Friday, 28 September 2012

The lumpfree area of Seniora
Good news
Seniora has been back at the vets for a final examination. The lump had actually gone. Most likely it was an infected fatlump. The vets think it was really lucky that she got that cold when she did, so she didn’t have an unnecessary surgery. Seniora herself was last seen marching off in to the sunset when her tail hold high.
Seniora says: “To be honest I am not really sure what that lump was about, but for heavens sake, an infected fat lump? Aren’t they aware that you actually need to have fat to get one of those?!”

Rising DJ sQuil
Good news
A poor tiny pig felt really bad. One of his feet suddenly started to swell up, and shortly after all his legs started to swell up. The poor DJ sQuil was feeling totally miserable, and even sometimes didn’t finish of his dinner. Good advice was hard to come by, as there isn’t much medical research done on minipigs. Still the vets went up to the task, and after a week on human antibiotics and aspirin he is now back in his normal good spirits, and swollen free trotters are back carrying him wherever he wants to go, normally the closest food source.
DJ sQuils say: “Oh my, it is so good to be back. I am sure, it was touch and go there for a while. I even lost my appetite, that’s how ill was! Now, can anyone direct me to the closest breadsource?”

The Sheppard looking out the perfect grass slide hill
Good news
After all most all the citizens (yes, the geese don’t seem to get the bad in bad weather!) have been terrorized by bad weather the last week, today finally there have been traces of something similar to god weather. The citizens weren’t long to que up to make the best out of this situation, and long walks have been observed all over the place.
Sheppard said: “JUHUUUUUU Grass sliding time! Nothing like the felling of sliding down a hill of long grass.”

The Pirat's graduation photo.
Good news
We are happy to announce that the Pirat has passed her hunting exam and hasn’t stopped hunting ever after. We are not sure if we are sad to say this, but insects need to be very careful to avoid the Pirat’s good eyes and sharp beak.
The Pirat say: “I am not really a killing machine, but those proteins sure do me a lot of good!”

Sun and clouds fighting
Weather forecast
It is hard to say, hard to say. We are optimistic of nature then, so we are hoping the sun will outfight those nasty looking clouds.
The dogs recommend you to be prepared for everything!


Now that yet another hen has passed her hunting exam we do as normal recommend all our members to flee the Maifrin area as fast as possible.
Remember our motto: “We like food, not to be food!”
This message was brought to you from The Lets Flee organization. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Seniora took some incredible high points for this manoeuvre.
Bad weather cat chess
As you all know the Maifrin cat citizens are playing cat chess at the upper international level. They don’t let anything stop them practising this wonderful sport, not even bad weather (something that normally stops cats in the most ways). Off course everybody understands that with rain pooring down outside, it would be directly damaging for the cats to play with the normal rules, and they have instead changed to the special developed bad weather rules. The rules are more or less the same, but it is played over a much much smaller area.
Seniora say: “LOL and with this manoeuvre I outplayed both the Model and King Tiny completely!”

What the nest box should have been looking like.
A vandalized egg found near by.
Crime against egganity

It is with sadness that we must admit that a thief has been present in our nest. One of our favourite nests what broken into yesterday, and the thief didn’t only steel the egg, but also vandalised the whole area. Shattered pieces of eggshells was found all over the area afterwards. We think the last was an attempt from the thief to try to hide its track, but bad weather can be good for something, so the CSI (Chicken scene investigation) manage to secure several muddy pawprints, leading both to and away from the nest in question. The investigators are hoping for a fast solution on this unfortunate matter.
The Chicken investigator said: “The pawprints collected does indeed match one we all ready have in our database.”

Seniora demonstrating the youtfulness of her body.
 How blood works
Pending her upcoming surgery Seniora had her blood work done. The results was very promising indeed, stating what Seniora off course all ready knew. Her body might be old, but not particularly frail, as the result told her body was working just as well as a 5 years old.
Seniora gave the following official statement: “Nothing I didn’t all read know perfectly well!”

Beauty searching for good weather.
Weather forecast
There are tiny blue spots all over the sky.
The dogs recommend you to keep the hope going.


