Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry Mealtime everyone!

Due to the special season currently bothering a lot of humans, our humans included, we have decided to dedicate this edition of the news to our humans and let you all see how thoughtful and considerate we animals are to our humans. We have been duly informed (by humans) that this is what this season is all about you see!

But since we are political correct animals we would like to start off with a political correct song for the seasons, this not to offend those of our readers that to not belive in the bee good season.

We wish you a merry meal time

We wish you a merry MEAL TIME


The following is expects from the giftstag from us animals to the humans. Just to let you know how utterly thoughtfull and totally unselfish and not to mention that we animals stand together no matter what.

This is, is, is a gift from me, me, me and Big Daddy to You, you you. It should have been from only me but, but Big Daddy threatened to eat all our food, so, so I had to let him join in. you, you, you, you kno, knw, know how he is, the Fat pig he is, he eats almost all the food anyway. That is, is what I wish for Christmas, to get enough food. I am trying to tell you that I want food ant that it is not enough but you do not understand. After Christmas I would like to have a Big Daddy and chickenfree zone with food all the time. You do see how thin I am, not like Big Daddy who can’t keep his tummy clean. I thought you wanted a looking good filter so that you could take even more beautiful photos of me so I bought you 2! Not that I need it but am I photogenic am I photogenic. Not like Big Daddy. Should have bought you a black lince to Big Daggy but but understand that you all ready have one that is called linceprotector. That one you have to use when you take photo of Big Daddy. Otherwise I would like to mention that for Christmas I would like some food, you do see how thin I am. I am almost starving to death and need some snacks if I shall survive this day. You better open your gift but first you have to give a little hungry pig food and don’t forget to give a thin little pig a little food.

Merry Christmas from


(gift “UV-filter and Polar-filter”)

Merry Christmas

Here is a small reminder about what you have in your house, IN HOUSE! Not only that but we are not aloud to get in and have to settle with the apartment where the servants used to live. Only 3 rooms! It is a shame! A shame it is! But we expect that after this gift you take to your senses and get the dangerous animals out and we move in. We look forward to that.

Merry woof

Boy Toy and the Sheppard

(gift “Bad cat a day calendar)

Merry Christmas

Here is something you can use some time at so that I can jump up to the bedroom and hide myself under the bed to do some serious relaxing.

Merry Christmas and Merry carrot from

The huge white hope

(gift “x-box game James Bond and the movie “Local Hero”)

Other gifts arrived to humans from the animals:

“play with your dogs” the book (from dogs and pigs)

“A paperplane a day” calendar (from cats)

“Good perfumed soap” (from chicks)

“Cock wear for eggs” (from roosters)

“A cat decorated bag” (from cats)

In the end we would like you to join into yet another political season carrol

W’re dreaming of a huge mealtime

Just like the ones we used to know

Where the food bowls flooding

And humans listen

To hear those bellies burp

W’re dreaming of a huge mealtime

With every food bowl that we have

May your food be merry and good

And may all your mealtimes be huge

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

December 22nd


Today the Model was out walking when he saw this really cold rat. The rat was really freezing. So in the spirit of the holiday the Model thought he should bring him inside, where it was almost a comfortable heat. Sure enough it is this silly rule that wild animals are under no circumstances allowed to live inside the house, but the kind and thoughtful Model did not see this as a big problem. The Rule did not say anything about dead wild animals could not live inside. Therefore the cold freezing rat was catmainly euthanized and bough inside for some warm comfort.

The Model say: “A kind and thoughtful cat has to do what a kind of thoughtful cat has to do.”

Identity crises

Suffering from a rare situation here at Casa Maifrin as the only animal of his species Snow is suffering from identity crises. This has resulting in the lucky rabbit thinks he has become a cat. A combined cat department is currently working overtime to find a shrink to solve this very unwanted problem.

The Cat Department have given the following official comment: “A rabbit can under NO circumstances ever become a cat! NEVER!”

Thank heavens and the sun off course

The dogs are so glad that the sun has now decided to turn. Not only do the dogs prefer the warmth provided by longer days, but they are also getting seriously tired of hunting dark monsters all through the long nights.

