Monday, 23 January 2012

Sheppard taking a flying leap down the deer walk.
Latte & Caffe going the wrong way due to an hungry tummy feeling. 

The Deer walk
While out on a social walking the other day, we noticed that the deer walk going from “The end of the world” through “No-mans land” to end up at the “Walnut tree” seem to be well used. We therefore decided to try it for our selves, as it would really be a very nice short cut. The only problem is that this walk might not be long, actually it is SHORT, but the distance is equally long in height meters as in actual meters, which could lead to problem for some (1) member of the group. Still we went at it with our normal positive attitude. We are happy to announce that it was a success. Even though some used longer time than others, everybody got safely down. If certain citizens hadn’t insisted on eating their way through, it might also had been very time consuming.
Latte say: “All in all I would call this a success, if only we could get some more time consuming all the nice snack along the walk, it would even be perfect.”

A tired DJ sQuil on his way home after a long day works.
The long commute
Like with every other citizen, this isn’t exactly Big Daddy & DJ sQuils favourite time of the year. Not only is the freezing temperatures bad enough, but NOOOO, you actually have to commute to get to work. Wile the rest of the year is filled with delicious green and fruit and berries and even the occasional nut, this time of the year is dreadful. You have to commute all the way up to the old wine yard to get some proper foraging done at all, and for WHAT! Old roots!
DJ sQuil says: “You know, I don’t mind my job at all. Honest I don’t. Rootmanagement is a very important part of our job you know. It is jobs were you need a lot of experience at least if you want it done proper, and we pigs, let me tell you, we have the best work ethics in the business. Not only in the business, all over I would say. We only do a job if we can do it proper, because otherwise it isn’t worth doing. Still I do prefer other jobs we have, as they taste that much better, but on this time of the year, this is the only job left, as we work so hard the rest of the year. We pigs are incredible hard working you see. So we saved rather boring commute foraging for now. It’s a huge project, but I am off course in total control. Like always I would say. If you want a job done, leave it with us!”

Sombody taking advantages of their bantam size.
The snack robbery!
Like with the pig department also the hen department suffers with more problems than the cold. Every so often the evilness itself manifest in the shape of the ugliest bird you ever ever saw, and fly over the hens outing area. This has led to the hen staying indoors until afternoon.
Staying indoors can off course be rather boring for hens that normally spend the day tracking around our kingdom. So to get their mind off the lack of free movement due to the evil ugly killer bird, they have put in a subscription for an extra snack delivery. Off course nothing is perfect, so the hen department is now working with the snack producer to find a solution who does not discriminate the bigger hens for first dip at the delivery.
The Spokeshen say: “This is a tricky situation for us bigger ladies. The smaller ladies seem to take advantages of their small size, and literally dive into the snack for the best bits. This is not fare, and we have therefore decided to hire a guard. Hopefully this will solve the problem at beak.”

King Tiny is always eager to help out!
Who slept in my bed?
We all know King Tiny as a very thoughtful individual, always concerned about everybody else’s well being. Therefore nobody was surprised when thought the hen could need some help. While inspection the hen palace he noticed that the hens had so much eating to do, that they didn’t have time to keep those nice wonderful looking egg companied. He had but no choice to take it upon him, and with out any thought of his own well being he crawled into the nest box to keep the lonely eggs accompanied.
King Tiny say: “You know, you just have to help out whenever you see the need. That is the only right thing to do!”

Weather forecast
Fog has been observed in the valley.
The dogs recommend you to keep your paws crossed for continues “good” weather.


Security guard wanted
A serious security guard wanted to protect all valuable transport going from the barn to the Hen Palace. Experience will be preferred, but we are desperate.
Short application with CV to be forwarded urgently.
Ref: Hen Department

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