Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Pilota has passed away

1991 - 2009
It is with great sadness we have to inform you that Pilota, the God Mother Dog passed away last night. She was a great personality abd we miss her terrible. Her soul will live with us.
We are so happy that we at least got to spend 2 years with her.
(Please enjoy our favourite photo of her. She was ho happy when we took it.)

Monday, 27 July 2009

July 27th

The Poll

Have you voted yet? If not please look right now, and vote at the Poll. Still need another 12 votes minimum.

The hard life of a cat

Yesterday the Model Cat caught himself in a serious problem. He was having a nap in his favourite chair, when the sun caught up with him and the shadow left. He was starting to get serious hot, and especially to hot to move. The only solution was to have one of the humans to carry his chair over in the shadows, with him in it off course.

The Model Cat said: “I was getting way to hot, but should I have to give up my seat because of that?”

The egg quarantine is over

The egg quarantine is now over and the eggs will from now on be eaten by the humans. To honour this occasion the Expert Egg Layer Hen laid a twin egg.

The Expert Egg Layer Hen said: “I am not in a stage of my life where I need to her the clatter of little chicken feet, so for the time being I am only laying egg for practice.”

Angry Pigs

The Piglets are angry after the only way up to the Vegetable Garden was closed for Pigs. Off course no other inhabitants have any problem getting up there, but the Piglets are left on the bottom of the stairs.

The Chief Pig said: “This is outrages, outrages I tell you. Just outrages!! Where are we now going to get our veggies from?”

Evacuation “Falcon”

To day a big Falcon was seen flying low over our beloved home. The Hens were therefore evacuated from the property and into their Hen House while the Falcon thought better of it.

“The Spokeshen said: “The Falcon should have some respect for us working girls.”

Depressed dog

Mamas Boy dog is very sad after loosing his “piece of bread”. A thorough search has been done, but no Piece of bread was found. If you should se the Piece of Bread lying around sulking, please help it back to Mamas Boy Dog!

The Mamas Boy Dog says: “I miss him so much, and are afraid for his security. Please come back home!”

Number of eggs today: 3

Weather forecast:


The dogs recommend you to, well they don’t have any ideas for the time being.

Friday, 24 July 2009

July 24th

Hen Party
The Hens are always up for a party. Today the excuse was the female human’s birthday. The Hen Party had a flying start, and from there it went wild. The feathers were seriously shaken and the famous sand boogie just would not stop.
No comments where heard over the loud sound from the sand disco.

Where have all the Sunflowers gone?
Yesterday we woke up to yet another mystery disappearance. This time the Sunflowers seed had gone. For a moment we thought that they maybe just had lost their seeds to the ground, but this theory was found impossible by the local CSI team. Test showed that a seed do not empty themselves even if they fall 1,5 m. The usual suspects have watertight alibis since they where locked in their sleeping quarter, and even though the Thief Pig is not at all fat, we have not seen him climbing the sunflowers.
The Primadonna Cat said: “This is so sad, as we where saving these seeds for the local birds winter diet.”

Tomato hunting
So we have a lot of stealing around the premises. This time there are tomatoes disappearing from the vegetable garden. Strong evidence found by the CSI team has taken the investigation in the usual direction. This time the usual suspects do not have any alibis.

The Spokeshen said: “What? Does my make up look like dried tomato?”

Mamas Boy Dog out for lunch

Due to the continues sick leave of the God Mother Dog (rest easy, she is doing much better) Mamas Boy Dog had to be the sole animal represent at the female humans birthday brunch. Off course they went to one of those places where also the dogs are welcome and served their private bowl of water.

The Mamas Boy dog said: “The Cats may haven driven from Norway, but I went all the way to Castiglione Falletto.”

New collars
Today the dogs where treated to new collars. The other animals are so jealous that they just can’t stop laughing.

The God Mother Dog says: “They are only jealous that we have been equipped with not only diamonds but also reflective collars, so that we shall always be seen.”

The Poll!

There will be now biography by the God Mother Dog this Sunday, as only 16 have voted. 30 votes are a minimum, and you only have one week to go before she retract the offer.

Happy Birthday!
All the animals on the farm would like to take this oppurtunity to congratulate the female human with her birthday!