The Sheppard say: “It is not like we enjoy scaring off the dark monsters or anything, but somebody has to protect or beloved home!”

Cold you said?

Today the hens refused to stay in their warm henhouse and insisted on going out for a walk about. The white stuff on the ground was totally ignored, unless one of them felt for a tiny beverage.

The Playrooster say: “It is all in your head. You can choose to look at the snow as you enemy, or you can do as us, just ignore it!”

Snow mowers

The pigs have really learned to enjoy the snow. Still it is very hard work. They are working fulltime mowing the snow where nobody else seems to care about it, and you can all just imagine how big a project that is.

Big Daddy say: “We have a serious plan to have the lawn done in only a couple of days!”

Number of eggs today: 6

Weather forecast

White and wonderful!
The dogs tell you to remember that you never get to old to toss now around with your snout.



Please be adviced that from today on we will only refer to alias in our articles. Our higher species will be left out. If you are a new reader you can check our higher species at the right side of the news, where we are all photographed.

The Poll!

Remember to vote at our poll. You can find it at the upper right corner at this blog.

Ref: Imprisoned dogs

Saturday, 19 December 2009

December 19th

A happy dog!
Yesterday evening it started to snow. The more sensible of us did off course go straight in to extreme sulking mode, but not the Boy Toy Dog. He just could not have been happier and was observed celebrating the snow outdoors. When he discovered that the snow was still there this morning he went completely bunkers, and have been playing around ever after. A research team has been called to find his off bottom, but unfortunately the team is unavailable for the moment as they are currently researching the positive effect a working fireplace can have on your well being.
The Boy Toy Dog Say: “Life just could not get any better. I love to play around in the snow, role in it, cover my nose in it, jump in it, run in it and toss it around. To be honest, there just isn’t a thing with snow I don’t like.”

Not so happy dog!
Not every dog started the day with quit the same positive attitude as the Boy Toy dog. Not even her favourite toy seemed to get her spirits up. Luckily the Boy Toy Dog was there to show her his favourite snow games. Still the Sheppard has been observed walking in the snow free areas.
The Sheppard say: “It might be a lot of fun things to do with this stuff, but I still get cold paws.”

Treasure hunt!
Big Daddy and DJ sQuil is currently out hunting for hidden treasures in the snow. This is actually a quit amusing hobby spite cold trotters and white snouts. The snow does contain small parts of banana, apple, pear, peanuts and Clementine which seems to be to the two pigs liking.
DJ sQuil say: “In the beginning the coldness of it all kind of got my spirit more than a bit down, but then the Boy Toy Dog showed us some of his secrets about enjoying snow and when we than also discovered the treasure hunt possibilities. We will be out here four hours man!”

Help the wild birds!
This morning the wild birds food area was completely covered with snow. An emergency response team was sent out to help the birds in their time of need, and the birds are now back eating happily.
The Rooster say: “We are here to help our relatives in need, so we sent out the humans to help them. We could not do it our self as we do not want to get our claws cold by the cold snow.”

Number of eggs today: 4, but it is till early.

Weather forcast
As you can see we have had lots and lots of snow. This will be staying on for the days.
The dogs recommend you to get out and just ENJOY!!!

How to love snow!
Do you dislike snow, maybe even hate it? Does the thought of cold paws and wet fur keep you in all day? Does the whiteness of it all put you in a rather grumpy mood? Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the above mentioned problems? Don’t worry; this will now change as the Boy Toy Dog has yet again started up his course in “How to love snow!” The snow specialist will teach you the true spirit of a snowy day. After attending one of his classes you can’t wait for the next snow to arrive!
Ref: JUHUUUUU It is snowing!

Entertainment package pig
Entertainment package for pigs are desperately wanted by two hungry pigs. As true connoisseurs the package need to contain the following: Banana, pear, Clementine, apple, peanuts, carrots, raisins, nuts and potato. This is an absolute minimum, feel obligated to add even more.
Ref: Desperate hungry pigs

Entertainment package hens
Bored and somewhat hungry chicks need to be entertained in their courtyard as the snow outside gets their claws to cold to own comfort. The Package need to contain the following: chick crums and sunflower seeds. Additional product will most likely be met with pleasure.
Ref: Chicks against snow

Monday, 14 December 2009

December 14th

Today the pigs were the victims of an awful sabotage attack. The 2 hungry pigs could nothing but watch as their food bowl was disappearing down the hillside, and all the food was falling out. The screams from their tummies could be heard for miles.

