Monday, 29 June 2009

June 29th

Angry Spokeshen

The Spokeshen has today been told she has to stay in her quarters the whole day, due to medication in her water. This did not go down well with her, as this really did not fit in with her plans to walk around getting some exercise and a lot of insects. Like the Model Cat hunting is one of her favourite hobbies.

The Spokehen had this to say: “This is outrages! Beeing imprisoned like that. So I need some medication, ha! With my strickt exercise program and healthy eating, I am sure I would get well eventually anyway.”


Due to his habit of getting caught red snouted in the food bowls to the cats and dogs a small prison has been built to punish the Chief Pig. Unfortunately this does not seem to bother him a bit, as he only considers it as a peaceful break between his raidings.

The Thief Pig says: “Food is food and it really is finder’s keepers. Why is that so hard to understand?”

(Photo taken by SubHuman)

Cat observed outside the henhouse

The Peacecat continue his quest for total understanding between the species and has therefore been having a lot of meetings with the hen department. Especially he and the Spokeshen seem to really hit it off, taking small walks together.

The Peacecat says: “The Spokeshen and I have become good friends as we both love to work for peace and understanding.”

New hens ready to arrive
Today the animalstore called to say that the new hens were ready to arrive. Therefore human is bussy makin a pecial enclosure for them, were they can stay for 2 days. We hope they have a pleasant personallity as the Spokeshen.
The Spokeshen had this to say: "Are the eggs really supposed to be eaten?"


Due to the heat there really isn’t much going on. Therefore we have comed to the conclution that we will only deliver the Latest News 3 times a week: Monday, Wedensday and Friday. If you do ask nicely though, the Peacecat has said he is willing to introduce himself in an article at Sunday, so this is totally up to you. Are you interested in this write a comment or send me a message at Facebook.

The Peacecat says: “If wanted I can let you know a little bit about how I become the Peacecat, and my way there.”

Numbers of eggs today: 3

JUHUU as we write it is now a huge party in the Hen House to celebrate the first day were all the hens have laid eggs. We are all so proud of them, and conratulations can be written in the comment field. They are doing a great job.

Total numbers of eggs: 31

Weather Forecast

The sun is naked and plans to stay that way, so hot and heat as normal. No wind to cool down.

The Dogs recommend to do your best out of it, wich means to do as little as possible.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

June 28th

Pig stuck in cat flap
The Chief Pig was yesterday after dinner caught stuck in the cat flap. The pigs tummy had suddenly become so huge that it did not enter as well as the Chief Pig were used to. After several tries the results were the same. He was left outside and the cat food was yet again safe. Off course the sounds effect of Pig stuck in cat flap is somewhat unpleasant, so hopefully the Chief Pig will give up his persistence tries soon.
The Model Cat gladly gave a statement regarding this matter: “JUHUUUUU JIPPPI HURRAY HURRAY HURRRRRRRAYYYY!!!!”

See who is walking
Today we all were very pleased to se that the rooster actually was out walking, without limping! We hope this is a sign that he is finally going to recover from all his problems.
The Spokeshen was glad to say: “We have been waiting for this so long.”

Looking into the brody business
One of the hens has lately been looking into the marked of brooding. So far no decision has been made, but she has been notice to nest the eggs just a little longer than normal.
The Hen says: “It is not like I want kids or anything, I just like to check out my possibilities:”

Neighbour Dog trespassing
Yesterday evening the Neighbour Dog was yesterday yet again caught trespassing through our property. This kind of made the Chief Cat a little irritated so he gently asked the Bastard to leave in his most polite way. This seemed to terrify the Bastard, and he rapidly decided he had forgotten something very important at his house.
The Primadonna cat had this to say: “Pppprrrrrr The Chief Cat is just sooo cooool!”

Very rare lizard observed
Today a lizard with an intact tail was observed. This is a very rare sight in these parts. A research team has been put together to look at the connection of heat and fast growing lizard tails.
The Chief Pig says: “I really would not mind a lizard tail right now.”

Numbers off eggs today: 2
Total numbers of eggs: 28

Weather forecast
To hot to think so the dogs have no reccomendation for today.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

June 27th

Rooster still on boost

The Rooster is still getting daily fix, but the vets claims he really is getting better, and he has therefore started on a step down program. In the meantime he is enjoying a quit life in the henhouse, and when feeling particularlily good he even joins the hen for a short walk outside.

