Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Model and his for time being very best friend.
Apparently somebody claims there is no proper winter without snow. We could not disagree more, even if we tried, which we don’t. Snow is a cruel invention by Mother Nature who does nothing but make problem for the citizens and even the shortest visits outdoors results in painfully cold paws.
Model say: “PLEASE! More wood is urgently needed for this fireplace!”

Beauty learning the Sheppard the pleasure of vading fast in high snow.
Learn to like snow
Citizens are naturally positive creatures, who honestly like to do the best out of any situation. Therefore they refuse to let them self be negative influenced by the cruel cruel snow. Beauty has therefore had to add several extra classes in his famous “Learn to like snow – course” both for beginners and advanced users. The teacher are actually working so hard, that he almost don’t even have time to curl up on the coach together with the male human, a couple of cats and a cabbit when the evening comes. Only almost though.
Sheppard say: “Actually vading in tall snow isn’t only fun, but it is good exercise as well. I am not sure I need all that exercise in the long run though…”

Big Daddy & DJ sQuil was last observed heading back to their home in a surprisengly  high speed.
Cold cold pigs
Big Daddy and DJ sQuil thought they should join in on one of Beauty’s classes, but when they were told the class was currently filled up and they would have to wait until next class, to shocked pigs immediately returned home, and have not been observed since.
The pigs may have comments, but it is not to be heard from were they have locked themselves into their beloved cottage.

Mr Goose having a snack while he are waiting for the bowl getting treated.
Cold rescue
A certain Mr Goose doesn’t have any problem with the snow what so ever. At least almost not what so ever. The rumour has it that his food bowl actually snowed in, but apparently Mr Goose immediately called the professional rescuers, and the food bowl was urgently not only retrieved but also filled up with fresh food.
Mr Goose say: “Luckily I know what to in a situation like that, so I didn’t panic at all. After all this is why I have an emergency drill every day, sometimes even several times a day. You do not catch me unaware, that is for sure!”

Weather forecast
The dogs recommend you to get out and make all the snow angels you possible can!


Mr, Mr & Mr February 2012
This is King Tiny who would like to remind those of you who might have forgotten that February has arrived and therefore not turned the page of your LNBTT 2012 calendar. If you haven’t, please do so imidiately, as it is the most adorable baby photo of me awaiting you, together with my two good buddies Beauty and Big Daddy.  

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