Thursday, 30 December 2010

December 30th

Where did that rabbit go?

There is nothing new about the fact that the rabbit is found of cats, but lately this might have gone a bit too far. He has got himself a severe case of identity crises, and is currently convinced he is a cat. Far enough a vegetarian cat, but still he is a cat. A psychiatric has been called, and in the meantime we have agreed to call him a cabbit.


Bad weather?

While most of us are not really enjoying cold and wet weather, somebody refuse to let the weather get them down. A shower always put the geese in a good mode, and it is never to cold for a bath.

Goosy say: “There isn’t any bad weather, just bad feathers.”


Today the Model Cat was observed temporarily breaking off his hibernation after he heard the words: “vet and Model Cat” in the same sentence.

Before re-entering the hibernation we managed to get the following statement from the Model Cat: “X-use moi, you just take a small nap, and suddenly everybody is worried abozzzzzzzz”


Yesterday no less than 3 wild boar hunting dogs came into our beloved property. This spite is was a hunt free day, outside the hunting season, in a hunting free zone! Luckily both humans and dogs were stand by and got to practise their emergency anti hunting dog procedure. 2 of the so-called dogs were smart enough to get lost somewhere else, while the 3rd dog had his sorry butt locked up in a case, were it was later pick up by the police and brought to doggy prison.

DJ sQuil had this to say about the matter: “I was off course not scared at all. After all this is something we have practised a lot about. So Big Daddy and I just went into our housing, closed the door, closed the gate to our garden, and put on the electric fence. Nothing to is at all actually. I wasn’t shaken at all, not at all I tell you. I am such a brave piggy. Afraid me? I weren’t afraid at all I tell you!”

(We have no photo from this incidence as we refuse to insult the camera by forcing it to photograph something as evil and ugly as a wild boar hunting dog)

Best hotel ever!

Lately a part of Maifrin has been turned into Hotel Maifrin were the cat Reg is currently staying. He confirm that this is the best hotel ever, where they don’t even have very well equipped suites with, fireplaces, gyms, cat-TV and nice sleeping arrangement, but yesterdays in-house entertainment was the best entertainment he had ever witnessed. Listening to the sorry ass wild boar hunting dog beg for mercy for over an hour was just purrfect, and seeing it was than hauled into the police car….. You just can’t ask for more than that.

Reg said: “They only thing that could possibly have made it better was if you had switched the dog with Big Huge (the dog I normally live with). With his behaviour he could really need a couple of days in the lock-up. MEOW MEOW MEOW! ”

Number off eggs today: 7

Weather forecast

Just depressing!

The dogs recommend you to get your paws on some good working Prozac.


Hotel Maifrin

The best hotel, recommended by a 100% of our guest as the best hotel they had ever stayed at, is free for bookings.

Ref: Hotel Maifrin

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Breaking news from the chicken run

New egg on the block

The last days there have been a rumour going on that Holly has started to lay egg herself, just days short of her 7 month hatchday. The rumour was confirmed today when she was observed leaving the nest box after depositing the most beautiful egg.

Holly said: “It has been very important to me to honour all my roots, so I had to design a egg that equally Amrock and Hybrid. So a soon as I found a design I was happy with, I saw no reason to hold the egg laying anymore.”

Where did the chicken go?

A very depressed Mrs Flower have the last days been seen wondering along searching for her lost chickens, but all her searching and calling seem to be fruitless. The chickens has decided that only 13,5 weeks old they are now big enough to wander the fields for themselves.

Mrs Flower cried: “This is the thank you you get for trying to give your beloved kids a good start to life. As soon as they enter teenweekhood, off they run. If I didn’t know better I would think they are embarrassed to be seen with their mother!”

archive photo from happier days

Weather sick

Hippie has lately been observed a little on the downside. The muddy weather seems to have taken a toll on the well feathered hippie chick.

Hippie said: “All my beautiful new feathers, and than, I can’t show them off because of this *#¤#?)?=#)(¤=#)¤!! MUD!”

Fly feather, fly!

Lately feathers have been observed flying alone with out any hen attached. This phenomena has been tracked back to the Leghorns which are currently having a autumn cleanup and getting read of old feathers.

Miss Bronze said: “I just need to get some of the old wardrobe out before I can fit in my new winter wardrobe.”



Looking dam good

While some of the hens are looking a little bit scruffy a certain rooster is most certainly not. While he himself arrived here at Casa Maifrin in a rather extreme scruffy looking mode, he has used the summer well and has now finalized his new look.

Mrs Pearl said: “OH MY!! HE IS SO HOT!!”

Number of eggs today: 2, including the one from Holly

Weather Forecast

Due to ongoing terrible weather today’s weather is censured.

What the dogs recommend has also been censured due to the well being of our readers.



Everybody here at Casa Maifrin would like to congratulate Holly with her first egg.

Keep up the good work!

Kids in their teenhood?

Have you, ore have you experienced your kids going trough teen hood?