The dog of interest.
Dog of interest
This dog of interest is wanted for questioning regarding a serious charge of both thievery and vandalism. Please come forward if you have any information about this dogs current whereabouts.
Ref: CIA (Chicken Investigation Agency)

Monday, 3 September 2012

Seniora is ill!

Keep those get well snacks coming! Keep them coming!!
Today we have heartbreaking news for you.
Saturday evening our beloved Seniora told us about a lump in her tummy area, and therefore she was the first guest at the vets as soon as they opened this morning. The vets were not at all happy, and since Seniora is their absolute favourite citizen they even got a second opinion, but the news was equally bad. Seniora have gotten herself breast cancer.
Luckily she is in wonderful shape (especially consider her age) and she is in n pain. Still a surgery has been ordered for the 17/9 and blood work to be done the 11/9.
Seniora is now sleeping of a box of Applaws who we all agreed she needed, but manage to give the following statement before she started to snore: “I didn’t have a nice childhood, I had a hard life and now my plan about a long happy retirement have got a serious dent in it. Still in the meantime you all know where to send your get well applaws/sheebas/porta feline etc.”

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Eh NOOOOO noooo nooooo I did not try to dig through that wonderful  looking fence. Not at all actually. 

What the fence!
Whereas some of the citizens seems content with all this fencing coming up, (read humans) it would be an understatement saying that the rest of the citizens are somewhat piffed by the offensive matters. The propaganda that has been going out, claiming that the fencing is for the citizens own protection doesn’t really seem to have hit its mark. Several anti-fencing groups have all ready been founded, and are working hard on a literally break through.
The spokespig of “My food doesn’t need fencing” had the following to say: “We pig are very social and we like to share the food with everybody. This fencing thing makes the food sharing thing very hard. We have all ready noticed that we can no longer share a meal with the sheep and hens. What will be the next, wont we be able to share with the geese either?”

The only cure for weather illness - SLEEPING
 Home sick my tail!
Lately a spell of bad weather has hit our beloved place, and it has hit too hard for most of the citizens taste. The cats have even moved back indoors, and are yet again mass sleeping in the bed.
The Model said: “You know, why o why does some weather responsible seem to think I miss living in the raining capital of the world! I do not! NOT NOT NOT NOT! If I still wanted to live in an area were it rained 320 days per year, at least 100 days in the row, WHY do they think I moved away from that hellish weather? I like my sun, I love my sun! Sun it is! Grrrrrrr all this rain makes my fur really icky. I can’t stand it anymore, please sun, what have they done to offend you, please forgive them and come back to me!”

A happy breaker
A certain citizen wishing the swallows welcome.
 Exotic guests
Nobody likes rains, at least not the citizens and not the swallows who paid us a visit last evening. The poor poor birds were stranded midair when this awful wet stuff come pouring down, and had to seek shelter immediately. Luckily Maifrin was right there (Except that we would off course have liked to be in the sun instead, we have to admit that.) and the poor swallows was off course immediately invited to stay and rest. Which they did. They were last observed flying south.
Mr Purr say: “I invited them to stay, but strangely enough they didn’t take me up on my totally and utterly unselfish offer. How very strange indeed.”

Seniora and a little one 
 The Childhood experience
Not all the citizens has had a wonderful childhood. Some of them would have been happy with only nice, but no. Therefore they all do their best to help the lucky fellows who are born/hatched right here at Maifrin to have to most wonderful childhood they can hope for. So when a little fellow need some extra attention, there is nothing but care coming from the older citizens.
The Sheppard say: “It is our responsibility to take care of those who need it the most. Can I have a puppy? PLEEEEEAAAAASE!!”

Weather forecast
The dogs recommend you to stay DRY!


Rainglasses needed
Citizens are in desperately need of glasses who makes the rain disappear, and give you that nice comfy feeling that only true good weather gives you.
Ref: Desperately urgent  

Thursday, 24 May 2012

A not at all snooring DJ sQuil
Musical indifferences
Several hours before the evening was swallowed by the dark night yesterday, a gasp of utterly total disbelief spread out amongst the still awoke citizens, like a fire through very dry grass. It showed that Big Daddy and DJ sQuil had decided to spend the night apart. Not even the huge amount of fresh beddings could persuade DJ sQuil to spend yet another night with somebody with that complete lack of musical taste.
Big Daddy gave the following official statement as a result to this unfortunate episode: “I DO NOT SNORE!”