The Animal Shopping

Sometimes even animals need to do some shopping, but as most of them find this a total waste of time a list is sent out with a private car. The Dogs goes with to do some so-called supervision.

Following list was sent out yesterday.

The Cat department

Food, food and more food

The Hen Department


The Pig Department

A heating lamp

The Rabbit Department

Chewing sticks and changeable flooring material

The Dog Department

Chewing toy


The Sheppard dog say: “I don’t know how it happened, but I have a sneaky suspicion that those awful prison bars was smuggled into the car at the time we got some lovely snack and fresh water. Honestly it was too good to be true. Anyway, why do they think we destroyed the old one?”

Animal Aid

You should always remember those in more need than yourself, and we animals are always ready to give a helping paw whenever needed, or like in this case, a helping claw. Not all animals have a nice warm house to go into, so the least we can do is give them some food. The season for donating food to the outdoors birds are now official started.

The Playrooster say: “I do my best to show them some proper seed eating technique.”

Dust Bunnies

We have always been proud to say that we have been able to keep the dust bunnies under the bed on a very manageable level. Lately though we admit to have lost control. Dust bunnies have now been observed staring back at you with intensive glowing red eyes. A research team has been called to look into this matter.

The Primadonna Cat Say: “I am off course not at all afraid for any dust bunny, but to be on the safe side, I sleep at the sofa these days.”

Still here?!

While visiting a hen marked the dogs were on their best behaviour and came home with any new chicks. The same can not be said of the human who got back home with both dogs, even though she did get an offer to sell them.

The Chief Cat say: “What is wrong with that human? Not only did she not sell that Sheppard Dog, but the rumours have it that she even laughed at the offer!”

Back to work!

We are happy to let you all know that the Brown hen have been discharged from the Maifrin animal hospital wing, and is now very happy to be back at work in the Hen Department.

The Brown hen is not available for comments, as she is to busy feeling the freedom under her wings.

Number of eggs today: so far 3, but it is still early.

Weather forecast

Extremly unpleasant. Cold yacky white stuff has been observed in the air.

The dogs recommend you to go to your warmest and most cosy space and see if you can get it even warmer!


Our friends the wild birds

Remember to feed the wild birds!

They need a lot of energy to keep themselves warm and cosy.

Ref: Be good!


A sherpa is urgently needed to keep all the fireplaces filled with wood.

Ref: long days

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

December 9th

Sprained feather

Yesterday the Spokeshen got her self tangled in a tricky situation, yet again. Unfortunately this time it was a little worse than normal, and as a result she seriously sprained a feather! A bad feather day is hard enough, but a sprained feather is just awful. No stone was left unturned to try and help the unlucky hen, but in the end it was no way around it, the feather was amputated.

The Spokeshen say: “May dear dear feather, may she rest in peace.”

Climate changes

The Cat department does not understand why some living creatures don’t realize that the climate is changing in the world. Only in the 3 years since Maifrin Animal Collective was founded, have the cats seen some very unpleasant change in their world. The population of mice and lizards is in a rapid declane.

The Chief Cat say: “I remember the days there was enough mice for everyone, and lazy lizard had their sunbath on my porch. Those where the days my friends”

The death of a fire

Yesterday the cats and the rabbits had the misfortune of witness the death of a fire. They were all gathered around the fireplace for some seriously needed recharging of their body heat when the fire just left. The almost cold animals had to evacuate the living room in a hurry and move over to the library, where the fireplace was still luckily working.

Snow say: “For a moment there I thought I was actually going to freeze.”

Bathing in the Sun

While some of the inhabitants are complaining continuously over the lack of heat, not everybody has the same problem. 2 pigs were so happy to finally see their good friend the sun again that they almost immediately (after just a short meal and a couple of snacks) went straight ahead and had a nice long sun bath. If the sun hadn’t gone to bed the pigs would most likely still have been at it.

