Monday, 7 February 2011

February 7th 2011

The first egg

Just the other morning panic struck our otherwise normally peaceful surrondings here at Maifrin, (or at least as peaceful it can be with Big Daddy and DJ sQuil living here as well).

Mrs Goose was nowhere to bee seen, and Mr Goose was not happy about it at all. A search and rescue party was immediately put together and the search team was off. All her favourite spots were checked out, but Mrs Goose was gone.

Then suddenly somebody spot something between the roof and the rustico, and there she is. The very proud Mrs Goose did not understand what all the fuzz about, she had just made herself a private nest and laid her very first egg.

Mr Goose said: “I just don’t know why she didn’t tell me first, I would have been so proud. I actually AM so proud. My beautiful wife has laid our first egg. Oh my! An egg, Mrs Goose are you OK, are you in pain, are you tired, do you need something to eat. Oh my god, my wife had her first egg, pleas can anyone call the vets!!”

Caught red snouted, yet again?

Mrs & Mr Goose was yesterday very upset after a certain Big Daddy was caught Red Snouted stealing their dinner. The gees wanted to have Big Daddy court marshalled, but spite this happening in a rather crowded area, no witness has come forward so the case will not go any further.

Mrs Pearl say: “I didn’t see a thing, not a thing. Big Daddy is such a nice fellow, I can’t believe he would ever do something like that. Eh no, no, no, that is not gees feed hanging from my beak.”

At the spa

Being a pig means you take great care in your body, after all all pig knows that your body is your temple. Therefore nobody was surprised to see DJ sQuil being the first customer in the Maifrin Spa latest treatment; mud exfoliation.

DJ sQuil say: “!Ah, this sure was one very good treatment for a good looking pig like myself. My skin is now so smooth. I’ll be back!”


Yesterday when walking along the ledge, Seniora decided that is what time to check if the roof over the chicken run was completely up to her standards. So with out a thought for her own safety she leapt off the ledge and gracious landed on top of the roof. Luckily she were to discover that the roof was up to here standard, so she landed nice and softly and her health is the same as before she started this unselfish investigation. Seniora was shortly thereafter seen returning to her beloved indoors in a rather fast motion.

Seniora said: “The rumours that I actually fell down on the roof by accident is the most untrue gossip I have ever heard!”

Lunch time

Somebody has been poking around the nest boxes and had themselves a better lunch. Here you can see a fried bantam egg, a fried regular egg and a fried goose egg.

The Boy Toy say: “The lunch was told to be excellent, bur for this we only have the words of those very lucky few who were actually allowed to taste the celebration lunch.”

Number off eggs today: So far only 5

Weather Forecast


The dogs recommend you put those Prozac’s back in the cabinet, SPRING IS HERE!


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Here at Maifrin Spa we have some free spaces still available this week. Our speciality is getting rid of those nasty dry skin flakes.

We come highly recommended.

Ref: Maifrin Spa


Do you feel that everybody is looking at you? Could you do with some private time with out anybody looking at you? Are you just paranoid?

Then Kittens Camouflage course will be just the thing for you.

Here he will go through all the advantages of camouflaging, when and how to use it. Which camouflage works best with what and finally how to make your very own perfect camouflage.

Don’t hesitate, but join the next course available.

Ref: Camouflage

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