Mr Goose eating gresh gren outside the courtyard after climbing a stair.
Mr Hyde?

As you may recall upon, a while ago Mr Goose let to small female goslings move in under his care. The goslings have since grown and grown and grown even some more, and are today the most beautiful ladies Mr. Goose sees. Still the rest of the citizens can not but wonder about what the two rather desideful ladies have done to the proud gander. After the ladies joined him he has rather got the taste for fresh greens, long walks and climbing stairs. Rumour has it that he even started to sleep indoors.
Latte say: “I specifically mean to remember clearly that this was a goose free meadow.”

Hot heat
It was only yesterday that it was freezing cold, but today the heat is finally warming not only every citizen’s heart, but also their bodies. Some even seem to think that the heat is just a tad to warm, and proper shadows seem to be rather crowded.
Often heard but not further noticed: “THIS SHADOW IS MINE!”

Catnap victim?
King Tiny had just but finished off his breakfast when he was rudely catnapped away from the eating area. This brought a lot of distress upon the poor victim, as he was just about to unselfishly help empty out the other cats’ breakfast bowls. Luckily the training lessons in catrate paid off, and just as the catnapper reach the 2nd floor, King Tiny broke free, and speeded back to the kitchen. Just in time to help his fellow cat friends in need.
The “1 cat = 1 bowl” union gave the following official statement: “It was a good plan, but we need to find a better detention officer.”

Working on an escape route!
Two horrified dogs did not manage to escape a wet destiny, and was BATHED. This was not a pleasant welcome amongst the dogs but spite high vocal- and strong physical protests, the two poor poor things did not manage to escape from their awful wet and clean destiny.
Gassoline said: “I just don’t get those dogs. Who doesn’t want to have a nice relaxing bath?”

Weather forecast
Hot and sunny, just like the most of us like it.
The dogs recommend you to stay hot and avoid the showers.


All the citizens would like to take this opportunity to wish Petra all the best and congratulate her on her birthday! 
Cause she's a jolly good sub-human, cause she's a jolly good sub-human and so say all of us!!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

A shocked Shaun trying to put words to his horrible experience!

Farm police
Yesterday the farm police called and told us they would pop by to check on the goat and sheep citizens. In the beginning this caused a lot of pleasure and happiness in the goat and sheep department. The panic first struck when they realized that they only had 10 hours to go through their list of “Improvement urgently needed” before the police showed up. Needless to say, some goat and sheep worked very hard for the rest of the day and the list got finished just in time for the police to arrive.
The 4 citizens were then deeply shocked when the police hardly looked at them, and than said they looked good and went to literally stamp his approval. Desperate times means desperate measures, and Shaun did what a desperate sheep has to do. He followed the police, refusing to leave his side, begging him to get back to the list, but it was all in avail. The police only petted his head and stated the obviously, that Shaun was the most beautiful boy. Shortly thereafter the police left with 4 sad citizens looking shell shocked.
The following was heard floating through the air: “WHAT ABOUT THE LIST? WHAT ABOUT OUR DEMANDS? WHAT ABOUT US?”

Young Miss Goose & Young Miss Goose was happy to meet somebody  which intrest they share.
Happy geese
After the sad demise of Mrs Goose, we have long waited for some new young ladies to move in with us. The day has now arrived, and Young Miss Goose and Young Miss Goose have now become proud citizens. Mr Goose is so happy, that he doesn’t at all mind being at the 2 young ladies continuous call. The young ladies are known for being very green at mind and just love hiking at the countryside.
Mr Goose say: “Have you seen them? Aren’t they just the loveliest girls you have ever laid eyes on? They are so smart! They are so clever!  They are going to grow up and be the best Geese ever. OH I am just so proud of them!”

Eggs no longer hidden.
 Egg hunt
Some think egg hunts is to be reserved for Easter. Some think egg hunting should be a whole year event. The hen department is a strong believer in the latter. There is nothing more amusing than looking at silly humans and dogs trying their best to locate the eggs. This is especially true for the days they get added extra bonuses as humans sliding down steep hills or a dog stepping on a thorn. No, just the thought of limiting this great entertaining only to one day of the year, what a ridiculous thought!
The Spokeshen say: “You know once I managed to hide 16 eggs before they were found. My of my, was that fun or what!”

