Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sheppard showing of her great sniffer!
The pillar of socity
We all know that the Sheppard is all about keeping the society safe, and always ready to do her bit to make the world a better place to live. Therefore it came as no surprise to us when she yesterday decided to help out at the airport. As long as she was still there, she thought she could take it upon her to sniff out who had been good and who had been bad. So while trotting along trying to great everybody who wants to great her, she occasional (as much as possible actually) turns her snout in the direction of as many suitcases she can. This normally being very well liked by humans attached to the suitcases, it is not always the case, and somebody turns rather nervous and the occasional human actually turn panicky. The latter is as earlier mentioned not a common reflex, but when it happens it seems to somewhat entertain certain humans. Normally her own, but yesterday she had a bigger audience. While this man was trying to desperately turn his luggage away from her snoutness, putting himself in between them looking for a fast get away, he was to busy to see her whole audience. To police officers saw the whole thing and decided they suddenly had an urgent need to talk this very fellow. So while the police officers went over to talk to the snout hating fellow, the Sheppard went on to sniff in other directions. Surprisingly no job offer was received, but then again, they were to busy speaking to a certain maybe not so gentleman.
The Sheppard say: “You know, everybody has to do their little bit to help making the world a better place to live. I have seen what a certain drug can do to certain cats, so if I in anyway can stop a drug smuggler, well, here I am!”

Desperate sheep trying to cleanse their palate.
Thieving idiots caught redmouthed
After the incident with the violated garlic, the Maifrin police unit decided that the case would not be investigated as the harm finding out who was stupid enough to actually try to eat the garlic would cause more damage than what the damage was to the garlic. After all, nobody wanted to know who the offender was, and even the garlic didn’t want to spill the news. Actually while interviewed the garlic didn’t help at all.
What nobody saw coming though, was that the saying; “a criminal always come back to the crime scene” was actually true, even in garlic related crime. Due to the lack of co-operation we don’t even think the garlic saw this coming. So while about doing garlic business (and we all know what that is) the offenders not only returned to the scene of crime, but it happens in bright daylight. This time witnesses was all around, and they all felt sick to their stomachs realizing that it wasn’t only one offender but two! Neither had they learned anything from their first attack, so they tried to attack the garlic AGAIN. The garlic had to do what garlic to best. It did go into full self defence mode. What happened next is somewhat unclear though, as all the witnesses was hiding their eyes behind paws, wings, ears and the occasional tail. What is the case though is that two certain sheep was seeing leaving the return crime scene in a hurry, obviously trying to cleanse their palate in something that only can be described as a sickening way.  
The garlic says absolutely nothing.

Big Daddy looking at one of many properties before they found the Green Cottage

The Green Cottage!

The real estate marked
While preparing for the upcoming cold season, DJ sQuil and Big Daddy decided that they had to get their trotter on a new house, as their old house had an unfortunate shrinking related incident the previous spring, and was no longer under any way able to give the two pigs the comfort they were seeking. So the two guys starting looking at the property listed in their local newspaper. At first glance it didn’t look well at al, as the two gentlemen was only looking at the new buildings, and it so happens to be non new building what so ever. After several tries the pigs decided that they might even have to consider lowering their demands, and they turned their eyes in the direction of second hand houses. To be honest this wasn’t much better than the new building. Not because there was no second hand homes to come by, but they all seemed too small for a couple of normal sized pigs with only a minimum of standards. Than suddenly there it was. They were staring at a wonderful cottage, that with only small adjustments would fit the all the pigs needs, and it even looked cosy. This was all the pigs wanted, and the deal went straight through. Big Daddy and DJ sQuil had become the proud owner of a wonderful one bedroom high ceiling cottage.
The cottage was then immediately moved to the pigs private piece of land in the basement, and after a tiny adjustment to the door the pigs went at the decoration with a huge grin on their faces.
The pigs are not available for comments, as they are currently to busy taking their new sleeping arrangement out for a spin.

Weather forecast
Some sun is observed.
The dogs recommend you to do kindly ask the sun to stay on.