For the very first time the Rooster gave a statement, but we did not quit catch it, as it went like this: “mumblemuuumblemmmmumble”

More nut cracking

After a serious nut cracking party in the pig department, where the menu was as following:

Starters: Peanuts

Main course: Walnut

Dessert: Lots and lots of hazel nuts.

Also the Tiny Pig had his nuts cracked (removed). The surgery went splendid, but due to a heavy and quit loooong speech from Tiny Pig in the recovery room, he was rapidly moved in to his very own suit.

A fellow patience of the Dog Species had this to say about the matter: “Here I was trying to recover from my own nut cracking, and than this pig just couldn’t stop talking. We just had to complain as it was not possible to concentrate fully on our own misery.”

Peacewalks cotinues.

Today even the Spokeshen had agreed to come along. This made the Peacecat so happy that he arranged for a surprise for everyone. During the normal discussion session underneath the Cherry tree, he had invited a guest speaker. A local hare had a short speech about the life as a hare amongst the wine yards. His speech was very popular amongst all the participants who momentarily forgot all about there own differences, and was spell bounded by the hare.

We where lucky to get a short statement from the hare: “When the Peacecat asked if I could help build a bridge over the gap between the species, well I just loved the idea.”

Cat flap attacked by dog

Yesterday night the innocent cat flap was attacked by Mamas Boy Dog. This happened at the same time as a major firework session in the neighbour village.

The shivering dog said: “Off course I did not try to brake into the cat flap because of the firework. I just gently popped my head through to ask if somebody wanted to watch it with me!”

Hot cat on the move

A very hot Chief Cat was today observed moving and that in the middle of the siesta. We where all immediately put on alert as these kinds of movings should never been in this heat. Luckily it was all a false alarm. Yes he had been moving, but only because he was dreaming. This calmed the situation and we all continued with the “not moving at all, it is very hot” procedure.

The Chief Cat said: “I just had this lovely dream where the Primadonna Cat and I shared a huuuge plate of tuna.”

Numbers of eggs today: 2
Total numbers of eggs: 25

Weather forecast:
The rumours that the previous homeland to most of the cats would most likely be hotter than here today seems to be totally groundless!!!! The dogs recommend: Wherever you can find a somewhat cold spot you grab it!

I am so sorry for the lack of news lately. Unfortunaletly we have had some internet connection.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

June 23rd

Cat awakened by intensive snooring.

The Primadonna Cat was lying in the bed sleeping peacefully and minding nothing but her own business when she was rudely awaken by some intensive snoring. Not trying to make a fuzz about it she just moved over to the other side of the bed to continue her beauty sleep. After a short while she was yet woke up to this awful snoring noise. The snoring stopped immediately as there where no other sleepers in the room.

The Primadonna Cat had only one thing to say about the matter: “I DO NOT SNOOORE!!!”

Leash training

The pigs thoughts about involving everyone in their exercise program has been up for discussion. The discussion was not long as expect for the pigs nobody else enjoyed this kind of exercise and agreed that this had to stop. No perfect solution is found yet, but as a step in the right direction the Pigs have been put on leash training. Some Pigs struggle more with this than others.

The Tiny Pig gave the following statement: “I try to wear my leash in a fashionable way, but it is so hard to find the perfect way to wear it. I honestly think the best way is not to wear it at all.”

Rooster and Spokeshen go to the vet

Yesterday the Rooster was invited to the vet. There he was injected with some nice antibiotic that is supposed to help heel his leg. The Spokeshen that went with just to keep her beloved Rooster company is still depressed after the Vets agreed that her beak was totally wrong, and that she should not have been out for sale. Neither should she reproduce.

The depressed Spokeshen cried: “I have always thought my beak was so good looking. This is for sure the last time I will ever pay those mean chicks a visit.”

Tiny Pig up for nutcaracking

The Chief Pig is doing swell after he had his nuts cracked (or removed) so he has recommended this for the Tiny Pig. The Tiny Pig therefore insisted on having his nuts cracked as well, and an appointment was made for him. The big day is now only 2 days ahead.

