Saturday, 28 May 2011

May 28th

The Flowerbuds
Miss Flowers 4 egg has hatched, and we are proud to tell you that all the Flowerbuds are doing great. It is off course the most beautiful chicken anybody has ever seen, and Miss Flower takes her new role as a mother very serious indeed. Off course somebody might say she is a little overprotective, so she doesn’t like to take them out on the common. Still we did manage to persuade her to let us take their photos. After that, it was straight back in to the barn for the next generation of flowers.
Miss Flower say: “Now, I am only going to say this once, step away from my children!”

The poor poor Seniora was today victim of a hideous crime no cat should have to endure. She was dumped into the bathtub, while it was filled with water, and from there it got worse. Her beautiful and only partly filled up with earth, dust and other valuable skin product, was then massaged with shampoo! The torture seemed to go on for ever. Other frighten cats was seen evacuating the house faster than a car chasing dog, faring for the well being of their perfect precious fur. After what can only be described as ages, the Seniora had her once so beautiful fur rinsed out with the shower attachment!
Seniora was not available for comment as she was to busy emptying the king size food bowl who magically appeared in front of the somewhat wet but for once clean lady. 

Naked pig?
The time of the year has arrived. Dj sQil needs a new wardrobe, and has started to work himself out of the old one. This might take some time, and in the meantime, loose bristles can be observed flying around in his vicinity.
Big Daddy say: “Somebody needs to bye a new wardrobe earlier than others due to the lack of quality and beautiness. Luckily I belong to the group of others!”

Some guests are more equal than others
While in a hurry to get home, Mr Purr was taking the short cut over the shed roof, when something long fast and hissing occurred in front of him just before he was to leap over to the rustico. The guest who had been sunbathing on the end of the roof lost his balance and fell simply fell of. The next thing he knew, he was looking up at Beauty, Sheppard and off course Mr. Purr. Very shortly thereafter they were all gone, but angry yelling could be heard from the inside of the car. Mr Snake thought this was a very unfriendly place to be, and decided to retreat to more promising areas. He was last seen hiding in the safety of the woodshed.
The Model say: “Here at Maifrin we pride ourselves that all guests are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

Number off eggs: 7 

Weather Forecast
After several days with 32̊c you should think a cloudy day weren’t too bad. Still it is only the sun that has left and it has been replaced with a very hot moist instead.
The Dog recommend you to stay cool literally, preferable in your bed. 


Property for sale
Nice cosy houses for sale. Habitable immediately, but some upgrading is to be done. This is truly a wonderful prospect with a lot of possibilities for the right individual.
Ref: Miss Flower

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Upcoming hatch
Miss Flower has now been laying on the eggs for almost 3 weeks, so everybody here at Maifrin is now looking forward for the arrival of the new citizens to arrive. Todays eggcheck showed that all 4 eggs were shaking and moving as normal in this late eggnency, but that still isn’t a complete guaranty for a perfect hatch. Miss Flower is a diligent mother though, so if it was only up to here, we would have nothing to worry about.
D’Oro say: “Please keep all claws and paws cross. Oh I can’t wait to see the little ones!”

Cabbit on the hunt
Being a cat trapped in the body of a rabbit sometimes give you a bit of trouble, but not all the time. So who is to say that a vegan can’t hunt and enjoy its fresh kill just because of this unfortunate body mix up? Somebody may say silly thing like that, but luckily the cabbit isn’t listening. Instead everyday he speed jump around the house, were he stalks out one delicious plant after the other. Then, with out any warning, he jumps them. The impacts normally finish them off, if not he wrestle them to the ground, and that takes care of the business. The happy Cabbit is than only left to eat the fruit of his labour.
The Cabbit say: “I like my food fresh!” 

The Modell has again heard from his good mate “The Englishman from the wrong side of the valley who has to live with that awful big black so called dog thing”-cat. This time he had the most awful news. His staff humans have had a mutiny, and they will be leaving the poor poor chap to fend for himself for several days. As you can all imagine, he was devastated! Luckily for him the Model is also running a small but oh so luxurious catel, and being the pal he is, he has reserved the very best suit for his friend in his time of trouble.
The Sheppard say: “I wanted to let Big Huge stay here as well, but the Hen Department put dawn their claws and vetoed it! Big Huge will instead have to go to the dogstel, poor chap.”

Official nest boxes
Maifrin now have 14 official nest boxes for the Hen Department. Until very recently we only had 12, but the Dark Ladies weren’t to happy about the 12 first one, and after what that can only be described as the most thorough nest box inspection in the history, they went and got them self a couple of new ones. Apparently these new ones are up to their standards, for now.
 Falcon say: “Honestly I thought my nest box was quit good, but I have to give it to the Dark Ladies, they know what they are talking about. Now I am putting my eggs down in the new nest box.”

