Monday, 19 October 2009

October 19th


Due to the for moment totally useless secretary services of our human, there will be no photos in this edition.

Dressed up

Sometimes a small pig wants to dress up a little. DJ sQuil certainly got this feeling today. He therefore decided to make him self look really beautiful with some very natural make up.

There was unfortunately no nice pig ladies present to enjoy his masterpiece.

DJ sQils say: “Sometimes a man gotta do what a man gotta do, lady or no lady.”

C.S.I. result arrived

Last time we heard from the C.S.I. team was when someone had broken into the new sack of chicken food. After the DNA result arrived there really was no doubt. The pigs were guilty as sin. Big Daddy had a complete break down while faced by reality and confessed at the spot.

Big Daddy say: “I honestly thought somebody had left us a wrapped surprise package, I did not mean to steal from the Hen Department!”

Snow is no longer homeless

Today the dogs thought Snow (the rabbit) needed a new home. After all they both now how awful it is to be thrown out by their home because the humans don’t want to live with them anymore. So they ordered a car to bring them to the zoo outlet (they are on a budget after all) and found a nice new cage for him.

Snow say: “I finally feel at home!”

Blown away

Pigs like to sleep together, but sometimes unpleasant surprises do happen. Earlier DJ sQuil was the victim of a hideous sneeze attack, He was actually blown several cm away and as a result of this he was also very rudely awakened. Luckily a pig don’t take these kind of problem to seriously, and as soon as the first chock had disappeared took the opportunity to just turn around and burry his snout even deeper into the grass. Needless to say they kept on sleeping for hours to end, no more sneeze allowed.

DJ sQuil say: WHAW, it was at least 9 G, at least.”

Gone with the wine

Yesterday the Dogs decided to joint he humans for a trip to a winefestival. Not like they would ever drink wine, but someone got all exiced by the change to meet all those humans and off course also dogs.

The Lady Dog say: “It isn’t like I like to show off or anything, but it is nice to be able to please all with my stunning beaty.”

Number of eggs today: We do not want to talk about it.

Weather forecast

The sun is nice and naked indeed, but still the temperatures are not that pleasant.

The Dogs recommend you to get those fires going.


New personality

Cruel and stupid people, last seeing dumping a cuddly white rabbit in the street, are desperately seeking a new and much more pleasant personality.

Ref: no hope

Saturday, 17 October 2009

October 17th

Tooth ache
This week the Model Cat has been off his chart with a tooth ache. He was actually so bad that when he went to his dear enemies the Vets, they managed to sting him with a needle, with only 2 people holding him down and a 3rd to get his attention.
The Model Cat say: “I am feeling low, I have to admit that, but I am going back to those awful vets today, and I have a plan to get me some respect.”

Catastrophe in the Hen House
We have been so sad this week after we lost one of the Miss Twins, and The Baby Rooster and The Spokeshen disappeared. Luckily The Spokeshen got back the evening after, but we are still morning The Coucins.
The Spokeshen said: “It is nice to be back, and I did not mind the fuss I got either, but now I need a rest. Hiking trips are exhausting.”

New rabbit on the block
Last days the Vets called. They had found a rabbit dumped in the road, and was nicely saking if we could let it come and live with us. At first we where not thrilled by the idea, but than The Peace Surpremo sat us down and told us off, in hi normal diplomatic way off course. The Model Cat will pick it up at the vets later today.
The Peace Supremo say: “Off course we have to help an animal in need. We have all been there, have we not?”

Even moore vets
Due to her somewhat unpleasant way to treat the other animals on the farm, The Lady Dog not only has to go to the Vets, she has to go to a specialist vet. He has specialized in problem dogs, and Sofia managed to get an appointment all ready in a couple of days.
The Lady Dog say: “Really I do not understand what they are talking about. Somebody needs to take charge, so I go ahead and do that. Still I like the idea that a famous Master likes to study with me. I think I shall be able to teach him something as well.”

Warm inside
The Nights are really getting unpleasantly cold. Therefore the Cats have ordered a bigger fireplace to the living room as it is currently to crowed in front of the fire place.
The Chief Cat say: “1 cat 1 fireplace!”

Number of eggs today: 0 to early yet

Weather forecast
Nice and Sunny but not particularly hot.
The Dogs recommend you to stay in the SUN!

