Saturday, 27 April 2013

 Tiny feet, tiny steps.

A tiny step into the big world

Today it was a big day for Miss Brown and her 2 tiny ones. 2 nervous chickens and an even more nervous mum ventured out of the barn for the first time together.
The very excited chickens did leave the safety of mums wings several time, but due to clear instructions never went further than her beak could reach, just in case an urgent pull back was needed.
The Chicken say: “Oh that was cool. Did you see it, did you, yes, I am sure you did, I caught an ant. Hmmm ants actually don’t taste good at all.”

Mrs & Mr Geese having a slight quarrel about an recipe.

MC Gorgeous has been asked to look into a childrens meny.
The cookbook
After reading news, the Model had noticed that all the cool places had their own cookbook. He admits that these places seem to have one thing in common, they served food, but actually we serve food here as well. So he thought he should make some easy bucks and write the damn thing himself, until his publisher informed him that his game cookbook by some might be consider barbaric, and that barbaric strangely enough was out. This didn’t concern the Model much; actually he was only glad, as that meant he had to delegate this amazing moneymaking scheme to somebody else.
He therefore paid his friends in the Pig Department a visit, and asked them what they thought about the project. After all, according to everybody, pigs do have more than a common interest in eating. The pigs thought the idea was splendid, and yes, who else would be perfect for the job? Off course they are not vegans, not even vegetarians, but to keep the cookbook political correct, they should only use their vegan recipes, and to make it even more political correct they should make it as close to 0-milage as possible. Still to bring in a wider audience they asked if it would not be a good idea to make their friends in the Hen Department, Geese Department and Cabbit Department a part of the project as well? They all agreed that this was an incredible good idea. The Model then went of to do some game cooking for himself, while Big Daddy and MC Gorgeous called the other departments in for a meeting.
No surprise there, but they all thought this was a top notch idea, and nobody could understand why they haven’t all ready done it. Off course they run into a tiny problem very shortly. It seemed that almost all the best vegan recipes weren’t actually vegan at all. After all what is a nice rose salad with out lice? Then one of the old local hen said that if local human consider anchovies as a condiment, well then, that is what a ladybird is! This off course made total logic, and they all rapidly agreed. Especially when one of the younger on, very preoccupied with environmentally studies informed the rest that leaving in the bugs will let everybody see that here they did not ruin the environment by using insectcide, but actually promoted a 100% biological alternative. All the writers were stunned. Nobody saw that coming, but they had just like that made the cookbook even more political correct.
The Model say: “The problem isn’t to get the cookbook written, it is edit it down to an edible size.”

The Primadonna is yet again looking down at the world.
Out of mourning
Ever since the Chief left us almost 3 years ago the Primadonna has been mourning her closest friend, mentor and on- and off boyfriend. Nothing could get her spirits up, and most of the time she has used on long solitary walk. Only occasional did she graze us with here presence, and than it wasn’t the old happy girl, but this sad gloomy girl wondering why the Chief had to leave her so early and thinking that she most likely would never be happy again.
Then one day the Primadonna pronounced that she had decided she was done mourning. She would off course always miss the Chief, but life actually felt good again. She would obviously never meet anyone like him again, but she needed to move on. After all that is what the Chief would have wanted, and truth be told, the fur always feel better after a good cuddle all over.
Primadonna say: “Oh, I still miss him like crazy, and I don’t think that will ever end.  I have come to the conclusion though that life goes on with out him, and so should I. Now, CUDDLE over here NOW please!”

The new door bell
New door bell
When the Hen department heard that the old door bell wasn’t doing that well and was planning to retire, they saw their opportunity to combine the need for a proper doorbell with their need for proper art. A beautiful door bell was picked out and immediately installed, and all the roosters claim they were the model for this wonderful peace of art, even the white frizzy one.
Sheppard say: “I don’t get this at all! Who needs a door bell at all when I am at duty?”

Weather forecast
Very windy indeed.
The dogs recommend you to please be careful so you don't blow away. 



Have you seen this wonderful hen?
She was last seen behind the barn chatting to a huge rooster.
Please return our mum!
Ref: CIA (Chicken Investigation Agency)

Thursday, 25 April 2013

King Tiny protecting the Model against his stalker.
Wheres the stalker?
When King Tiny first heard the rumours about his incredible good friend and beloved mentor being stalked, he immediately cancelled everything on his (rather crowded actually) program to become the Models bodyguard. He has not (hardly at least) left his side afterwards. This seems very efficient as King Tiny has not yet seen any trace of the stalker.
King Tiny say: “Off course there was a stalker, my purrfect mentor would never make anything like that up. Still I have now watched over him for several ages, and that must have been very efficient indeed, as the stalker now seem to be scared away. It is tempting to go back to my normal program now, but what if the stalker then comes back? I’ll stay for a couple of more days, and then we will take it from there. The Models well being and safety is off course what comes first!”

