Sunday, 31 July 2011

July 31st

Out hunting tourists
After a lovely breakfast under the neighbours hazelnuts fields Big Daddy was crossing the road to get home in time for his pre-lunch nap, when two German tourist came walking down the road in his direction. Strangely enough the sight of a pig crossing the road was somewhat surprising for the tourist, but in stead of the normal “Oh, isn’t he beautiful, can I touch him?” sounds that normally come out of these kind of humans mouths, they didn’t say anything. They didn’t move either, they stood perfectly still like they were completely frozen. Really, that is not a good look for most people, neither for human tourist walking slowly around in brand new jogging equipment. Off course Big Daddy couldn’t be bothered with them, but the Sheppard could. She thought it best to let them know that with their strange behaviour (not at once saying; “OOOH What a beautiful looking dog”) it was best to give them and warning and let them know they were not welcome at her beloved home. So she did. Unfortunately the tourist didn’t understand dog, neither Italian nor English. Our human had in the end to collect them and guide them past 2 rather bored dogs. Why the tourists sounded angry is beyond us. If you can’t handle the local welcome in the countryside, PLEASE stay in the city!
Big Daddy has afterwards been heard mumbling: “What did they mean with wild boar? I am an incredible good looking pig for heavens sake!”
Photo: Dangerous looking pigs(/wild boars), dangerous looking (guard)dog. 

New citizen
We are thrilled to announce that a new citizen has hatched. A peachick did finally leave the egg, and is currently under the safe wings of Miss M. This is our first peacock citizen, and we could only been happier if several eggs had hatched. Not to worry, it is always next year.
The Peachick say:”PIIIIIIIIIP”

A certain fig tree has lately been growing completely wild. New fig leaves where popping out everywhere. Therefore two experts were called upon to prune the tree back to a normal size. Luckily the two experts love their work, and have promised to not leave the tree before the job is completely done.
Mike say: “This is a very important job, and they could not have called for better experts than us.”

The disco queen
Not that the cats never stop partying, but now we are entering the natural disco season. Seniora was proud to open the wild disco season, and was seen hitting the dance floor dressed up with several blinking lights. Off course being a retired cat, she had the fireflies doing the dancing while she rested comfortable at the middle of the floor.
Seniora says: “Ah, the firefly disco…. Makes me feel so young again.”

Weather forecast
The dogs recommend you to stay cool, as if.


To tourists
It is not recommended walking around slowly in brand new jogging gear. It makes you look silly.

To tourists
It is not recommended to mistake a pig for a wild boar. It might not be true, but it does give the expression that you are actually rather stupid.

To tourists
Remember, you are the one who visits. Try to understand the local custom, and if you don’t remember, yelling at the locals is always considered rude.


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