Monday, 12 October 2009

October 12th

Break through

Sometimes even pigs can be bored, and in these cases they decide to have a completion between themselves. Last morning they wanted to see who could break through the fence surrounding their villa first. There were no witnesses to this competition, as the rest of us was still enjoying sleeping, but after the amount of nails lying around and the size of the holes, it seem like Big Daddy was the winner.

DJ sQuil say: “We wanted to go camping and therefore needed to get out.”

Carried away

The Lady Dog had heard the members of the Hen Department complaining of the lack of commute possibilities, and decided she wanted to help out. Unfortunately she got it a tad wrong. A poor Miss Twin was hijacked on her way back to the hen house, and than carried back the way she got, to join the other hens. Miss Twin was very dissatisfied with the custom service but to say that the Lady Dog did have a very soft touch, still she will be going herself from now on.

The Lady Dog say: “You try to help, but do you get a thank you?”

Told off

After a small walk with humans last evening the dogs went to pay a neighbour a visit. While the humans were having a pleasant talk drinking a glass of that awful red water no animals will touch, the Lady Dog did not get the same welcome. The cat inhabitant told her seriously off, and she found it best to leave.

The Model Cat say: “It is wonderful to see that my dog training is finally starting to get results.”

New chicks

When their rooster died the Miss Twins got a little sad, so the Dogs brought the human to get them a new rooster, thinking that would please them. Yhe rooster might have brought a couple of friends.

Miss Twin and Miss Twin say; “We might want a rooster, not a baby! What do we look like, hippie chicks or nannies?”

Break in

Today someone was silly enough to put a sack of new chick food outside. It should be needless to say that the sack was rapidly broken into. Yet again there were no witnesses, but the CSI theme claim it is reason to blame the Pigs as the rift was standard Big Daddy and a straw of grass from the brand DJ sQuils swear to was found at the scene.

Big Daddy say: “Why do always everybody suspect us?”

A loosing battle

Not only is the weather getting colder, but now huge parts of our garden furniture have been put in storage. There is no way to deny it, the colder season is upon us.

The Model Cat say: “I ordered one of my favourite chairs indoors at least, so I am not that bad off, and one good thing about colder season is that you finally don’t have to see half naked humans running around. OK, they are still doing that, but hopefully they will stop soon” Removing their fur like that, it is disgusting!”

Number of eggs today: 2

Weather Forecast

Very blue sky, we can se far far away. Quit hot as well, all over nice.

The Dogs recommend you to enjoy the view.



The Hen Department would like to take this opportunity to welcome out new family members: The Baby Rooster, Mrs & Mr Flowers and Miss Fire.

We hope you will enjoy living here with us.

Yours truly The Rooster, The Spokeshen, The Expert Egg Layer Hen, The Confident Hen, Blondie, The Gold & Bronze Hen and Miss & Miss Twin.

Peace Supremo

We would like to let you all know that The PeaceCat has changed his name to Peace Supremo. This was suggested by a very good female cat friend Mog and he realized immediately that she was spot on.

Sheppard dog seeks sheep

An amazingly all self-taught Sheppard dog is seeking a private herd that knows how to appreciate good herding. Being a sheep is not a requrirement as long as you love to be herded.

Ref: My herd

Are you an oak tree?

If you are a lonely oak tree looking for company or just a oak tree looking to meet new friends, we are 2 pigs that have a lot of room for you in our Pig Forest.

Ref: nuts

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Indiana Emil

Dear all!

It is Saturday after all, and I thought you needed a little extra to enjoy your weekend. Oh yes, and I have been accidentely going through the coorospondance to Big Daddy again. Honestly I did off course not mean to do that, it just happened.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Subject: Indiana Emil
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 11:27:11 +0200

Dear mister Lucas

I Am a great admirer of your films but can not but notice that there is no pigs in it. Have a suggestion for a film i call Indiana Emil i which the brave good looking pig fights off the food nazies in order to secure the fabled Langhe white truffel for his foodbowl. Know just the pig to play the role and he comes with a stunt double!
Have also an idea for a romantic film which i will call "Gone with the wind" where the brave good looking pig fights with the evil dog for the affection of a nice bitch. All set in a farm caught in a big dispute. No parts for stunts in this film but quite frankly my dear, i do not give a damn.