Sold property
After a transaction consisting of two bales of hay, the Green Cottage has changed ownership. Previous owner: Mike & Ralph
New owners: Big Daddy & DJ sQuil

Thursday, 17 November 2011

King Tiny comforting Seniora
Mr & Widow March
On the mends
Due to a rather irritating cough, the Seniora agreed to pay the vets a visit. The poor Seniora was there diagnosed with a throat infection. The old lady was propped up with antibiotics and sent home to rest in a nice warm place.
We are glad to let you all know that she is now recovering nicely.
Seniora said: “coff coff coff coff COFF COFF coff coff COFF cooOOOFFFF”

Mrs Goose in the tub
A certain Mrs Goose was desperately in need of a bath, but to her horror, he pool was being cleaned out. A dirty feather just can’t be put on hold. Therefore she realized that she had to find another solution, and she needed to find it FAST! At first glance around the courtyard it didn’t look good. Then she saw it. There it was a tub! A goose it actually more into pools than to tubs, but the feather just could not wait. She dived into the tub, and there she stayed until her pool was back in business.
Mrs Goose say: “Puh, for a moment there is was touch and go…”

The offended garlic.
Thieving idiots
Apparently nothing is safe anymore, and you just cant leave anything unwatched, not even for minutes. Still it comes as a chock for most of the citizens (most likely the thief itself) when somebody had tried to steal the garlic. Not because somebody could sink so low, but that somebody actually was stupid enough to not only steal the damn thing, but that the same somebody had actually tried to eat it.
The Model Says: “This case will not be investigated, as we honestly do not want to know who could be that totally stupid!”

One supporting and polite chicken
“Oh wasn’t that hole supposed to be there?”
Yesterday a couple of chicken was out for a nice cosy walk, when they hit jack pot. There it was, just lying around. It was actually waiting for the chickens to pop by. The now very happy chicks jumped up to the lonely food sack. What did they found? After a very through out inspection they found a hole. The chick also now that every food sacks biggest desire is to feed somebody, so even though they actually weren’t that hungry, they politely digged in.
The chicks said: “A chick has to do what a chick has to do. Also help a lonely food sack.”

Weather forecast
Hot days, cold nights.
The dogs recommend you to enjoy the days to the fullest so you will get through those awful nights.


Mr August
The Latest news by TamTam official 2012 calendar.
After numerous requests we have yet again made official Latest news by TamTam calendar.
The calendar consist of 13 gorgeous photos (especially August, if I might say so myself).
This calendar can be yours for about 12€. Remember; a calendar is also a nice gift.   
If you live in a EU contry and order 5 pieces, we will forward directly to your house, or address of choice. Postage will then be included.
For less than 5 pieces postage is not included.
Please order as soon as possible, as we want to be sure to get them to you in good time for Christmas.
You can see more of the photos at: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.124414451001814.21876.100002997808895&type=1 

Miss & Miss Aprile
Mr September
Mr June
Mrs July
Mr & Mr October

Monday, 14 November 2011

The brave Peace Supremo waiting for assistance
The result of the evil attack

Attacked again
Yet again the Peace Supremo was the victim of the most horrifying attack. While running peacefully after a mouse, some terrorist took the opportunity to cowardly attack him from behind. The poor chap had been hit by nothing less than a full length phleum seed carrier of the truly evil conviction. Peace Supremo tried every trick in the book, but the awful thing just would not budge. In the end there was no way around it. The remains had to be cut out of his perfect and oh so beautiful fur.
Peace Supremo says: “What is it somebody has against peace and understanding?”

The Dogs ready to join the Truffle fair
Two little dogs goes to the marked
Yet again it was time for the dogs to some diplomatic representation. Therefore the Dog had a private car taking them to the city and the famous international truffle fair. There they greeted everybody, no matter which species they belong to. The dogs were observed moving perfectly from dog to person, everybody treated with the same respect. In between the normal cocktail conversations that do belong to these tedious diplomatic affairs, the Sheppard even manage to help the household cleaning staff. Spite her perfect diplomatic occurrence she never missed when somebody has lost a piece of food on the floor, was loosing a piece of food on the floor or just planning to loose a piece of food on the floor, she was there in a jiffy, taking care of the  cleaner upper business. The Truffle fair was very grateful indeed.
The Sheppard says: “It is not easy you know, but the perfect housedog in me just can’t look at anything being spilled, and honestly, where was that cleaning staff. I just had to help! “