Numbers of eggs today: 2

Weather Forecast

From hot to hotter! Not a cloud to be seen.

The Dog recommends you to use a nice new collar

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

July 22nd


Normally the pigs do not party at weekdays, but with the local festival that had been going on, well they got them self completely caught up in the party spirit. After they had been partying all day long they where found snoring under the table.

The Chief Pig said: “Gosh, I am completely knackered”

The God Mother Dog is recovering

We are so happy to let you all know that our beloved God Mother Dog is getting better, fast! She has even started some patrolling and that hardly with any limp at all. Off course with this hot weather she is mostly lying still anyway, with or with out a bad leg.

The God Mother said: “The Vet told me to take a couple of days of, but hey, I just did not find the time for it. What would happen if I did not stay on top of it?”

Honey lice versus the Model Cat

It is with huge sadness we have to inform you that the Model Cat was the victim of a fierce attack by the awful honey lice. There he was on his way to one of his favourite snoozing places when they attacked. After hours with preening he realized the loss and bit of the fur had to be cut off. While waiting for the fur to return to its normal purrfect self the Model Cat has gone “on vacation.”

The Chief Cat said: “hihihihihihihihihihihihihihiiiiiiiiiiiii!” (This comment has been seriously shorted.)

The Hen house has been raided

While it has become normal for the Cats and Dogs bowls to empty themselves under mysterious situations, this has been a new experience for the Hens and the Rooster. Unfortunately it has now happened twice in the last 24 hours. A big black blob have been seen leaving the crime scene.

The Spokeshen said: “We take the security to our food very seriously. A hen flap has been ordered.”

Rooster in bloom

Not only has the Rooster finally broken his silence, but yesterday he even went for a longer walk with his chicks. After a long day with watching the chicks hunt, and a small nap under the table he was ready to return home. Unfortunately he was a little knackered, so he had to grab a cab.

The Rooster said: “Whaw that was fun, I might even try it again!”

Remember to vote at the poll!

The God Mother Dog realize that you have not had the heart to vote at the poll because you are afraid she is not up to writing her biography with her bad leg. She will like to inform you that this is absolute rubbish. There is nothing wrong with her head! So please let those vote coming. Remember she needs at least 30 votes!

Number of eggs today: 3

Weather forecast

The heat is coming back!! It will be even hotter!

The Dogs recommend you to get ready as best as you can.

Monday, 20 July 2009

July 20th

The God Mother Dog in trouble

This time it was the God Mother Dogs turn to visit the vets after her foot got very painful yesterday evening, and sleeping on it did not help. The vet had to tell the old lady (18 years) that it was arthritis. Luckily the vets said that she thought she had some medicines that would keep the problem at bay, so we are now all crossing our paws. The God Mother Dog herself enjoyed getting out, so she felt a little better even before the medicines. Please cross your paws as well, as we all appreciate this old lady. It is not her fault she is a dog.

The Mamas Boy Dog said. “I can’t help myself, but I am so worried for her. She is the best dog in the whole world.”

Human attacked by flying tomato

Yesterday one of the humans where busy minding nothing but his own business (having a small nap) when he was attacked by a piece of flying tomato. An investigation showed that the Spokeshen had jump up on the table to steal the tomato she meant was rightfully hers. Unfortunately for her the tomato was so big that she had to eat it there and then. The tomato kicking up a fight did not surrender so she had to use force. While disembodying the tomato she miscalculated a bit and a larger piece flew off and hit the human in his face.

The Spokeshen said: “Off course it was an accident! It is not like I would ever share a tomato voluntarily.”

The new nest box inlays have arrived

The new nest box inlays have now arrived, and after testing them out for a couple of days they seems to work very well. The hens are now the most updated hens in the area.

The Expert Egg Layer Hen said: “This sure makes the laying more comfortable, and I have soon finished that Sudoku.”

Strange talk from the humans

Yesterday the humans went away saying they where off to see a farm with llamas, peacocks, goats and a lot of others animals as well. Than when they returned back they seemed strangely enough pleased about what they have seen, and started talking about having got some positive answer regarding which animals could live together, space needed and what kind of fencing to use.

The Humans say: “Not to worry, there will not be this year.”