New Chicks on the block
The happiness spread out through the Citizens when the news that Miss Browns 2 beloved egg had finally gone in to hatching. Soon everybody’s hearts went to their throats though, when the hatching seemed to go on forever and forever. The only thing to be heard was the tiny squeaks and the sound of tiny beaks repeatedly hammering against the eggshell. Then finally in the early morning 2 tired but very happy chickens finally broke out of their eggs.
Miss Brown say: “Isn’t these the 2 most perfect chickens you have ever seen?”

A proud Caffe showing off his new Bææækini.

A wool cut
Two very happy sheep had finally got the spring temperature they had been longing for. Not only because they as everybody else off course prefer the wintertime to be left behind us, but also that it was finally time to get rid of the very thick winter clothing. It was time to pay the wooldresser a visit. After the visit the 2 friends were observed celebrating their fresh summer outfit by running and jumping around. Something they hadn’t done for a while, as the wintercoat had just been to warm and heavy.
Caffe say: “JUHUUUU I just love, love LOVE my new bæækini! So sorry, but I have to dash along. Latte and I were just to run around the old wineyard.”

Professor  Big Daddy showing propper sleeping techniques  to his promising student.
From Piggyschool
Big Daddy has gone back to school, but this time it is as a teacher. Big Daddy is a firm believer in proper education, so when he brought in the new assistant MC Gorgeous, he wanted him to get nothing but the very best education. Therefore he was immediately enrolled to the Maifrin Univeristy, the faculty of piggy business. Then to make absolutely sure that the education would be nothing but the very best, Big Daddy agreed to become a Professor.
Professor Big Daddy say: “With me in charge I think we can safely say that this little piglet will have the best education you could ever hope for.”

Weather forecast
The weather is highly unstable, but at least it is warm.
The dogs recommend you to be prepared for everything, just to be on the safe side.


Baby arrival
Finally my 2 beautiful egg have hatched, and the 2 most beautiful chicken you have ever seen has arrived.  I am happy to say that they are both in good health, blond and weight 28 gram each.
Just perfect!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Model and his stalker
The Model and his stalker

The stalker
Lately, while going about life as normal, a certain Model seems to suspect that he is actually being followed. It is like whenever he looks in the corner of his eyes, there it is, something following his every move.
The Model say; “Well, it is not bloody surprising then, is there? Being the most handsome and friendliest chap ever, it was doomed to happen one day or another. Actually I am only surprised it didn’t happen earlier!”

The Sheppard in front of the Roman bath.
 The first bath of the season
Since sunny days are scares, everybody likes to take full opportunity of them. This includes the Sheppard, who while walking along for a more private walk, decided that this was it, it was time to start the lovely season of heat and cooling baths.  Therefore the beautiful lady popped into the first roman bath she passed by.
The Sheppard say: “My of my, that was a lovely feeling. Off course it would not have hurt if it had been a tad warmer.”

King Tiny looking into this whole dandy lion business.
The dandy lion expedition in homeward direction.
The walk
Lately you can safely say that the weather has not at all been on our side. This has led to an unfortunate muddy situation, and it is hard to find a proper mud free place to walk. So when the sun first arrives no citizen can be to choosey, and off we go for a joint adventure to the holy dandy lion lane.
MC Gorgeous say; “I don’t know why some of the other citizens seems to be a bit testy on the subject of sharing a walk, as long as they save all the dandy lions for me, I have no problems with this arrangement what so ever.”

Miss Flower with her first kids.

May this motherhen really have time to produce an egg?
The egging mystery
Unfortunately we are sad to pronounce that our beloved Miss Flower left us with out a trace Saturday, and we there for are to believe that an evil falcon took her away from us.
Therefor you can imagine our positive surprise when we found an egg in her private nest box 2 days later. This especially since the other hens was closed inn, and neither do they know about here secret nest box either. Unfortunately closer investigation did relieve that spite a close similarity, the eggcolor was not eggsactly the same tint, and the egg was 4 gr less than the original Miss Flower product. Off course if she has become invisible or turned into a ghost we admit to have no experience to what this might do to the egg production. Still, we are fairly earth connected in this area, and don’t actually believe that you can become invisible or that ghost can lay eggs, so we have started lean forward to the idea that the egg might have been placed there by a hen who actually knew about the nest, as she is raising her chicken right next to it. A certain mother hen will be kept under close observation through out the day.
Big Daddy say: “Let us be totally honest here, I do not at all care who laid the egg, what I do care about is the absolute shocking news that I haven’t had a single egg for days!”

Weather forecast
The morning mist disappeared only to reveal some evil looking clouds. The birds stopped singing and the rain started to fall.


Mice for sale
Freshly killed mice in all sizes for sale.
Due to overstocking we can now offer a very competive price.
Ref: The mice and rat hunting socity