The Tiny Pig said: “I just can’t wait!”

SubHuman doing well

We are happy to report that the SubHuman is responding well to our training. Off course he still has a long way to go, but important stuff like, who he should photograph, and that a snack is always welcome, that seems to sit. All over we are very content with him.

The God Mother Dog says: “Where it is bones it is hope, and he have given me some of those.”

Number of eggs today: 2

Total number of eggs: 18

Weather Forecast

The sun is naked and here wardrobe seems to be empty. Therefore the heat is likely to increase in a rapid way. The Dogs recommend you to get your inside spots ready to keep you cool.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

June 21st

Pigs on the run
While returning to their pen, the pigs suddenly took a strange turn. It can seem it was planned, as their speed increased rapidly. They soon outrun the rather slow humans (it is true, they are slow) and the rest really could not be bothered tracking them down. But spite the pigs cunning plan of leaving out misleading tracks, they where returned in a couple of hours.
The peacecat gave this comment: “Tomorrow I will have to sit down with the pigs and yet again tell them how things work. Kids, you just have to be patient.”

Sub human failed important training test
The Subhuman is still with us. He is for the time being on a strict training program. The truth be told, there s high hopes for him. Still he did fail yesterdays important test. Even though he was leaded to the food bowl, he did not manage to give us a midnight snack. Than again, this is something the regular humans fails as well!
The Peacecat had the following comment: “I try to be really open minded, but what can I say. Humans are slow slow learners.”

Male bonding
This morning all the men at the farm went for a walk. This was great. Nobody fought, not once. The peacefulness of the trip was actually very strange indeed, as the females where not with to calm us down. Off course the human entertained by sliding down the mud, in what jut can be considered as highly non fashionable style.
The Peacecat had this to say about the matter: “Prrrrrr It was just so fun to only be us guys.”

Rooster loosing?
Unfortunately the Rooster has started to limp again. This is very sad news, and we are all vey concerned for his safe being. He has been put back on antibiotics, but is it enough. Even the vet is seriously concerned.
The Peacecat like to comment this matter: “We are all purrrrrring for his rapid recovery. Everyone is invited to purr with us!”

Wasp removal
Today a new house was discovered. This house was not wanted, as it was filled with wasps. The small house was removed immediately, and the only one stung was the human. This was the 3rd house removal of the season.
The Peacecat said: “Good riddens! Yes, I believe in understanding between species, but sometime even I have to toss in my cards, and after spending a day in hospital after a beesting last year….. well, you may get my point here. I strongly dislike the bastards”

Numbers of eggs today: 0 Total numbers of eggs: 14 Weather forecast
After all the rain (19 mm) the air is feeling great.
The dogs recommend you to get out there and enjoy yourself.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

June 20th


The Chief Pig is doing great. He enjoys his new life as a lightweighter. The M.A.S.H is only used under sleeping sessions. The rest of the time he runs about and bother the rest as he has always done.

The Little Minipig says: “I still look up to the Chief pig as my one and only hero, but my, I could get used to all this me time.”

Hitting the wall

While out flying the Spokeshen had a tine miscalculation, and therefore touched the wall on her way out of their house. Luckily the miscalculation was small, so it was only the very tip of the wing that had contact with the doorframe. We are still surprised by it all, as normally nobody here does any miscalculations at all.

The Spokeshen said he following: “So I touched the wall, live with it, I do.”

Wet again

During yet another visit to the O Mighty River, yet again Mamas Boy Dog fell in the water. This time it was told to be a little more in control, but still, it was wetter than he had calculated. Strangely enough the river bank holds very little weight while Mamas Boy Dog passes by. Luckily this seems to be a problem only for him, and the grounds are more solid when other and heavier dogs and humans pass by.

The God Mother Dog says: “I am so happy to have such a wonderful boy. He even looks good when he is soaked. Thank heavens he has my genes.”

The Fishy truth

During a human excursion today they actually managed to find rove that huge fish do live in the river, and they even managed to take photographic prove of it. What they did not manage was to bring the fish back home.

The Primadonna Cat says: “Well, it would been even beter if they had brought the fish back home, but hey, what can you expect from humans anyway?”