One proud pig

The Tiny Pig is for the time being a very proud pig man after he single noosed caught a moth. The moth did resist being eaten, but the Tiny Pig was all over him, and the moth lost before he really saw it was coming.

The Tiny Pig said: “I am a BIG actually HUGE hunter.”

Number of eggs today: 2

Weather Forecast

Actually the weather is not half bad. It has been less than 30 degrees for a couple of days.

The Dogs recommend you to enjoy it as it will not last forever.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

What so funny about peace, love and understanding?

Hello! I am the Peacecat, or Sir Bastian von Tetto (Lord Bastian of the Roof) which is my full name. I am not posh about it though, so Bastian works fine with me. I am also the only true Italian cat around here, but off course, that doesn’t matter at all, just wanted to let you know, that’s all.
In the beginning of September 2007 I was born in very “Upstairs” surroundings. Actually you could not get more upstairs if you tried. The first month of my life was purrfect. My mother, Lady Serena von Tetto, was the best mother you could imagine, and my sister and I had a ball.
Sometimes my mother told us horror stories about these humans, but we always thought it was just a fairytale. It wasn’t! One day when I was about 14 weeks old, this human arrived. She placed some delicious food just outside the roof, and I just could not resist. Unfortunately the food was placed in a box, and when I went in to eat, the box closed. Off course I did not cave in with out a fight. I am proud to say that the hand of the human turned red when I tried to escape, and not so proud to say that the delicious food ended up all over my fur.
Then I was brought to the house next door. Far from the Palace I was used to. Cat’s weren’t even allowed on the roof, but have to share the indoors with the humans. Still after a 24 hrs maximum socializing period, I started to think that this maybe wasn’t so bad after all. Lots of food, lots of playing and I could sleep whenever I felt for it, even though I had to sleep at the humans lap sometimes.
Meeting the other cats was a little scary at first. Non of them was sweet and understanding as my mum, and neither did they play like my sister. But then I met my mentor TamTam. I have so much to thank him for. If it hadn’t been for him I would have been a novice in preening (OK, honestly I think he overdid the preening lessons just a bit. I kind of lost interest after the first 5 hours a day.) He also introduced me to the wonderful art of ca (t) rate, and I never forget the day he taut me the secret about dogs and tails. All I had to do to show the dogs who was the boss, was to walk in front of them and show a big tail. It was the big tail bit that was hard, but after just a couple of weeks I managed to make the whole tail big, not only a part of it.
A year went, and than the other cats thought my apprentice time was over. So they told me to think seriously about what I wanted to do with my life. There were so many options; Hunter, Professional eater, Ca (t) rate expert, Bff, etc etc. After all I am a cat, and hence I have a lot of talents. But in the end, there was not a difficult choice. The only occupation where I really got to use all my talent and interest in being friends with every one was to become a Peace Negotiator. With the pigs coming this was the purrfect time to start out. What can I say, I love my job. It is the best job ever! I always get thrilled when I manage to get a better understanding between the different animals. I was so proud when I managed to get the pigs to stop attacking the dogs and vica versa. Off course someone would say that this also had to do with the removal of the pigs nuts, but hey that is only evil tongs speaking.
My jobs take most of my time, but to be able to stay on top of it all, I need to rewind sometimes. With my busy schedule I therefore like to combine training and meeting up with my fellow cat friends. So every evening we meet up for an hour of ca (t) rate training. This is so fun, and one of my favourite time of the day. (I must admit, dinner time, snack time and breakfast time is other favourite times of the day.)
I am sorry, I would love to tell you more about my job and my self, but I am so tired, so I have to find a nice hot lap and get some sleep done.
Thank you for taking peace seriously! Remember respect for others get you all the way.

Friday, 17 July 2009

July 17th

The vets yet again
Today the Chief Cat had to bring the piglets to the vets. This was a little overdue, due the mysterious dissapperance of the Chief Cat every morning. The rumours have it that the Chief Cat behaved purrfect as ever, but the same can not be said about the piglets. They really did not believe that the vets’ floor did not need any manure at all, rather the opposite. So they went on a full manure contest.
The very embarrassed Chief Cat mumbled: “I could not have been more embarrassed if I tried. I had to hide in the end of my carrier. I refused to leave the carrier before the piglets had left the room.”