Best regards

Baron Emil Von Lønnberget und Snickerboden Antonsen Johansen

Friday, 9 October 2009

October 9th

Loosing the touch
While training the Dogs to do the “wait, do not pass me until I say so” it might have seen that the Model Cat lost his touch with the 2 dogs. After only 15 minutes they walked around him after the “wide wide berth” method. A very surprised Model Cat woke up alone several hours later. The Model Cat say: “It is outrages how much training these Dogs need. When have I ever said that they can leave just because I was in need of a small nap?”

Working day and night

There is no (official) time to rest for a dog. They have a 24/7 service, and is ready to role on only a bark or 3. This was unfortunately demonstrated last night when the Dogs just would not shut up. They went on running back and forth hunting for some imagitive monsters. Fare enough it is wild boar season, but we do suspect this to be the normal suspect, the dark monsters that seems to always appear where the Dogs are currently present after dark.

The Chief Cat say: Ha! Being afraid of the dark like that. Serves them right for having such a poor eyesight, but why do they so desperately have to bother the rest of us about it?”

Days only
While somebody like to work night as days that is not the case for the Pigs. They work in daylight hours only. Since most of their working is eating related they even skipped dinner here the other night, as they wanted to be in bed before the dark really sat in. Unfortunately they wanted to camp out on their secret campsite, and took the humans 2 rounds with flashlights batteries to find them. Than they suddenly decided it was time for dinner after all, since they were awake anyway.
Big Daddy say: “Sometimes we think that the humans don’t believe we can take care of ourselves. We have to stay in just because it is wild boar hunting the next day.

Pigs in exile
Yesterday we had the very unpleasant experience of hearing the wild boars scream for their life, trying to escape the wild boar dogs. Some of the hunters were even rude enough to stop at our property, but they got away with it, as we where busy with operation “Pig evacuation”.
This meant that the Model Cat was watching the Dogs in the living room while the Pigs were evacuated from their villa to their safe room downstairs. Big Daddy had got himself a new shiny red collar, so the evacuation went almost fast.
DJ sQuil say: “Normally we hate to stay in the safe room, as it is actually rather boring there. This time though we where allowed to redecorate the room with our favourite decoration material, our self shredded newspapers.”

Unhappy commuter
A very unhappy Rooster was observed walking the long way back to his hen house. He had planned to take a Pig back home, but the Pig claimed that his current route was towards the Pig Forest, and that the Hen House was not scheduled for hours to come.

Spokeshen say: “Here you are, trying to do the right things towards the environment, and than there are absolutely no pigs heading in your direction. Commute my #¤/)=WQ#(&¤W34”

Number off eggs today: 2

Weather forecast

Hard to say, it changes all the time. Hopefully no rain.
The Dogs recommends you to stay alert.


Exclusive full sized photo with paw print for sale.

Ref: Big Huge Dog

Rooster with a bad foot is in search of a private pig to take him around the property with out having to wait for the official pig commute.
Ref: Private Pig for the Rooster

Monday, 5 October 2009

October 5th

Sleeping beauty

Today the Model Cat overslept, and therefore woke up with a sleeping shaped fur. You could see the shame almost rise to panic in his eyes. He had no chose but to immediately start an urgent deep pruning session. After only half an hour the experienced pruner had managed to remove all trace from this awful experience and therefore the exhausted cat could return to sleep.

The Model Cat say: “I just don’t want to talk about it!”

Walking the human

Last day they the Dogs went away to a “Show your human” show, and therefore brought a human. The clue was to walk a human down a dogwalk. Most human only needed one dog to guide them, but our Dogs was challenged with our human, so our human needed two leashes to get her safely across the dogwalk.

The Lady Dog say: “Yes, it was a little embarrassing to show off a human that needed 2 leashes, but hey, we will work on it until next year. Cross your paws everyone.”

(photo taken by SubHuman)

The PeaceCat is coming back

The PeaceCat has lately been on a long “vacation” to think about what he wants to do with his life. We are happy to be the first to pronounce that he has decided to go back to his peace negotiation.

The PeaceCat say: “I kind of fell down to the basement after the death of my very good friend The God Mother Dog, and than this horrible Lady Dog moved in and completely ruined everything I had worked for. So I decided I needed some time to think thing trough. Now I have and come to the conclusion that even though I got thrown back a little, well, that is only a challenge. When you have a talent you have to go with it, spite throw backs!”

A strange thing

With out any warning we were all chocked yesterday, when a totally strange an unknown cat just walked straight trough our courtyard. It all happened so fast, but with some coaching he was last seen disappearing behind the compost container.