Sleep tight

After the accident we do not talk about, the Model Cat has been good at remembering to do some safe sleeping. Unfortunately he is rapidly getting back to his old sins. The Peacecat has therefore under several occasions jumped in to protect the Model Cat from himself. Synchronized Sleeping is no the new big thing!

The Peacecat said as follows: “I actually do not mind sleeping next to my mentor. He has always been great to me, and it is so wonderful to finally be able to give something back.”

Numbers of eggs today: 1

Total numbers of eggs: 14

Weather Forecast

Some serious leaking is coming up! The dogs reccomend to be aware!

Friday, 19 June 2009

June 19th

The nut cracking
Today the day we all have been waiting for finally arrived. The Chief Pug went to the nut cracker and had his own nuts removed. We can already see that he is calmer; there he is sleeping it off in the M.A.S.H. (Mobile Animal Sickbed Housing). Now we just have to get the other little pig to pay the nut cracker the same visit.
One of our sources tells us that the Chief Pig was behaving great and actually perfect under the whole ordeal. Our other source tells us that nobody spoke higher than him, and that he got kind of furious while he was put in a cage for recovery. This other source is the vet, so whether this source is trustworthy is highly questionable.
The Little Pig says: “I am sure he behaved fantastic, as he always does. He has no faults whatsoever, and I can’t wait to follow his hoof prints.”

Redecoration of the M.A.S.H.
The Chief Pig has started to redecorate the M.A.S.H. unit. He is still not completely finished, but you can clearly see that he is going for the shredded newspaper meet towel and blankets look.
The decorator himself said the following: “Just because you feel a little groggy does not mean that you are not in to the latest trend. I have always believed that a nice looking environment makes you feel better in a jiffy”.
Bathing day
Earlier to day the dogs had to take a bath. This is something everyone enjoys to watch, and the orchestra seats where all taken. The review was a little disappointing, as the dogs where told to co-operate completely. This was to huge dismay of the public.
The God Mother Dog said: “It is not like I actually like it, but on a hot day………”

The Substitute human
So far the substitute human (from now on referred to as the Subhuman”) is doing OK. Bribes seem to work well with everyone at 4 paws. Tummy scrubs also seems to be handled well.
The following was heard from the Model Cat: “PPRRRRR He says I look perfect, and that a piece of cheese never has hurt anyone.”

Happy hunting
The spokeshen herself caught today a huge black ant. This brought on some jealously between the hens. All the hens started training and hunting for these ants, but no one ever appeared, but they are not given up hoping.
An official statement has been given from the ant department: “We have moved on to a secret location.”

Numbers of eggs today: 1
Total numbers off eggs: 13

Weather forecast
It is still hot, very, hot, but the sunn has started to get dressead again and some heavy leaking might very well occure shortly. The dogs recommends to find your favourite dry and cool spot.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

June 18th

The Primadonna Cat gets her revenge

After being attacked by an evil bed sheet earlier on the day, the Primadonna Cat got her revenge later on yesterday. When she returned to the house, she was lucky enough to find a nice cosy bed with a completely fresh set with linen made up. She immediately jumped in and did some serious shedding. She did not stop until she called for dinner.

The Primadonna Cat says: “A Diva will always be a Diva, and with this gravity laws my shedding will stick like glue, hihihihihi”.

An evening walk

Yet again the pigs did with out any thought for their own wellbeing take the humans out for a walk. This time they also decided that the neighbour dogs needed some exercise. In the end they had exercised everyone so much, that the smallest pig had to order a hike with a human back home.

The Chief Pig says: We really believe in exercise, but next time we will have to leave out the dogs. Those bastards stole our grissini’s (breadsticks).”

Peacats continue his quest for peace.

The Peacecat is over his depressions and are back on negotiating peace between the different animals on the farm. Yesterday he had some serious talk with the pigs. So fare we can only hope his conversation will be a success.

The Peacecat has given the following statement: “We have started all over and take it step by step. Remember, also small steps are steps.”


We have the pleasure to pronounce the firefly season as officaly opened. One of our favourite seasons of the year. Yesterday the Model Cat saw the very first invidual firefly and we can only hope this will be yet another wonderful season with fireflies. They make hunting so easy.