Just follow the spring break rush.
Beauty really hitting of just the right spot at the party.
 Spring Break
With spring finally with us, it is time for spring break. Therefore citizens of all size and colours have been observed partying wildly all over the hill side. The apple grove has shown to be a very popular spot, were everybody who wants to be seen… well can be seen. Geese and Goats are hugging down grass like nobodies business and cats are having a catrate tournament while the dogs are just hugging the best spots.
Beauty say: “KEEP THIS PARTY GOING!!!!”

Weather forecast
The dogs recommend you to make sure you have some nice comfy spot in both the sun and the shadows.


Back from vacation
We are glad to let you all know that the lizards have finally returned from their incredible long winter vacation, and is yet again back in our mist. 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

This is an arrangent photo, and the cat in the photo might not at  all have anything to do with this article what so ever. 
Free Falling
While doing a necessary shelf inspection on the upper desk shelf, a certain cat was the horrified victim of shelf removing. Right under his paws somebody removed the very shelf he was standing on with the cruel result that the cat fell right down, almost a whole m. Luckily the computer managed to through himself underneath the cat, so the cat did not get wounded.
The cat, who would like to be anonymous, dashed right off to find the villain in this story. Apparently this was OFF COURSE not an accident due to the cat’s almost bad vision.
The anonymous cat say: “I have a perfect 20/20 vision! PERFECT!”

The Peace Supremo  finally back at outdoor duty
On the run
After a meeting with one of his personal physians, they agreed that it was of the most vital importance for the Peace Supremo that he was yet again allowed outdoors. Not that he himself had any particular enjoyment of going out to bask in the sun, but being the normal always thoughtful cat, never thinking of his own good being, they agreed that the other cats off course not were up to doing his outdoor tasks, and that with their well being in mind, he had to sacrifice himself and get out.
The Peace Supremo is currently not available for comments, as he is to busy being out.

This is an archieve photo, as no camera was fast enough to make evidence of here stay outdoors.
Sleeping out
The spring is here, and there is always certain ways that manifest. Some more secure than others. The most secure of the all is when a certain retired streetcat manage to find the way out of the catflap and put her adorable body down for a sunbath in the big outdoors.
Seniora says: “I have nothing against the big outdoors! I just need a certain amount of temperature to enjoy it properly.”

The Primadonna just putting her paw on approval  for this bench yet again being open for the public.
With the final snow just gone, the Primadonna took it upon herself to personally check every winterclosed tracks, exercise areas and resting areas. No stone was left unturn and especially no tree was left un climbed, but luckily for the rest of the citizens, it was all found in the best order, and it is yet again open for regular traffic.   
The Primadonna said: “Somebody had to do it, and to be honest, I didn’t see anybody else being able to do it, so I just had to do it myself. If you want something done, and you want to do it propper, you best leave it to me!”

The Model and King Tiny hard at work!
 Working hard!
With spring on paw, there is a lot of work to do outside, especially after this awful cold and incredible snowy winter. Off course we all know that a citizen do what a citizen has to do. So when the cats heard that the hens needed new nest boxes they made totally sure that no straw was left unturned to secure only the very best welfare for their beloved hen friends.
The Model said: “More straw over here please! I SAID MORE STRAW OVER HERE PLEASE!!”

Weather forecast
Sun the one moment, grey the next.
The cats recommend you to always be prepared no matter what the weather throw at you.


Warning to all members!
This is a general warning to all mice in this area.
If you see this cat, play very dead indeed, or he is inclined to help you to stay dead forever.
The Mice Institute of Cat related Emergencies 

Monday, 13 February 2012

The Primadonna paying the ill Peace Supremo a visit, watching bad cat television together.
 Back home
After spending the last week at hospital, we are now very happy indeed to have our beloved Peace Supremo back in our mist. After being discharge with the order to go home and eat, the cat is now spending his sickleave eating, and eating some more. His only problem is that he is no allowed outside.
Peace Supremo say: “I am off course not at all happy about being locked up like his, but even though I repeatedly say what I mean about this unfortunate matter, I stay locked in. The only reason that I am escaping is the fact that it is a lot of snow out doors, and it is actually freezing cold, and it so happens that I am actually not feeling all that hot anyway. Now I have to get something to eat; WAIIIIIITEEEEEER!!!”