The Chief Cat say: “I do not approve of a stranger cat invading our privacy like that, but you should have seen the look of the Model Cat when the cat passed him close by, hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihaahihihihihihihihihiiiiiiiiiiihihihihihiiiiiiiii”

(Unfortunately our photographer can be quit slow on the uptake, so we have no photo of the intruder. Still we can tell you that it was a grey tortoise.)

The autumn is here

We are sorry to inform you all that there is no longer any doubt, the autumn has arrived. The trees have started to be very colourful and mushrooms are pooping up all over the place. We can only hope that the temperature will continue to stay nice and comfy for some long time to come.

Big Daddy say: “I only hope I can get my isolation done in time, all this mussel mass in good for a lot of things, but they do need a safe soft layer of isolation.”

Number off eggs today: 2

Weather forecast

Quit lovely actually. The temperatures is just right.

The Dogs recommend you to just enjoy yourself.


R.I.P Nøstus

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Nøstus The Personal Assistant Rooster for the time we were allowed to spend with him.

Unfortunately he had to leave us last Friday, but we all know he is in a better place now.

Rest in Peace

Frøken Gundersen, Frøken Solan, Kjetil, Stina, Berit, Hilde, Mac, Gull, Bronsje, TamTam, Lupus, Pia, Bastian, Erbie, Sofia, Emil & Idar

Friday, 2 October 2009

October 2nd

Limping Dogs

This morning the Dogs had decided they suffered from bad paws, and was limping rather unpractical around their apartment. The human was about to rush them off to the vets, but realizing it would be better to wait until the vets offices actually opens, she instead let the hens out. This seemed to cure the Lady dog immediately. Than the Pigs decided to give the day an early start and got up as well. This did not exactly cure the Dog, but he sure got a lot better fast. Their healing has continued in this rapid manner, so the visit to the vet have been postponed to this afternoon.

The Spokehen say: “Not get me wrong, I really do not want for the dogs to be ill, but it would be nice with a herd free day!”

Gift from Big Huge

Today Big Huge private driver arrived with a gift from Big Huge. Off course being a dog himself he had brought a nice chewing stick to the dogs, witch they gracefully swallowed before they got to taste it. Further on he had sent with a whole bag of veggies for the pigs, and some very nice egg-cartoons for the hens. The Pigs actually through a small party in all the excitement of the snacks.

The Chief Cat say: “You know we have always thought well about Big Huge, but hey, he brings these nice presents for everyone except us!”

Rush Hour

Yesterday morning in the rush-hour, it was a complete havoc in the Hen house. As normal in every rush-hour the traffic was intense and quit slow moving, but than the incident happened. The very good looking Rooster tried to get ahead of the line, and ended up stuck in the entrance together with 2 of his chicks. Strangely enough the stuck hens did not seem angry at all, and evil tongs actually claim that they tried to prolong the situation. Desperate hens further back in the line was observed flying out of the pen.

The Lady Dog say: “This would never happen if I had been there. Why don’t anyone but me see the need of some proper herding?”


Yesterday morning the Dogs was having their regular morning trip to their favourite cherrytree, but upon arrival a very nice surprise had been left for the two friends. Suddenly a whole heap of one of their favourite perfume was just left lying around, and the two dogs off course immediately started to role in the nice heap of chicken manure.

The Dog say: “We could have stayed there for hours, but the silly human suddenly got very desperate to get home, and actually quit rudely pulled us out of the wonderful smelling heap.”

The Election

Yesterday all the animals at our small farm went to the urnes to cast their votes in the somewhat surprising election. The election had a 100 % participating, and we don’t think this had anything to do with the sharp paw wich the Chief Cat used to collect all the voters.

Up for voting was the following questions:

1: The Dogs is in need of an urgent bath. (15 yes, 2 no)

2: The Dogs will not be allowed to visit the Cherry tree for the next 3 weeks. (15 yes, 2 no)

3: The Dogs should not be allowed to wear perfume. (15 yes, 2 no)

The Lady Dog say: “Here you are, trying to dress up with some nice perfume, and that is the thank you get!”

Number of eggs today: 3

Weather forecast

Rather nice looking actually. No clouds and no wind.

The Dogs recommend you to sleep in the Sun.


The Hen Pen is in search of a wider entrance.

Ref: Traffic control