Tuesday, 25 January 2011

January 25th

The Model is GOOD!

We are happy to announce that the Models blood test results are back and they were all fine. The Model doesn’t like wasting his blood, so when he first was talked into this blood test (with only some slight protests from himself, and only 1 human and 2 vets to support him under his massive blood loss) he decided to have a full scale test, and as he knew in adwance, it all came back purrfectly!

The Model say: “REALLY! This was a waste of purrfectly good blood, but hopefully should keep the silly vets of my back for a while. Now, could anyone please remove that pebble that is under my new Chief Editor spot, I just can’t get any hard needed rest with that pressing into my precious body!”

The New Office

While we are still waiting for the odd decoration here and there we are surprised to let you know that the new office is now in working order. In this photo you can see 2 of the investigating journalist, and as normal they are having a slight discussion about the angle of a certain article.

The Model say: “What can I say? It is so hard to find peaceful workers these days.”


Unfortunately poor Tiny was the witness of a horrible suicide this morning. One of the eggs had lost its will to live and just leapt off the table. The egg died immediately.

Tiny say: “I saw the whole thing, I was there. I tried to talk the egg back off the ledge, but nothing I said made any difference. I than tried to hold it back, but I wasn’t strong enough, it just jumped straight out of my paws.”

New friends

After Tiny got hold of the big amazing room outdoors he has met a lot of new good friends. He loves them all, and almost everyone loves him back. In particular Tiny has become a very good friend of Big Daddy and they are now seen hitting the floor together.

Big Daddy say: “That cat sure knows how to scratch my itches!”

The Grass is greener over there!

It is no longer a rumour, but seriously investigation has shown again and again that the grass at the other side of the border is greener than our own grass. The team mainly consisting of Mrs Goose and Big Daddy, have taken spot test all into the next wine yard, and the grass over there, well it just is greener.

Mrs Goose say: “This is a seriously matter indeed. Why does the spring occur earlier in areas with out me?”

Numbers off eggs today: We don’t know yet.

Weather forecast

Perfect except for a very slight fog.

The dogs recommend you to keep on smiling.


Empty house ready to be moved into.

Ref: something small

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