In that case would you like to share your experience, and ease off your despair with others in the same situation?

If so please join the new support group “Mother with teens”.

Ref: Mrs Flower

Feather sale

Do you need any feathers?

We have everything from small to big feathers.

Ref: The leghorns

Saturday, 19 June 2010

June 19th

Crouching cat, hidden food bowl

After a blind cat moved in some weeks ago no food bowl is safe. Especially has the kitchen been the victim of a crouching cat always ready to attack an innocent food bowl. That being said it is not much easier being a food bowl in the living room, the library, the hall. I guess you get the drift here. Food bowls is now always under attack from a purring and meowing white and grey furry thing with a toothless grin.

The Model say: “It is not like I never pay the food bowls visits myself, I rather enjoy that actually, but excuse me… it is not a good sight seeing another cat standing with 2 paws and drooling over what used to be food. It does kinds of get your appetite down.”

Bad hunting part 351

Confidenza the Hen was today out patrolling the field looking for tasty edibles in the shape of crawlies and creepers. She was just testing out a new possible snack when she was rudely interrupted by a crazy looking human waving her arms like she was trying to fly rudely pushing the hard working hen away from her new found possible snack. The attacked scorpion was last seen moving into a brick wall.

The scorpion said: “Yeeze, I was heading over to the next stone to pick up a foxy chick, and not to be picked up by a not at all foxy hen!”

The Party!

The welcome party for all the new citizens was a huge success. The food was great and the mode even better. After a while the tired guest went home, but the pigs just kept going and going. They stayed up to the sun went down! Off course 2 pigs might have been described as rather grumpy when they got up this morning, after such a tiny nap at only 10 hours.

DJ sQuil said: “Jeeze that was a fun party. Oh my, am I feeling rather groggy today! Can I sleep for just one more hour please? NOOOOOO! I should have though about that yesterday you say!! Hey, you just can’t off and leave a party when it is still tomatoes on the ground and wonderful pigtunes to be oinked!”

Moving out, moving in

The geese have now moved into the vacant plot left o of the pigs last year. Unfortunately the plot is not as vacant as it is told to be, as some pigs in the shape of Big Daddy claims that he has first right to the property and all food left on it.

The Geese say: “PLEASE! Can anyone get that big black blob out of out food bowl! Fix the fence while you are at it. PLEASE!”


Yesterday the Boy Toy was the victim of a really cruel sabotage attack. We all know it is not easy being famous for being such a beauty, but still, who would ever sink so deep to place a gum under his favourite spot at this pub? This was also obviously a planned attack, as nobody except a very well informed spy would have known of his visit at all. The MIA(u) (Maifrin Intelligence Agency) has traced the perpetrator (scumbag) back t a very jealous neighbour dog famous for having nothing but bad fur days.

The Boy toy say: “I can still see the nudge in my otherwise perfect fur. How can anyone steep this low?”

Number of eggs today: 4

Weather forecast

Wet and noisy.

The dogs recomand you to get intoFet a sound proof room before the thunder get started. Hurry on, hurry on!!



If you need wool, any wool, to whatever project you have going on, we can provide you with fur.

First class wool of the following brand is available:



Angora rabbit


Thursday, 17 June 2010

17. June

Tobias the kitten has now moved in

Today Tobias the kitten (finally) moved in. This is very good news indeed, as it means that he not only get to keep both his eyes, but that they actually work as well. There are rumours going around that he will actually fit in with our clan, as he after 2 hours all ready had befriended the dogs, Seniora, the chicks and the pigs. He would most likely had befriended more, but his need for a nap got in his way.

Tobias will from no one been known as the Kitten.

The Kitten was available for the following comment. “zzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzz”

More new Citizens!

The Maifrin immigration office is busy these days, as the Kitten is not the only one who has moved in this weekend. Chicken, geese and sheep has also been applying. All applications was found in order in accordance to the Maifrin Constitution, and therefore approved of.

The Sheppard had the following question: “When is the sheep big enough to move in, when when WHEN?”

Hot treatment

Today the Sheppard went off with one of the humans, and went all the way to the big city. There she was observed both taking a footbath (more like dipping really) and drinking (more like sipping really) the famous healthy drops from the local hot spring.

The Sheppard said: “I have a suspicion that the so called health benefit of drinking and bathing in this water is highly exaggerated as my tail is still limb. Ah, who need a tail anyway?”

Working hard for a living

Mike and Ralph have now started with their new job, which consist on cleaning up the outskirts of our kingdom. The goats are vey proud to have this very important job, and is always hard at work. For instance was pruning the wild cherries long overdue, but not a worry, the goats are at it.

Mike say: “I'ts a hard job, but somebody needs to do it!”

Dealing and wheeling

Today the pigs were seen sneaking off to see their private deliveryman. As normal a big box of apples and some other tasty snack arrived shortly thereafter.

The Pig department had the following comment: “All animals are allowed to forage for their own food; we pigs are just more practical about it than the rest of you.”