King Tiny and the Sheppard can only confirm that the snow is equally  high even down there.
The snow continue
Last week wasn’t exactly much fun for most of the citizens. The combination of LOADS of snow combined with EXTREME cold doesn’t seem to fit their normal standards. Off course a citizen would never be stopped by bad weather, so spite some small tiny challenges, life went on with just minor adjustments.
Mr Goose said: “For me the biggest problem is that my pool is closed and the water in my tub just keep freezing up! I can’t wait for the weather to defrost my water.”

Big Daddy sun bathing in the snow.
The opportunitist
Whereas a certain DJ sQuil refuses to get fresh air as long as there is snow on the ground, Big Daddy instead will not let some snow stop him from having a lovely sunbath. Everybody know that most things can be used in more than one way, and Big Daddy absolutely thinks that hay is much better used as a mattress than food anyway.
Bid Daddy say: “Sometimes something can have better use when it is not eaten. This is actually ancient pig knowledge.”

Serious research shows that snow can not replace sand in a dust bath.
Snow bath
The young rooster had never before experienced snow. Therefore he thought it to be a good idea to give it a proper test run. Unfortunately serious research concludes that snow is far from perfect for a daily dust bath.   
The Spokeshen say: “I could have told him that, but he needed to find it out for himself. That he did…..hihihi!”

Weather forecast
Sunny and very cold.
The dogs recommend you get on with it and use your winter clothing for what it is meant for.   


Ludvik in his favourite blanketcave
Today we would like to congratulate our good friend Ludvik with his anniversary as it is today 3 years since he decided to move in with Mrs Humans sister. A smart move! May he have a lot of more anniversaries to come!
A big purr from all the citizens

Peace Supremo's new friend.
Seeking house
While staying at the hospital the Peace Supremo met a new friend. This friend is waiting for his health recover enough to amputate his badly broken leg. In the meantime he is spending time being friendly to absolutely everybody, cats and humans alike. As he now needs to retire as a street cat, he is searching for a new home.
Ref: “The most cuddly cat ever new home”

Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Model and his for time being very best friend.
Apparently somebody claims there is no proper winter without snow. We could not disagree more, even if we tried, which we don’t. Snow is a cruel invention by Mother Nature who does nothing but make problem for the citizens and even the shortest visits outdoors results in painfully cold paws.
Model say: “PLEASE! More wood is urgently needed for this fireplace!”

Beauty learning the Sheppard the pleasure of vading fast in high snow.
Learn to like snow
Citizens are naturally positive creatures, who honestly like to do the best out of any situation. Therefore they refuse to let them self be negative influenced by the cruel cruel snow. Beauty has therefore had to add several extra classes in his famous “Learn to like snow – course” both for beginners and advanced users. The teacher are actually working so hard, that he almost don’t even have time to curl up on the coach together with the male human, a couple of cats and a cabbit when the evening comes. Only almost though.
Sheppard say: “Actually vading in tall snow isn’t only fun, but it is good exercise as well. I am not sure I need all that exercise in the long run though…”

Big Daddy & DJ sQuil was last observed heading back to their home in a surprisengly  high speed.
Cold cold pigs
Big Daddy and DJ sQuil thought they should join in on one of Beauty’s classes, but when they were told the class was currently filled up and they would have to wait until next class, to shocked pigs immediately returned home, and have not been observed since.
The pigs may have comments, but it is not to be heard from were they have locked themselves into their beloved cottage.

Mr Goose having a snack while he are waiting for the bowl getting treated.
Cold rescue
A certain Mr Goose doesn’t have any problem with the snow what so ever. At least almost not what so ever. The rumour has it that his food bowl actually snowed in, but apparently Mr Goose immediately called the professional rescuers, and the food bowl was urgently not only retrieved but also filled up with fresh food.
Mr Goose say: “Luckily I know what to in a situation like that, so I didn’t panic at all. After all this is why I have an emergency drill every day, sometimes even several times a day. You do not catch me unaware, that is for sure!”