Big Daddy say: “Sun is sun, and you need to worship her! Now what was the number to that banana delivering services again?”

Where is Big Huge?

The Dogs are really concerned for their good friend the Big Huge dog. Earlier today they were off to meet him at their regularly weekly lunch, but Big Huge did not show. Instead he had sent his humans, but honestly that is just not the same. The fact that he also had sent a gift (in the shape of tasty grapes and pears) to the pigs and nothing for the Dogs…. Something is just not adding up. The Dogs are currently waiting for a private car to do some investigation a little more close up to Big Huges home.

The Sheppard say: “This is so not like him, well actually it is, but we are still worried!”

Number of eggs today: 4

Weather forecast!


The dogs recommend you to get the helll (we do not svear after all) out and enjoy as long as you possible can!



Due to the somewhat unpleasant temperatures outside the daily catrate training sessions has been moved from outside at evening time to inside at morning time.

Monday, 7 December 2009

December 7th

The Sheppard

Yesterday the day the Lady Dog had been waiting for for so long finally arrived!! It was the big sheepdog day. A private car was ordered and finally they arrived at the Sheepdog centre. There the sheep was ready to follow here smallest order. Off course the Lady Dog did not want to give them any orders at all before she had smelled the complete field. The rumours put out by the Boy Toy Dog that she was actually was a little scared of the sheep is far from the truth, you just need to know your field by its smell, all sheppards know that.

After watching (and highly commenting) some of the other sheppards at work, she finally tried for herself. From then off her only problem was to stop. She was such a natural running them up.

The Lady Dog say: “From now on I will only be known as the Sheppard!”


Today we all woke up to a cruel cock. The Dog flap had been the victim of sabotage! The flap was gone, and this on a cold night. Luckily the crooks did not get the flap with them, and it was found only a couple of meters away. According to witness statement the flap disappeared while the 2 dogs was out chasing “the dark monsters”, when one of “the dark monsters” manage to get behind them and remove the flap. At least this is what the dogs think must have happened as the flap was just GONE when they where heading in again after what they actually thought was a successful anti dark monster patrol. Since they did not manage to bring the flap with them, this is proof enough for the Dogs. “The dark monsters” will not have a safe future, as the dogs have realized that they will have to have even more patrols through out the night.

The Chief Cat say: “Strangely enough nobody expect the dogs ever see, hear or smell these so called “dark monsters”. I was walking past their flap only seconds earlier, and I didn’t see, hear or smell anything except that ………… of the dogs themselves.”

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

To prove he was not a rabbist, the Model Cat did yesterday pay Snows home the rabbit cage a visit. After a long and very throughout investigation of his home he left. After all it was not at all cat friendly as it was no space big enough for him to sleep.

The Model Cat say: “I am not a rabbist!! But hey, cats need their space to sleep. I’ve tried it and I can now knock it.”

Happy marriage?

While the Hen Department is normally famous for being a rather peaceful part of the Maifrin Animal Collective, well, not everything is purrfect. Lately the married couple Mrs & Mr Flower has been observed quarrelling more than once. This might be understandable as Mr. Flower is famous for watching all the chicks, and not only his lovely wife. They blame their married unbliss on the fact that their marriage after all was arranged.

The Spokeshen was not available for any comment as she was to busy flirting with a certain playrooster.

PS: Understandable te 2 not so lovebirds refused to be photographed together, but the Playrooster thought the chicks would prefer a photo of him. ds.

New mattress

A new mattress did arrive in the Pighouse earlier today. 2 very happy pigs are currently working on shaping their new mattress just the way they like it. This mattress was special ordered for the little piggies, as it has a built in food taste and smell at the same time is can be totally reshaped in minutes after the individual pigs need.

Big Daddy say: “This mattress is purrfect! Not only is it nice, cosy and warm, but it also gives us this wonderful dreams about food, and give you the opportunity to sleepeat as well. This is very important for us pigs as the day only have so many hours so it is hard to get enough time to both eat and sleep.”

Number off eggs today: 7!

