Saturday, 24 March 2012

A shocked Shaun trying to put words to his horrible experience!

Farm police
Yesterday the farm police called and told us they would pop by to check on the goat and sheep citizens. In the beginning this caused a lot of pleasure and happiness in the goat and sheep department. The panic first struck when they realized that they only had 10 hours to go through their list of “Improvement urgently needed” before the police showed up. Needless to say, some goat and sheep worked very hard for the rest of the day and the list got finished just in time for the police to arrive.
The 4 citizens were then deeply shocked when the police hardly looked at them, and than said they looked good and went to literally stamp his approval. Desperate times means desperate measures, and Shaun did what a desperate sheep has to do. He followed the police, refusing to leave his side, begging him to get back to the list, but it was all in avail. The police only petted his head and stated the obviously, that Shaun was the most beautiful boy. Shortly thereafter the police left with 4 sad citizens looking shell shocked.
The following was heard floating through the air: “WHAT ABOUT THE LIST? WHAT ABOUT OUR DEMANDS? WHAT ABOUT US?”

Young Miss Goose & Young Miss Goose was happy to meet somebody  which intrest they share.
Happy geese
After the sad demise of Mrs Goose, we have long waited for some new young ladies to move in with us. The day has now arrived, and Young Miss Goose and Young Miss Goose have now become proud citizens. Mr Goose is so happy, that he doesn’t at all mind being at the 2 young ladies continuous call. The young ladies are known for being very green at mind and just love hiking at the countryside.
Mr Goose say: “Have you seen them? Aren’t they just the loveliest girls you have ever laid eyes on? They are so smart! They are so clever!  They are going to grow up and be the best Geese ever. OH I am just so proud of them!”

Eggs no longer hidden.
 Egg hunt
Some think egg hunts is to be reserved for Easter. Some think egg hunting should be a whole year event. The hen department is a strong believer in the latter. There is nothing more amusing than looking at silly humans and dogs trying their best to locate the eggs. This is especially true for the days they get added extra bonuses as humans sliding down steep hills or a dog stepping on a thorn. No, just the thought of limiting this great entertaining only to one day of the year, what a ridiculous thought!
The Spokeshen say: “You know once I managed to hide 16 eggs before they were found. My of my, was that fun or what!”

Just follow the spring break rush.
Beauty really hitting of just the right spot at the party.
 Spring Break
With spring finally with us, it is time for spring break. Therefore citizens of all size and colours have been observed partying wildly all over the hill side. The apple grove has shown to be a very popular spot, were everybody who wants to be seen… well can be seen. Geese and Goats are hugging down grass like nobodies business and cats are having a catrate tournament while the dogs are just hugging the best spots.
Beauty say: “KEEP THIS PARTY GOING!!!!”

Weather forecast
The dogs recommend you to make sure you have some nice comfy spot in both the sun and the shadows.


Back from vacation
We are glad to let you all know that the lizards have finally returned from their incredible long winter vacation, and is yet again back in our mist. 

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