Weather forecast
The dogs recommend you to get out and make all the snow angels you possible can!


Mr, Mr & Mr February 2012
This is King Tiny who would like to remind those of you who might have forgotten that February has arrived and therefore not turned the page of your LNBTT 2012 calendar. If you haven’t, please do so imidiately, as it is the most adorable baby photo of me awaiting you, together with my two good buddies Beauty and Big Daddy.  

Monday, 23 January 2012

Sheppard taking a flying leap down the deer walk.
Latte & Caffe going the wrong way due to an hungry tummy feeling. 

The Deer walk
While out on a social walking the other day, we noticed that the deer walk going from “The end of the world” through “No-mans land” to end up at the “Walnut tree” seem to be well used. We therefore decided to try it for our selves, as it would really be a very nice short cut. The only problem is that this walk might not be long, actually it is SHORT, but the distance is equally long in height meters as in actual meters, which could lead to problem for some (1) member of the group. Still we went at it with our normal positive attitude. We are happy to announce that it was a success. Even though some used longer time than others, everybody got safely down. If certain citizens hadn’t insisted on eating their way through, it might also had been very time consuming.
Latte say: “All in all I would call this a success, if only we could get some more time consuming all the nice snack along the walk, it would even be perfect.”

A tired DJ sQuil on his way home after a long day works.
The long commute
Like with every other citizen, this isn’t exactly Big Daddy & DJ sQuils favourite time of the year. Not only is the freezing temperatures bad enough, but NOOOO, you actually have to commute to get to work. Wile the rest of the year is filled with delicious green and fruit and berries and even the occasional nut, this time of the year is dreadful. You have to commute all the way up to the old wine yard to get some proper foraging done at all, and for WHAT! Old roots!
DJ sQuil says: “You know, I don’t mind my job at all. Honest I don’t. Rootmanagement is a very important part of our job you know. It is jobs were you need a lot of experience at least if you want it done proper, and we pigs, let me tell you, we have the best work ethics in the business. Not only in the business, all over I would say. We only do a job if we can do it proper, because otherwise it isn’t worth doing. Still I do prefer other jobs we have, as they taste that much better, but on this time of the year, this is the only job left, as we work so hard the rest of the year. We pigs are incredible hard working you see. So we saved rather boring commute foraging for now. It’s a huge project, but I am off course in total control. Like always I would say. If you want a job done, leave it with us!”

Sombody taking advantages of their bantam size.
The snack robbery!
Like with the pig department also the hen department suffers with more problems than the cold. Every so often the evilness itself manifest in the shape of the ugliest bird you ever ever saw, and fly over the hens outing area. This has led to the hen staying indoors until afternoon.
Staying indoors can off course be rather boring for hens that normally spend the day tracking around our kingdom. So to get their mind off the lack of free movement due to the evil ugly killer bird, they have put in a subscription for an extra snack delivery. Off course nothing is perfect, so the hen department is now working with the snack producer to find a solution who does not discriminate the bigger hens for first dip at the delivery.
The Spokeshen say: “This is a tricky situation for us bigger ladies. The smaller ladies seem to take advantages of their small size, and literally dive into the snack for the best bits. This is not fare, and we have therefore decided to hire a guard. Hopefully this will solve the problem at beak.”

King Tiny is always eager to help out!
Who slept in my bed?
We all know King Tiny as a very thoughtful individual, always concerned about everybody else’s well being. Therefore nobody was surprised when thought the hen could need some help. While inspection the hen palace he noticed that the hens had so much eating to do, that they didn’t have time to keep those nice wonderful looking egg companied. He had but no choice to take it upon him, and with out any thought of his own well being he crawled into the nest box to keep the lonely eggs accompanied.
King Tiny say: “You know, you just have to help out whenever you see the need. That is the only right thing to do!”

Weather forecast
Fog has been observed in the valley.
The dogs recommend you to keep your paws crossed for continues “good” weather.


Security guard wanted
A serious security guard wanted to protect all valuable transport going from the barn to the Hen Palace. Experience will be preferred, but we are desperate.
Short application with CV to be forwarded urgently.
Ref: Hen Department