Lately ghosts have been observed at midday. Not only one, but several ghost bodies have been found. They have been found in the shape of beetles, snakes and wasps.

Have ghosts started to roam around in the kingdom? They can clearly be seen in the shapes of beetles, snakes and wasps. Are we talking about a ghost infestation? Luckily they are quit materialized, so they are easy to get read of, boring but easy.

The Model Cat said: “Hmmm I prefer to make ghosts rather than kill ghosts.”

The Peace cat helps with the housework.
The Peace cat, being his very understanding self, has a strong suspicion that the humans don’t really care for housework. Therefore he sometimes decided to help out. Today he helped out when the humans hang up clothes for dry. Every cloth clip was checked before use, and for his service he only wanted a little petting in between.
The Peace cat said: “Sometimes is doesn’t hurt to help others, even the staff.”

Brown noosing
There is nothing wrong with a little brownnosing, as long as it is the cats that are sucked up to. Even though, the Piglets have recently taken this just a little too serious, and gone for the whole brown noose look.
The Chief Pig said: “I don’t understand why the others seem to think this is overdoing. We only like to show them how much we really care!”

Have the dogs been overheated?
The sun is just getting hotter and hotter. Therefore everyone try to stay in the shadows. The Dogs on the other paw… Seem to have regularly tanning seasons in the sun. There is therefore a worry that the Dogs have been overheated and that their head have gone a little strange as a result.
The God Mother Dog says: “You should try it for yourself. Make the shadows feel so nice, cool and truly refreshing afterwards.”

Number of eggs today: 3

Weather forecast!
From hot to even HOTTER. After 8 weeks with degrees over 30, we are now evolving to over 35. Not a cloud in sight.
The dogs are actually to hot to recommend anything.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

July 15th

Crazy chick!
Before the hens arrived we where assured that hens was not the fondest of socializing with anything other than other hens. Then the Spokeshen arrived. Not only does she follow us anywhere, but as soon as the humans sit down, she insists on sitting on their laps. After a thorough investigation we have come to the conclusion that the Spokeshen might be a little crazy, even for a chick.
The Spokeshen said: “It is not about the specie you belong to; it is about the individual soul!”

Gross negligence
This morning the Cat Department had a terrible experience of the worst source. Due to gross negligence on the part of humans, the food bowl had turned completely empty during the humans off time.
The Cat department has issued an official statement: “For a while we where in danger of getting hungry. It was a close call, to close to think about it.”
(photo taken by SubHuman)

Yet another swimming pool under construction
The Pigs also decided they wanted a swimming pool, and just like the Hens they did not have many good things to say about the one the humans had constructed for them. Therefore they have undertaken a much bigger project in the old freezer. So far the only problem is how to get the water just a little warmer than the normal +4.
The Speaker Pig had this to say: “We are not quit there yet, but is a big construction, and these things take some time.”

Dogs and Cats attacked by evil minded seed collection
This time of year Mother Nature herself seems to be somewhat cruel to the 4-legged ones. The seed of the Evil minded Hay stuck everywhere. Which really is not a good thing as it also seems to grow everywhere. So fare 2 dogs and 3 cats have been in for treatment (removing) today, and yesterday all but the Hen Department needed help to remove the suckers. This is next to all the plants that are getting removed by the humans. You might say this is an infestation!
The God Mother Dog likes to say: “I have lived with these buggers all my life, but even though I have learned to step carefully they still always attacking me. I haven’t seen this myself, but I am sure they attack on purpose and can jump several meters. They sure are truly evil!”

Cucumber season
The Pig and Hen department can with huge pleasure pronounce the Cucumber season for official opened. They come in all shapes and sizes, but they all taste delicious. The demands for cucumber news are so huge that a bigger field will have to be arranged for next year.
The Chief Pig said: “I like all cucumbers off course, but the one I can have all for my self is the best ones.”

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Number of eggs today: 3

Weather Forecast
This morning it actually looked like a thunderstorm was coming in, but that was then, and this is now. We are back to the normal HOT HOT HOT HOT!

The dogs recommend you to check upon that soundproof room, just to be on the safe side, otherwise, stay in the coolest place you know.