Even the Brown hen that is currently located in the hospital wing of Maifrin insisted on laying an egg today!

Weather forecast!

Grey, grey, grey, grey and grey. Actually rather cold as well.

The Dogs recommend you to do a lot of exercising to stay warm.


Latest news by TamTam 2010 calendar

Please be adviced that it is still possible to buy our “Latest news by TamTam” 2010 calendar. This calendar is dedicated to our very good friend Pilota the Godmother Dog that died from us earlier this year. 1 calendar cost 12 euro plus postage.

Carrot wanted

Lots of fresh carrots are wanted by the carrotholder in the rabbit home.

Ref: Hungry rabbit

Sheep wanted

Nice cuddly sheep with a desire to be herded by the most caring Sheppard is wanted.

Ref: There is also room for one more.

Friday, 4 December 2009

December 4th

Big disjoy

Today the part of the population living here which waste times on sleeping the whole night through woke up to a terrible surprise. The rest of us had been following the tragedy for hours. We had to watch the drama develop from minute to minute. After several visits to the catflap, we realized that we did not suffer from a collective bad hallucination due to bad catnip, no, it really was snowing.

The Chief Cat say: “The rumour that I had to be carried out to do my business is true, I did not want my feet to become all cold and wet!”

Breakfast anywhere?

The Pigs had an awful morning today. That white stuff covering the ground really get the appetites up and going, and than the breakfast is late! Trying to bribe them each off with a banana did not at all help. The hunger was excruciating. The hunger was actually so bad that they did not even notice the snow until the late breakfast was all gone, and they where off to plan their in between meals snack.

DJ sQuil say: “I need foooooooood!!! What is this, “I just have to fix the central heating first” suppose to mean?”

Nasty fall

Snow (the rabbit) was so chocked to hear that his amazing whiteness had got some competition from the big outdoors that he fell of his sleeping platform in surprise. Luckily he fell down next to the foodbowl so he forgot all about the outdoors and started eating instead.

Snow say: “Who cares, I am never outdoors anyway!”

Inside out, outside in

The Lady dog has been observed exercising all morning, jumping in and out of the dogflap. The exercise session is still going up, and she does not seem to have any plans about stopping soon. The Boy Toy Dog was earlier seen desperately trying to sneak out between, but he gave it up and is now resting on a nice soft cushion. He could even have been resting peacefully if the noise from the dogflap could only stop.

The Lady Dog say: “JUHUUUU! This is the first time I can actually go indoors when it snow! I’ll have to try it again, and again, and again.”

The break-ins continue

2 pigs were observed leaving the scene of a break in a rather grumpy mood. Their plan to steal them self some snack from the food container fell short as they has all ready finished it up for breakfast.

Big daddy say: “This is outrages! It actually took me several minutes to open that door,. Here you try to be self sufficient, and this is the thank you you get?”

Stop us if you can!

Not everybody is letting the awful snow interfere with their daily routines. The Hen Department decided after a short discussion that the simplest solution was to completely ignore the snow and just keep on going as normal.

The Spokeshen say: “We just realized it was nothing we could do about it, so we just wanted to get on with it. The only flaw is that the insects don’t seem to have come to the same conclusion. How incredible rude of them!”

Number of eggs today: 5

Weather forecast

A rapid declaim of the white stuff outdoors. Otherwise grey and a very well dressed sun indeed.

The Dogs recommends you to enjoy the fact that you have an indoor to go to.


Please note that we have gone together and made an official “Latest news by TamTam 2010 calendar”. The calendar is dedicated to our dear late friend Pilota the Godmother Dog. We will always miss her.

This can be bought for the amount of 12 euros, plus 3 euros in freight if you live in Europe, 5 euro if you live outside Europe. Freight will only be charged for the first calendar.

You can see the photos at:

Car wanted

A private car is wanted by the Hen and Pig departments to go and collect some fresh food in the shape of sacks with some lovely corn products inside.

Ref: Before lunch

Indoor toilet

A small private box with a flap entrance and filled with odour- and moistremoving catsand is wanted in the close vicinity of a working fireplace.

Ref: The Chief Cat