The Model Cat says "It allways gives such a thrill seaing the first firefly of the year. I don't know why they so desperatly wants to tell me where they are, but I really do not mind".

Extra human arrived

The extra human has now arrived. So far his arm does has worked out well, and he has done all the propper human things as scratch our tummies, fed us and even drove the pigs for their vet control.

The God Mother Dog says: "So far he only misunderstood once, and that was when he brought the pigs for a drive and not us dogs, but hey, I know I have to give him some slack."

Numbers of eggs today:

Total numbers of eggs:

Weather Forecast

June 17th

Scared dogs

2 trembling dogs have been observed in the living room. This was during a Weatherly concert with a touch of thunder. The dogs refused to go out until they where absolutely no doubt what so ever that the thunder had passed. This took some time to establish, as it is hard to hear anything through the social snoring of the dogs.

An official statement has been issued from the dogs: “We are NOT afraid of the thunder, we just enjoy the quit acoustics that is in the living room”.

Wet chickens

The concern for the hen department has reoccurred during today’s rain. The hens were not only observed running around in the rain, but they also clearly enjoyed it. Off course the observing period was short lived as nobody else could be bother staying outdoors in that kind of weather. Still after the rain stopped, the hens were seriously wet and content.

The spokehen had this to say about the matter: “Who doesn’t enjoy a shower every now and then?”

New chickens arriving?

Believe it or not, but today we were also informed that we will soon get more chicken company. In accordance to our source, two more hens will arrive shortly. The source also reveals that these hens are supposed to be drug free and therefore lay egg you can actually eat.

The Chief Pig is wondering if it would not be better with a lovely female pig instead.

Human temp

During the absence of the one human, we were today informed that tomorrow a human temp will arrive. This would normally have been good news, but could they really not find anyone which hadn’t broken their arm in 3 places?

The Chief Cat has given us the following comment: “Well, off course this humans want to stay with us, we are quit used to being popular. Still is he coming here he better be able to give me some tummy scrubs.”

Primadonna cat attacked

The Primadonna Cat had find herself a nice dry spot indoors when a bed sheet fell over her under very mystic circumstances. The Primadonna Cat got furious and decided to leave the house. Luckily the raining had stopped in the meantime.

The Primadonna Cat said the following: “When did the law of gravity get more important than the law of the divas?”

Number of eggs: 1
Total numbers of eggs: 12

Weather Forecast

The leaking has stopped, butt he sun does not seem to be in any hurry to get undressed again.

The dogs recommend to stay indoors, as all favourite outdoor spots are wet.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

june 16th

The Model Cats SAFE at sleep
After the awful accident, the Model Cat do not want to talk about, he has decided to start with safe sleeping. From now on he will only sleep on places where it is absolutely no possibilities to role over, at least for now.
There is no comment in this case, as the Model Cat has sensured them all.

New cat on the block
The neighbour cat has given birth to a beautiful tabby grey cat. We could not be happier. We have all ready put her on a starter course in hunting, kitty hygiene and trekking. We can not trust her mother with this, as she is just hopeless with everything expect sleeping.
The Model Cat says: “PPRRRRRRR What a beauty!”

Today 3 falcons enjoyed flying over our home. We enjoyed seeing them fly. For half an hour they flew around in circles, before they suddenly went away.
The Model cat says: “Our Beauty is just so amazing, that even the falcons get taken away”.

Vading the river
After a visit to the river the dogs noticed some truly scary by their human driver. The driver was actually seen climbing up the local waterfall. There is no a serious discussion going on, whether the human shall be allowed to keep visit the river or not. In the meantime we are seeking a cure for the illness.
The God Mother Dog says: We all know that humans are crazy, but this was bad even for a human. And she does not even have a protective fur”

Still something fishy
We have continued our search for truth regarding the so called fish existence in our local river. We were Shocked to hear that the human neighbours claimed to have caught 2 trouts the day before. The size told to be 25 cm each.
The Primadonna Cat says: “Our humans will now have to start fishing, as we feel quit hungry.”

Number of eggs: 1

Weather Forecast
The sun is still very naked, but some wind may keep the temperature below 30, but only maybe! The dogs recommend doing as little as possible and keeping drinking.