Number of eggs today: 5

Weather Forecast!

VINDY!! Very vindy infact.

The Dogs recommends you to find something to hold onto, and hold on hard.


Everybody here at Maifrin would like to congratulate our new citizen. You are all so very welcome.

Kitten (cat)

Mike (goat)

Ralph (goat)

Principessa (chicken)

Fritz (rooster)

Dotty (hen)

D’Oro (rooster)

Brass (chicken)

Copper (chicken)

Goosie (goose)

Gissy (goose)

Wolly (sheep)

Shaun (sheep)


In honour of all the new arrivals the pigs would like to invite everybody to a party this evening. We will party on to the late hours, and some might even keep it going until the sun go down.

Place: Courtyard

Menu: Buffet with apples, carrots, chick crumbs, fresh grass, cat food, dog food and even strawberries.

Outfit: Party mode off course.

Friday, 11 June 2010

June 11th 2010


A lot have happened since you last heard from us, mostly good, but also some things sad.

The Maifrin clan has grown, so we know consist of
4 cats 2 dogs 2 minipigs 1 rabbit 1 tiny parrot 2 goats 2 roosters 9 hens 3 chickens

And if you think it stops there, you are not correct. 2 minisheep, a rooster and cats are scheduled to move in. Oh and that’s just the ones that are already scheduled. Just as before we are a colourful animal kingdom, and especially animals in needs seems to pop by and keep staying.

Of the more sad news both the Rooster and the Chief Cat have left us. They both fought long and hard, but in the end they could do nothing but go to rest. But if there si such a thing as a better place, you be sure to know where to find them.

The Chief lost his life to CRF (Chronic Renal Failure)

While the Rooster lost his life due complications as a result of bad breeding and bad treatment provided by his breeder.

We are sad that we have to loose them so early, but happy for the time we had with them. They are now resting in peace.

You can read more about Lupus the Chief here:

You can read more about the Rooster here:

If you want to know more about the rest of us, just click at our photos, and most of us have put out our biographies. Not all off course, as somebody (let me not mention name) haven’t manage to write them yet. Rest assures they will be forced to do so, shortly!

Today Mrs Pear was happy to finally get her appointment with the pedicure specialist. It had been a long wait but it was all worth it. The happy Mrs has afterwards been observed taking some very long walks looking very happy indeed.
Mrs Pearl is out walking and therefore not available for comments, but her husband Mr Pearl had the following statement: “This is such a good day. She have been struggling with some inwards growing legfeathers for several days, making it hard for her to walk. I am so happy to se her enjoying her walks again. Oh my, she is even more beautiful than ever. Pearl, Pearl wait for me, wait for me!”

Not even a week after the Chief (cat) left us, a kitten turns up at our doorstep. Unfortunately he suffer from a virus that has attacked his eyes seriously, and he is in danger of loosing one of his eyes. The cat had been found wondering around in the street, most likely dumped there by his previous owner due to his poor health. The kitten was promptly named Tobias, and is now safe at the vets.
The Peace Supremo say: “If you need to get some evil thoughts off your mind, I am not saying you do, but if you do, please direct them to the previous human to Tobias. Please do so loudly! Thank you! Tobias is now under our protection.”

New home!
The Goats have now spent their first night in their new home here at Maifrin. The Bleating Corner seems to serve the goats every need, and happy bleating is now filling the air. At least in between some serious chewing.
The Goats say: “JUHUU our own home, and filled with snack as long as we can see. Let us tell you, those black currants thorn, my do they taste delish! Delish we tell you.”

Today Seniora had to answer some really hard question to get her new passport. After some thought she answered them as follows, with pride!
Name: Giovanna
Breed: My mother was a cat, my father, I don’t know.
Breeder: The streets of Stefano.
Owners: EXCUSE ME!!!?
Colors: White with tabby spots
Special characteristics: I am blind, toothless, miss a part of my tong and my left eye just wont open properly.
The Seniora had this to say about the matter: “Excuse me, but digging into my private life like that! Is nothing sacred anymore?”

Number of eggs today: 4

Weather forecast:
Hot but also cloudy.
The dogs recommends you to find somewhere with air condition.


Important message to all snails
The STA (Snail Travel Assurance) would like to inform all snails that from now on snails who are travelling in the Casa Maifrin area will no longer be covered by the ordinary travel assurance as this area is deemed unsafe after the infestation of the two black blobs (for some known as minipigs). For the snails who were already in the area when the infestation started an evacuation has been started, we are working as fast as we can.

Lap needed
A big soft lap always sited in the sofa is needed for an old rag of a cat.
Ref: The rest of the cats here at Casa Maifrin

A black and white feline, answering to the name of Primadonna, is wanted by the vet for her annual booster shot.
Ref: V-E-T

A big bird cage is wanted, as we have 4 birds of the type inseperabile, who wants to move in.
Ref: Huge cage