Light (&) thunder
Last evening the weather thought about getting nasty. In the far distance you could just about hear some thunder, and if you had run fast enough, you might have managed to be hit by several raindrops. Still nobody here at Maifrin run that fast. The only lightning that was observed was that of the Sheppard, leaping for the door and hiding beside the bed. (She is too big to get underneath it). Beauty on the other paw, went for his normal evening walk with the cats.
Beauty say: “Yes that walk was very scary indeed, as the Model and the Primadonna started to quarrel.”

Number off eggs today: So fare 1, but it still early hours. 

Weather forecast
The sun has returned after a short but unwelcome break.
The dogs recommend you to get out of your hiding and start living again.


Personal add
Tiny pig is in search of lonely apples, bananas and oranges. To be honest they don’t have to be lonely.
Ref: Lonely tummy

Thursday, 12 May 2011

May 12th

The Sheppard has yet again ruined her collar, and she simply refuse to tell us show she does it. There were no way around it, she needed a new one. Strangely enough the new one she ordered just happened to be the exact same colour and brand as the one Beauty got some weeks earlier. The only difference was that this was a tad wider, due to the fact that the Sheppards neck is somewhat huge (according to Beauty).
The Sheppard say: “It is not like I ruin them on purpose you know, not at all, but if that Beauty got a new one, honestly so should I!”

Today it was time for Senioras bimonthly clawicyre. As we all know Seniora retired after she was hit by a stroke, and even though she has healed almost perfectly, well a couple of issue is still unsolved, and one of them is the lack of proper claw management. And have you ever tried to leave the bed when ten claws are stuck in the sheets? This is not a pleasant experience indeed. Therefore, these days Seniora pop by the clawicurist about almost every second month on the dot. There she got 2 mm of claw nicely cut off, and is yet againfree to leave the bed whenever she wants, which to be frankly is not that often at all.
Seniora say: “Off course I could do it myself, but my body has become somewhat mushy after that silly stroke, so I just think I disserve to be spoiled when I can.”

Ladies of the evening
After the two lovely maran hens moved in with the Hen Department it shows that they literally have a dark side (feathers not included, which also happens to be rather on the dark side). They might not be ladies of the night, but they for sure are ladies of the evening. While the other hens and the occasional rooster, start looking for the perches already at 7 pm, the dark ladies do not want to hear anything of the sorts. They do go on the perches just after 9 pm, but that is just because they are persuaded to do so.
The Dark Ladies say: “Honestly, what is it with this early perch time? There are greens to be eaten, and well, more greens to be eaten.”

 The Egg thief
Lately a mysterious thief has been known to occasional steel innocent eggs around the property. Last night the thief was out on his bad mission again, and the poor freshly laid egg of Mrs. Goose was the victim. The egg has vanished, but nobody has seen a thing, not a thing. The C.S.I team has been working hard the whole morning, but they struggled from an overdose of different DNA.
Mr. Goose say: “Shall this never end? Those poor innocent eggs!”

Number off eggs today: Unknown due to a thieving bastard and some hens need to play hide and seek.

Weather forecast!
Still lovely, hot and wonderful.
The dogs recommend you to hit the deck and get your tummy rubbed.


Private Eye
Private eye is needed to catch that egg thieving bastard.
Ref: Egg layers united

A security company is needed to install a proper high quality security system to guard every nest box on the property. 
Ref: Egg layers unites

Monday, 9 May 2011

May 9th 2011

Attacked from below
While out on a border inspection the very unfortunate Sheppard was the victim of something that can only be described as a cruel and vicious attack from below. She was happily trotting about her business when she suddenly felt something sting horrible in her back paw. She realized that somebody had managed to lure a big spine up in the middle of her now rather aching paw. She tried to lick it out, but it was all in while. The nurse (also known as human) offered to help, but her pride got in her way. The nurse insisted on helping, but still the Sheppard refused the help. In the end the nurse forced her help on the poor dog. This actually did seem to do the trick, and the Sheppard left the border inspection for an urgent trip down to the river to get the paw a proper clean out as she said.
The Sheppard said: “We suspect the culprit to be the dog next door. That dog has never been up to anything good in his whole life.”

The postcard
A very happy Model cat was the receiver of a wonderful postcard. It was a thank you note from his good pal “The Englishman from the wrong side of the valley who has to live with that awful big black so called dog thing”-cat. He was thanking the Model for the first class catnip plant he had sent over only days earlier. The Model who just loves to get postcard was thrilled, and the postcard is now hanging on the kitchen door.
The Model say: “If I got as many postcards as I give away, I would be a very happy cat indeed.”

