Tuesday, 2 August 2011

August 2nd

Malnourished cat?
The Seniora has lately been doing some research to prove that she is actually malnourished and in seriously need of some (lots of actually) more food. She found the prove in an article claiming that if a human could manage to hold his/her hands around you, and the hands would meet in both end, well than you were seriously to thin. And the shocking truth is that human hands actually, (even though just barely) can meet each other with her tummy in the middle. The very smug cat showed this article to her personal chef, and got seriously angry when the personal chef said that this only was about human tummies, and not the one of the cat.
Seniora screamed in anger: “Why can’t anybody with me see that I need more food?”

The big move
Miss Flowers kids, the Flowerbuds have now become so big that they have reached the age where they can safely move into the Henhouse. Unfortunately neither mom nor kid saw the need in this, as they have found the barn to be a nice cosy place to live. Therefore a “taxi” had to be called upon for the big move.  
Miss Flower was crying: “Outrages! I tell you, outrages!”

The night watch
This night almost every citizen was waken up by the night watch, consisting of the dogs. The alarm had gone off by the sound of an unauthorized dog in the vicinity of our property. The unknown dog was not the dog to cave in easy, but luckily, with help from the neighbour dogs under the perfect leadership of the Sheppard, the unfriended dog finally found it best to leave the area.
Mrs Goose said: “Oh that was such a scary experience. I was shaking all over.”

The weather forecast
Rather nice actually, but a tad hot.
The dogs recommend you to take a long siesta in the shadow.


All the citizens would like to take this opportunity to wish our good friend Sub-human superior elite Jan Øyvind a wonderful day, and a happy happy birthday.
Ref: Everybody at Maifrin!

The most stunning looking sheep ever is in need of a horn scratcher. The scratcher will have to be able to reach all area of the horns, inside and outside. See photo for horn details.
Ref: Itching sheep


  1. Å Jan Øyvind vil bli så rørt av denne gratulasjonen! Grill i hagen i kveld med famiglia Antonsen.

  2. Er du sikker på at du ikke tenker på familien Antonsen, jeg beklager nemlig å si at La Famiglia Antonsen befinner seg her i Italia, og vil ikke rekke noen grilling i Norge i dag.

  3. A malnourished cat! This is awful and it is obvious to me that Seniora needs to have many more snacks every day to ensure she doesn't waste away to nothing. Mr Beauty and the Sheppard probably need more food too after all that guarding. Actually, I suspect all the citizens need more (I'm sure Big Daddy would agree).
    Love to all.

  4. We have now taken Senioras test on several cats, and yes, they all seem to be borderline malnourished. When it comes to Big Daddy a human can almost gets his arms around him, so yes, he most likely also need more food, so nobody can hold on to him like that.