hit the high notes everybody else (including the chorus) just stop and for a wonderful moment it is like the moon is shining only for you.


From the vets archive part 1
Lately the Model hasn’t been completely up to his normal colors, and almost everybody has been worried about him. Therefore a certain cat agreed to take a trip to the vet (after he had been catnapped and forced in to a cage and placed in the car). Unfortunately the vets are not really up to date, and still believe in the very old method of phlebotomy. Needless to say, the Model is more updated on his veterinarian research and protested wildly. The vets tried to tell him how they just wanted to analyze his blood, and only a very small part of it. The cat did not listen, mostly because he couldn’t hear a thing as he was screaming out as high as he could, and it seems like the Model has an enormous lung capacity. It might not have helped on the situation that at the same time somebody had wrapped him in a blanket and a traitorous human and two vets tried to hold him calm enough to get to his precious blood. Needless to say the Models arguments won the discussion. There was no phlebotomy! A certain cat was looking incredible SMUG the whole way home.
The Model say: “Phlebotomy!!!!! There is nothing wrong with me. I am perfect! Perfect!! I am just longing for the spring. PHLEBOTOMY?!!”

Weather forecast
Still a clear sky as long as the eye can see.
The dogs recommend you to gaze upon the stars.


Eating up services
Your food bowl still has those old bits in it? Not a problem, you just call for King Tiny’s finish up service. No food bowl to high, to low, to occupied. King Tiny will be there in a jiffy and have your bowl fresh as a daisy before you know it.
Ref: Bowl emptier

Sunday, 8 January 2012

The new nest box is taken for a run.
Nest with a view
If it is something all hens know is that humans know nothing about making a proper nesting area for egg production. Unfortunately they keep on trying. Still their last try was actually not that bad, and several hens have been observed checking out the new installation, and even eggs has occurred. Off course, as soon as the novelty wears off, the hens will move on, but in the mean time…..
The Spokeshen said: “This nest box isn’t half bad actually, to be human made I mean. It has everything I look for, a nice cosy bottom, roof and only one entrance, and as a bonus it is elevated and even has a view. It will work for a short now.”

Cat(s and their )nip  
Due to what the citizens can only describe as wonderful winter weather (in the daytime at least) the cat department are happy to see that their catnip is yet again sprouting from the earth. Off course it hasn’t sprouted that much yet, so the word “their” doesn’t really work at the moment. Serious discussions have been made over the subject of who should have first dip at the nip, but an agreement is still to be agreed upon.
The cat department has yet to agree about an official comment regarding this matter, but cats have often been heard yelling: “MIIIIIIINE!!!”

The citizens discussion and testing diffrent new use of an old object.
Nobody can say that we here at Maifrin is not concerned about the environment. So to do our bit to make this world a place we can continue to live, we always try to recycle old object into a new career when its old purpose is no longer possible or needed. As you can clearly see here there is no lack amongst the citizens to test and try out new possibilities. In this case proposals as food bowl and bed was thrown out and the hen department has just got themselves a new nest box.
Caffe said: “We let the hen have this one, as it was clearly that this could never be a pigsecure food bowl.”

The houseguest
What the turtle ate
Most of you are completely aware of the fact that we are currently having a houseguest. This houseguest has the strange shape of a turtle. The lady is currently undergoing medical treatment due to an infected shell, and therefore has to be kept awake in a period were she should actually have been at sleep. We assume this is the reason she is on the rather grumpy side and really don’t want to eat. Actually we were getting so used to her antics that we got rather surprised when she yesterday realised that we finally had found her some food she approved of; dried fish. Stunned citizens could only confirm that she was finally eating happily.
King tiny say: “And I who was ready to jump in and finish of her fish!”

Weather Forecast
The almost perfect winter weather. Hot days and cold nights.
The dogs recommend you to stay in the sun as much as absolutely possible.


A fallen DJ sQuil
Pigs will fall down
This is a general warning to everybody in our area. It is vey important to know that this years season of falling pigs has started. Several pigs have all ready been observed lying around on sunny spots, some of them even in a snoring version. Please be advice to not wonder in any direction were any pig might be falling, as this could develop into a serious smashing episode. If you still feel you need to be that close to pig (still standing) remember that you do so totally on your own responsibility and that you are not covered by any insurance, not even in worst case scenario.
Ref: Maifrin security bureau

We would like to remind you that we are not only here at this newsblog, but that we also our own Facebook group. In this group we even let you have some background information and sometimes even a scoup on the news. So if you like to keep up with the news, please join us at our group: “Latest news by TamTam – human helpline” at