Shaum (left) before the horn trimming
Byebye hornie
The last days a certain sheep has been observed running around happily but almost hornless. The sheep had to pay the horntrimmer a visit when his horn not only grew that long, but also that thick, that they insisted to grow into his skin as well. Since the sheep didn’t think this was a good idea, but the horn stood on theirs, well he had the horn seriously shorten in length instead.
Shaun says: “I should have done it before. Now I can yet again scratch my air, who for that sake, don’t scratch anymore now that those heavy horns are gone.”

The Guest getting some last seconds standard safety tip before the advanced dog training lesson
 From the hotel park
The Guest has lately been observed in the hotel outdoor park area. With almost endless hiking areas in the 4 hectare big park, the Guest has been busy desperately trying to reach over the most interesting routes. Therefore he also went down to the hotel reception and ordered a guide to show him the hotspots, and even threw in some advanced dog training lessons. The Guest was last seen heading for the forest while the Sheppard was left with a couple if raps on her snout.
The Guest say: “My oh my!! This is getting better and better. The services here are just AMAZING! I am booking my next vacation right now; actually, I just think I will stay put, who wants to go home anyway?.”

Weather forecast
Sometimes in between the fog, it is actually something almost like sunshine.
The dogs recommend you to aim for the sunshine.


Finish up
Do you strongly dislike it when there are something left in your food bowl, but you just can’t manage to eat the last bit, finish it up? We all know that saving it for later wont work. It goes stale so very quickly indeed. You would rather just get a new and proper fresh portion whenever you need it, but for that you just have to get rid of that awful stinking incredible stale left over from your last meal. It is hard, isn’t it? You have tried to eat it, but honestly! You have tried to nicely stock it just outside the bowl, but noooo, nobody take a hint. You have tried screaming, nudging and scratching, but all in avail.  
Rests assure, the solution is finally here. With King Tiny’s  new finish up services, just call him the next time you are having your meal, and as soon as you are filled up (or maybe even before) he will in a perfect self-sacrificing way finish up, and your bowl are left fresh for the next time you need a fill up.
Ref: Finish up 

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Photo from the Peace Supremo dream, before the awful interuption

A Photo from the Peace Supremo dream, before the awful interuption
The attack of the sleeping beauty
While having a tiny nap Peace Supremo was having the most wonderful dream. He was in this wonderful meadow. Nice soft grass, birds sang and he was having a tiny nap all by himself in total harmony. Life just could not get any better. In his dream he was just having a nice midnap position change when the most awful thing happened. His nap was cut off due to an emergency situation. Suddenly he was hanging on to the chair with his bare claws, just trying to get back on top on it before he would crash into the floor underneath him. It was touch and go for several nano seconds, while the unfortunate cat was struggling to regain control of the situation and the chair. The time stopped while almost freaked out witnesses was close to paralyzed by the commotion in front of them. A deep sight of relieve was heard all around the living room when Peace Supremo finally won over the situation and was able to drag himself physically unharmed back to the safe comfort of the chairs sleeping area.
The poor chap was so utterly flabbergasted by the whole scenario that it actually took him several minutes before he was able to continue his nap. The only strange thing is that all his investigation leads to the same conclusion. There was nobody who had attacked him, so how had he fallen of the chair in the beginning?
King Tiny said: “HIHIHIHIHIHIIIIHIHIHIIIIIHIHI Peace Supremo is sleep moving!!”

Where did the Goose go?
While the rain was falling down in what only can be described as HEAVY, most of the citizens stayed indoors. Most, not all. Geese actually don’t consider heavy down fall as bad weather. So Mr Goose decided that this was the day to go for a walk. Since we are talking about a guy who normally not even never ever leave the courtyard, this made Mrs Goose very worried, and a search was started. He was nowhere to be found. So Mrs Goose and a drenched human was very happy indeed, when Mr Goose decided to come back all by himself.
Mr Goose say: “There is no bad weather, just bad feathers!”