Monday, 13 July 2009

July 13th

Butterfly safari

The good friends the Model Cat and the Peacecat have just arrived back from a butterfly safari. This was a huge success when the 2 lucky cats observed a new butterfly on the block. After a long discussion they decided to call the newcomers for “the purple ones”. Purrfectly good names like “the Model Cats butterfly” or “the Peacecats butterfly” was rejected.

No butterflies were harmed during this safari.

The Model cat said: “I still think the Model Cats butterfly was the best name.”

(Unfortunately we do not have any photo of the new butterfly species yet, so in the mean time please enjoy this photo of the “Backwards flying butterfly.)


Guest humans have a tendency to call us animals spoiled. Yesterday during the Formula one race, the male human explained what it meant. It shows out that we all have an inbuilt spoiler that kicks in when we run fast. This is to keep us balanced and close to the ground so that we shall not loose control over the back part of our bodies during a fast turn. So therefore jealous not so fast moving humans call us spoiled, which we are.

The Model cat said: “I run very fast so I have a big spoiler!”

Falling pigs

Is there something wrong with the pigs balance? As soon as they get touched where the tail is connected to their back they just seem to keel over. The same effect seems to happen when they get scratched behind their ears.

The Chief Pig says: So I do enjoy the occasional tummy scrub!”

Happy chicks?

Yesterday evening the new nest box inlays finally arrived. The hens had been waiting for this for quit a while. Off course when they first arrived did they get truly happy? NOPE! They all agreed that the decoration was totally lame, and not at all inspirational for egg laying. So now they are grumpily waiting for the new decoration they have ordered.

The Spokeshen said: “We like to be treated as the queen I am!”

The art of doing nothing

The dogs have no perfected the art of doing absolutely nothing. They thought of giving lesson in the art, but this was rejected shortly as this would have meant they where actually doing something.

The God Mother Dog said: “It’s hot! OK?!”

The Poll!
The Peacecat will like to thank everyone that has voted in the poll, and for those of you hat still have not voted, it is still not too late.

Number of eggs today: 3

Out of these 1 giant egg laid by the Expert Laying Hen.

Measurements: 76gr 15/17cm

Weather forecast


The dogs recommend you to do as little as possible, just remember to drink.

Friday, 10 July 2009

July 10th

Unhappy Dogs
The Dogs have with absolutely no pleasure and huge concerned noticed a tendency for everyone except themselves been taken for drives in the car. A complaint has been sent!
The God Mother Dog says: “This is outrages! We are the one who wants to go in the car. The cats and pigs don’t even like it.”

Egg layer thinking of moving abroad
After reading up on British Hen literature and especially egg exhibitions, the Spokeshen is now checking the possibility to go for a trip to participate in one of these competitions. She has read the egg beauty demands, and realized that it is an exact description of her very own eggs.
The Spokeshen says: “I would love to be a part of this glorification of our hard work as egg producers.”

How to spot an Italian animal from the rest?
If you are in doubt whether your animal is an Italian citizen from birth or not, there does exist an easy test. Just place a bowl of paste in front of the animal. The true Italian will eat it momentarily, while the others will walk rapidly away sulking.
The Chief Pig said: “I can’t really imagine this working for pigs, who could ever turn down pasta? Than again, I don’t know any foreign pigs.”

Catnip harvested
Yesterday it was yet again time to harvest the cat nip. This was a huge job so all the cats where present, expect for those who very otherwise engaged.
The Catnip Producer said: “What a harvest, I love it, I love everyone, I love you and you and you and you. What’s not to love? Peeeeeace everyone!”

The Chief Cat is getting better
The Chief Cat is recovering fast from his bad tooth. Unfortunately he also continues to loose weight, so the vets have demanded a blood test. This is to be carried out in the beginning of next week.
The Chief Cat himself has this to say about the matter: “Yeeze, can’t I even loose some weight without everybody getting concerned?”

Remember to vote at the poll
Please look at the new poll that has been added. You can find it in the upper right corner. The Peacecat and I agree that we need a minimum of 12 votes to get a valid response. The Peacecat is taking thi very seriously and is trying to figure out why his life seems to be less appreciated than mine.

Number of eggs today: 2

Weather forecast
Today the sun is getting dressed, Only a tint bikini, but still she is dressed.
The dogs recommend you to make the best out of this rare occation and get your but outside!