Monday, 15 June 2009

june 16th

The Modell Cat in a serious accident!
Yesterday evening the Model Cat was incredible unfortunate and got himself in a terrible accident. While sleeping peacefully on the ledge of the patio, he took a wrong rolling over during a dream. This caused him to fell off the hedge. He was desperately trying to claw himself back in to safety, but it was al in vain. The fall was 3 m.
The human rushed to his side and helped check him out. Luckily no broken bones where found, no pain either. The only thing found was some wore down claws, so there will not be much hunting for a while. After a couple of minutes he walked away. He did not even go to the vet. Still he had to be observed for several hours, just to be on the safe side.
The Spokehen was an eyewitness and say”It was absolutely awful to watch. He was hanging on by his front paws. I thought he was going to make it, but then he fell down. Oh my I was so worried. It was awful, just pure awful. I hope I will never se anything like that again.”
The Chief Cat says “I could not believe it. I immediately went to check it out for myself. I was so relived to se he was doing great, but I stayed with him for the rest of the evening, just to be on the safe side”,
The Model Cat himself does not want to talk about it!

Something fishy
During an excursion to the mighty river the dogs claimed they saw fish. So far we have not seen any proper evidence to prove that the fish exist.
The Primadonna cat says “I would so love for this to be true, but unfortunately I do not smell anything fishy”.

Hunting high and low
Today the hens caught they very first beetle. They immediately went back to their henhouse for a huge feast. The party lasted for several minutes.
The spokehen said “This adventure just keep getting better and better”.

Yet again a fight broke out between the normal suspects. No vets where needed this time, but the Chief Pig had to cool off in his pen, where he will be until he gets an appointment with the big nutcracker.
The Peacecat says that he sincerely hope it will helps to get his nuts removed. This will also helps the family planning, as we do not want any small piglet we can’t find a house to. This is a win win situation.

Secret Negotiations
The Peacecat is still working for peace, but after the fight between Mamas Boy Dog and the Chief Pig, he has no moved the negations to a secret place. This place is actually so secret that only the Peacecat himself now the location.
The official statement from the Peacecat informs us that “Due to some minor set backs, I have decided to start from scratch”.

Number of eggs:O

Weather Forecast!
The usual, naked sun and a very hot heat.
The dogs recommend you to urge down to the river.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

June 14th

Peacecat a victim?
Yesterday the Peacecat arrived home with a small wound at his forehead. Apparently also peace negations can be violent. The peace talks will continue spight the tiny itsy bitsy injury.
The Peacecat had the following comment “IT really is not a big deal. Everybody knows that a mosquito will bite upon pressure. Still you just gotta give it a try!”

Caring Dog
Yesterday Mamas Boy Dog was given a piece of bread. Originally it was meant for eating, but did not go down well with mamas boy. Instead he developed some strange fatherly symptoms and is not watching carefully over the defenceless piece of bread. He even brought it with him into bed, so that none of them would get a nightmare.
The God Mother says “When I taught him to be a caring dog, that wasn’t completely what I had in mind, but if it works for him, I will support him. And no, that is not bread crumbs around my snout, eeeeh…… gotta go!”

Fashionable eating
The pigs are caring for their reputation, and are therefore striving to become fashionable eaters. Still pig I pigs, and dressing up for a better meal can very well be done at the same time as eating. Make up at male pigs are also considered as upper class pig fashion.
The Model Cats just says “We can’t all be purrfect”

The definition of hot
The definition of hot is when the dogs refuse to go out and the pigs don’t manage to finish their course.
The Chief Cat says that yes it is drastically hot, but life must go on. There still is food to be eaten and places to inspect. We cats take our jobs very serious, and some heat is not breaking us down.

Leaving home
Today the hens left the safety of their own coop. All the hens where observed outside the gate, but due to the scariness of the big world it was not a long adventure for the hens. They rapidly re-entered the coop before they forgot where the door was.
Official statements have been issued from the Hen Department “Whaw, what an adventure”.

Number of eggs: 2

Weather Forecast
Even hotter!! The sun is naked, andwants to stay so.
The dogs recommend that you stay indoors and concentrate of sleeping your way through the heat.