The Guest enjoying a relaxing neck massage, a populare room service option at the hotel wing.
At the hotel
After spending a week here at Maifrin, the Guest decided that it was time for him to to some research towards what might be outside his own private quarter. So off the old English Gentelman went. At first sight it was very promising indeed. He found some rather nice napping areas and bingo was reached when he reached the dining room for the resident cats. All in all the Guest was happy with his exploring. Then the awful thing happened. He was mid stairs when Mr. Purr came along in the other direction. The Guest immediately froze stiff, wondering seriously what to do next. What he didn’t see coming in his wildest dream was this; Mr Purr went straight up in his face and gave him a long hug and a high welcome Purr. This was too much for the old English chap and he was seen immediately after returning to his own private quarter in something that only can be described as light speed light.
The Guest say: “What is it with these Italian? Affection like that just isn’t normal. Have they no respect for personal space? I’ll stay with the entertainment system for now, thank you very much”

 Rest in peace Mrs Flower
Mrs Flower became a citizen in 2009, when she was about 2 years of age. She was one of the first citizens of the Hen Department.
Mrs Flower left us the morning at the 7th November after a very short illness due to old age.
She was a very strong lady with strong opinions. Therefore she was the natural choice for the position as Spokeshen when this got available late 2009. When she retired earlier this summer, she left behind a serious amount of perfect statement on behalf of the Hen Department.
Mrs Flowers big joy in life was being a mother. She was indeed a dedicated mother, and she was truly devastated when her kids left her wing at only 13 weeks old.
Mrs Flower was also a true feminist, and when it showed out that her husband Mr Flower was a rather unpleasant playboy who loved more than just look at the other ladies, and than more than once got in a fight with a fellow rooster, this got to much for Mrs Flower. She got a divorce and Mr Flower was evicted and had to move into another hen department down the hill. Mrs Flower never got married again.
Mrs Flower was put to rest at the Flying High Cemetery, where even the sun popped by to wish an old friend good by.
Mrs Flower leaves behind a daughter and 7 grandkids.
Miss Flower say: “This is a huge loss for us all. She was a great mum, and I have raised my kids with her as my sole example. She wasn’t just a great mum though, she was a support for all of us here in the Hen Department, and she truly will be missed. Still her memory will live on.”

If it hadn't been for the sun in this photo, this could very well be Beauty trying to cross the courtyard.
Weather forecast
Water absolutely everywhere.
The dogs are to wetherbroken to give anyone any advice, but would love to get advice about how to stay positive in these dreadful times.


A reward is to be given to anyone who can return the sun to the collective.
Ref: Desperate citizens

An automatic mud remover, who gently still effective, will remove all sign of mud from paws, claws, trotters, hoofs, feet and other shoe wear.
Ref: Desperate human

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Happy customers back at business after a visit at the clawicurist.
The hen departement really don’t like to get off their perches with a wrong foot. Therefore, preparing their feet and claws for the upcoming heavy rain all the feet feathered hens and roosters were lucky enough to get an emergency appointment with the clawicurist. One after the other the brave birds had their feet featherdo transformed from long and beautiful to short and ….. oh lets face it, short and beautiful.
Hippie said: “I had been saving up to long feather for weeks, and than! It is not like I hate rain or anything, but honestly, it is a nightmare!”

What happend to the Mac Pig version 2916
Sweet oinks
The Hen department was not the only one preparing for the upcoming oh so terrible weather. Big Daddy and DJ sQuil realized that they had to prepare for the indoor season. Therefore the two gentlemen decided to go wild, and invest in an indoor entertainment system. After all it had been on their wishing list all since the last one was ruined during some truly mystical circumstances including two pigs.
DJ sQuiled oinked: “WHOW, this Mac Pig version 3751 is just great! I would actually go as strong to say AMAZING! What weather are you talking about? Who has time to go out anyway? Can’t you see I am busy? WUHUUUU!! It even comes with the double flappable cardboard application! What are you still doing here? Can’t you see I have things to work out? Oh my, oh my! This is SOOOO exciting! STILL HERE!!?”