False Alarm
While watching his wonderful wife having a bath, Mr Goose suddenly saw something red spreading on her chest. Mr Goose immediately panicked, and a nurse (still human) was called. Within seconds the nurse arrived with an emergency kit, consisting on scissors, disinfections, bandage and antibiotic spray, but NO wound was to be found. In the bath though, some red leaves were floating happily around.
Mrs Goose say: “I know he only likes to look after me, and make me safe, but honestly, sometimes he really is a little bit to overprotective.”

New hot chicks on the block
Yesterday the dogs went on the monthly hen marked. Upon arrival they realized that this time it wasn’t that much of a hen marked, but more like a rooster marked. Still the dogs were not to take lightly on the appointment to find the hen department a couple of new friends, and finally they found to very nice looking hen of the marans persuasion. The hens accepted the offer, and have now moved into the hen palace.
Mr Pearl say: “I must say, two really lovely girls, they really are. Still I can’t help feeling a bit disappointed, as we beforehand had talked about taking a couple of hens of the Barbuta d’Uccle persuasion, you know, like me.”

Something wet
Two rather moist big black unhappy creatures have been seen moving around Maifrin lately. If to be judged by the sound they made it should be nobody else than Big Daddy and DJ sQuil. They were not at all amused about the situation.
Big Daddy say: “I just don’t get it, how could anyone seems to think that I needed a shower? Can anybody direct me to the closest mud bath, this is an emergency!”

Number of eggs today: so fare 7
Number of geese egg in total: 55

Weather forecast
Nice, hot and wonderful! The dogs recommend you to enjoy it all, life included!


Nice and a very beautiful cat search postcards friends from all over the world
Ref: the Model

Everybody here at Casa Maifrin would like to wish our very good friend Fiona a happy birthday!
King Tiny has personally made sure that all the citizens have delivered their very best wishes.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

2011 May 3rd

O Mighty river

Here the other day it was so hot that the dogs got all excited, and ordered themselves a private car to bring them down to O so very mighty Belbo River indeed.

Down by the river the excited and somewhat hot dogs decided that it was time to be cool and jumped into the water. Off course the Sheppard is an experienced bather from before, but the rest of us were stunned to see that even the Beauty jumped right in. Not that he hasn’t been in the water before, but than it has been more of the “NO NO NOOO That wasn’t an accident at all” kind of baths. This time on the other paw, he went straight at it, and we are proud to announce that not only did he go for a couple of swims, but he joined up to cross t the torrent.

Witnesses are still shell-shocked after watching this great display of doggy grandeur.

The Beauty say: “Whaw, that was great. Did you see it; did you see it, wasn’t I just great? I felt great you know, I think I’ll do it again, and again.”

The anti sunbathing project

Everybody knows that humans are not known for their capacity to understand the need of other species need. Still the Hen department has lately been seriously shocked over the level humans can sink to when it comes to putting their own need in front of those of the hen department. So OK there might have been some almost polite request from the humans that the hens should keep their sunbathing to areas approved for such use, and let the humans have their flowerbeds for themselves. But of reasons who should be all very clear to all living creatures this request has been denied by the Hen department.

Therefore it was in horror the hens could only watch while stone after stone was dumped all over their favourite sunbathing beds. So fare more than half of their spots have been covered, and the stones keep arriving.

The Hen department has given the following official statement: “This is a seriously blow to our existence. We are currently to shell shocked to comment this any further.”

Hard working cat

Tiny being the understanding cat hi is, tried his best to help the hens by sabotaging the “anti sunbathing project”, unfortunately it turned out to be very hard work indeed, and to much for a small kitten to handle all by himself. It didn’t help the cause that both human hands and stones taste rather awful. A truly exhausted Tiny soon had to leave his “paws on” action, to only supervision the cruelty from the shade.

Tiny say: “Honestly I tried, I did, but the stones were just to hard and bad tasting for me.”

Pig support

Also the pigs did theirs to help the hens rescuing their favourite sunbathing spots, but due to a incident involving free ranging apples on another part of the property, they unfortunately arrived to late. Spite their huge effort, nothing could be done.

DJ sQuil say: “You know we might be able to have arrived earlier, but we couldn’t hear anything over the sound of Big Daddy chewing through those escaped apples.”

Hairdresser on the loose

The days are getting warmer around here and the sheep started to get seriously hot under their wool. Therefore they were just too happy to welcome the arrival of a wool cut. The sheep have now been seriously undressed, and are all the happier for it.

Shaun say: “OK, so it might not bee the prettiest wool cut in the history, but I still feel great.”

Number off eggs today: 8

Number off goose egg in total: 51

Weather forecast


The dogs recommend you to get rid of the winter clothes for this season.


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