Sunday, 19 July 2009

What so funny about peace, love and understanding?

Hello! I am the Peacecat, or Sir Bastian von Tetto (Lord Bastian of the Roof) which is my full name. I am not posh about it though, so Bastian works fine with me. I am also the only true Italian cat around here, but off course, that doesn’t matter at all, just wanted to let you know, that’s all.
In the beginning of September 2007 I was born in very “Upstairs” surroundings. Actually you could not get more upstairs if you tried. The first month of my life was purrfect. My mother, Lady Serena von Tetto, was the best mother you could imagine, and my sister and I had a ball.
Sometimes my mother told us horror stories about these humans, but we always thought it was just a fairytale. It wasn’t! One day when I was about 14 weeks old, this human arrived. She placed some delicious food just outside the roof, and I just could not resist. Unfortunately the food was placed in a box, and when I went in to eat, the box closed. Off course I did not cave in with out a fight. I am proud to say that the hand of the human turned red when I tried to escape, and not so proud to say that the delicious food ended up all over my fur.
Then I was brought to the house next door. Far from the Palace I was used to. Cat’s weren’t even allowed on the roof, but have to share the indoors with the humans. Still after a 24 hrs maximum socializing period, I started to think that this maybe wasn’t so bad after all. Lots of food, lots of playing and I could sleep whenever I felt for it, even though I had to sleep at the humans lap sometimes.
Meeting the other cats was a little scary at first. Non of them was sweet and understanding as my mum, and neither did they play like my sister. But then I met my mentor TamTam. I have so much to thank him for. If it hadn’t been for him I would have been a novice in preening (OK, honestly I think he overdid the preening lessons just a bit. I kind of lost interest after the first 5 hours a day.) He also introduced me to the wonderful art of ca (t) rate, and I never forget the day he taut me the secret about dogs and tails. All I had to do to show the dogs who was the boss, was to walk in front of them and show a big tail. It was the big tail bit that was hard, but after just a couple of weeks I managed to make the whole tail big, not only a part of it.
A year went, and than the other cats thought my apprentice time was over. So they told me to think seriously about what I wanted to do with my life. There were so many options; Hunter, Professional eater, Ca (t) rate expert, Bff, etc etc. After all I am a cat, and hence I have a lot of talents. But in the end, there was not a difficult choice. The only occupation where I really got to use all my talent and interest in being friends with every one was to become a Peace Negotiator. With the pigs coming this was the purrfect time to start out. What can I say, I love my job. It is the best job ever! I always get thrilled when I manage to get a better understanding between the different animals. I was so proud when I managed to get the pigs to stop attacking the dogs and vica versa. Off course someone would say that this also had to do with the removal of the pigs nuts, but hey that is only evil tongs speaking.
My jobs take most of my time, but to be able to stay on top of it all, I need to rewind sometimes. With my busy schedule I therefore like to combine training and meeting up with my fellow cat friends. So every evening we meet up for an hour of ca (t) rate training. This is so fun, and one of my favourite time of the day. (I must admit, dinner time, snack time and breakfast time is other favourite times of the day.)
I am sorry, I would love to tell you more about my job and my self, but I am so tired, so I have to find a nice hot lap and get some sleep done.
Thank you for taking peace seriously! Remember respect for others get you all the way.


  1. What a talented cat you are Bastian. Do you ever hear from Lady Serena and your sister?
    Purrs Greebo and Tiger Lily =^-^= =^,^=

  2. what a wonderful interview Bastian! Thank you, gracie mille :-))

  3. What a cute history Bastian. You are very photogenic...and also talented. Purrs from Confucius Cat

  4. thank you for the bio.

    the earwigs have returned to the Burke garden, as predicted ... my human has discovered that in the daytime, the earwigs live underneath the yarrow flowers ... at night they come up top ...

    last night I saw the most delicious looking grasshopper on top of the flowers by the back door, but for fear of the scary earwigs I did not go outside to eat the grasshopper ...

    this kitteh is quite scared of they horrible earwigs ... next summer my human will have a video camera and will get video of the garden with all it's tasty ants and grasshoppers and bees ... and those horrible earwigs too ...

  5. Ciao all! and thank you so much for your words. They are allways a pleasure.

    The Peacecat lost contact with his sister when she moved, but he sometimes meet his mother in the wineyards.

    I have now been searching up earwigs at the net. We have them here to, but luckily they are small in both size and population, so we don't really care about them. Melissa, remember you have a sharp paw, and don't bee afraid to use it : )