The Angora cat missing what he thought was his friend, the Sun.
Jumping with the season
While somebody hasn’t that much of preparing to do towards the upcoming maximum downfall of water, somebody tries to prepare them self psychological instead. The poor Angora Cat was bravely having one last big outdoor jumping session. Gone was all the green. Gone was the sweet heat. Gone was the blue sky. Instead a grey moist mist had made the view rather foggy, his fur damp, and the grey and brown (previously known as green) was sticking to his fur in a not so comfortable way. The Angora cat was shortly thereafter seen jumping back indoors. He was last observed in front to the fireplace.
The Angora cat say: “Let’s face it, our dear friend the Sun has left us. At least I thought we were friends…..”

Art & friend pruning happily together
Save the art
Like everybody else, also Mr Purr is preparing for the hated monsoon. Being a serious art collector, the art chap was arranging for his beloved statues to be brought to a safe holding where he could keep a close eye on the absolute adorable pieces. We are happy to announce that the art is safe and very comfy in their new secure safe housing.
The Model say: “All that, for those……?!”

We weathersick?!
Weather forecast
The dogs recommend you to think positive thoughts, positive thoughts, positive thoughts, and positive thoughts. Just concentrate, they know you can do it!


The Hen department is in urgent need of water proof breathing feathers, and swimming skin to their feet.
Ref: Urgent Hen Department

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The journalist discussing the situation of the world

Freedom of speech
Lately the citizens and especially the journalist have been deprived of their freedom to speech. While the constitution clearly state that every citizen has the right to speak is mind as long as it is not directly harmful toward another citizen, this isn’t always the case. It is not like the citizen doesn’t speak whatever is on their mind, as they have always done, but the internet connection has been down. Therefore the citizens has been deprived of getting the latest update on whatever happening in the world, and therefore have seen them selves forming their opinions on yesterdays news. As you can all imagine this could have led to poor judgement in the long run. You just can’t build a good solid founded democracy if you do not know exactly what is going on in the world, and why the things that are going on are actually happening.
The Model say: “Imagine all of those outrageous things that could have happened if the news weren’t there to control and inform the citizens of what happening.”

The happy Guest laughing the whole way through his favourite show.
The Guest
About a year ago “the English cat that live together with that big huge black so-called dog on the wrong side of the valley” (from now on known as the Guest) stayed as a guest in our hotel department. Off course the poor chap was not surprisingly incredible happy with our five paw services, so after begging and nagging his human non-stop he has no returned to our facility.
The Guest is busy enjoying the entertainment system and his favourite show is the trice a daily “What is not happening to that big huge black so-called dog in the canile!?” His favourite show so far was “the Guest is cuddled 5 times a day, how often is the big huge black thing cuddled a day?” Apparently the Guest is a huge fan of reruns.
The Guest say: “Honestly I didn’t think it was possible, but the service is even better this stay around!”

The beanbag is only working for King Tiny
All the time since the last saccopuff died a rather unpleasant death several months ago; we have searched high and low for a bean bag that could be transformed to new and fresh sacco puffs. We are happy to announce that the search is now over. Some rather hideous looking over stuffed bean bags where located, and are now awaiting their transformation to a better and much more loved live as approved sacco puffs here with us.
King Tiny say: “Honestly, I rather like it as it is. Fits my needs exactly.”

Weather forecast
A rather boring grey is spreading like muddy paw print on a rainy day.
The dogs recommend you to remember at least it isn’t raining.


One amazing sub-human elite!
Today we would like to congratulate other great sub-human elite. Some few years ago Gerd was born on this very day. We wish her a wonderful day, which we are convinced she will get.
The biggest purrs and hugs from every citizen.
PS. Please come back and pet us some more! Ds.

Please note Peace Supremeo, top right
Thank you!
Primadonna would like to thank everybody for all the support she received while she was ill. A huge thanks in particular goes to the wonderful sub-human Kate who took time to send the poor feeling cat a very special postcard. Everybody should follow her example.

This photo could easily been avoided with a propper photographer

A photo King Tiny rather saw was untaken
Photographer wanted
Urgently needed is an understanding and patient photographer who understand that a good photo just can’t be rushed. That an absolute minimum of 3 hours pruning is always needed prior to any successful photo session. 
Please immediately forward your portfolio together with a complete CV, long application and at least 10 serious recommendations.
Ref: Cat models united

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