Tuesday, 20 March 2012

This is an arrangent photo, and the cat in the photo might not at  all have anything to do with this article what so ever. 
Free Falling
While doing a necessary shelf inspection on the upper desk shelf, a certain cat was the horrified victim of shelf removing. Right under his paws somebody removed the very shelf he was standing on with the cruel result that the cat fell right down, almost a whole m. Luckily the computer managed to through himself underneath the cat, so the cat did not get wounded.
The cat, who would like to be anonymous, dashed right off to find the villain in this story. Apparently this was OFF COURSE not an accident due to the cat’s almost bad vision.
The anonymous cat say: “I have a perfect 20/20 vision! PERFECT!”

The Peace Supremo  finally back at outdoor duty
On the run
After a meeting with one of his personal physians, they agreed that it was of the most vital importance for the Peace Supremo that he was yet again allowed outdoors. Not that he himself had any particular enjoyment of going out to bask in the sun, but being the normal always thoughtful cat, never thinking of his own good being, they agreed that the other cats off course not were up to doing his outdoor tasks, and that with their well being in mind, he had to sacrifice himself and get out.
The Peace Supremo is currently not available for comments, as he is to busy being out.

This is an archieve photo, as no camera was fast enough to make evidence of here stay outdoors.
Sleeping out
The spring is here, and there is always certain ways that manifest. Some more secure than others. The most secure of the all is when a certain retired streetcat manage to find the way out of the catflap and put her adorable body down for a sunbath in the big outdoors.
Seniora says: “I have nothing against the big outdoors! I just need a certain amount of temperature to enjoy it properly.”

The Primadonna just putting her paw on approval  for this bench yet again being open for the public.
With the final snow just gone, the Primadonna took it upon herself to personally check every winterclosed tracks, exercise areas and resting areas. No stone was left unturn and especially no tree was left un climbed, but luckily for the rest of the citizens, it was all found in the best order, and it is yet again open for regular traffic.   
The Primadonna said: “Somebody had to do it, and to be honest, I didn’t see anybody else being able to do it, so I just had to do it myself. If you want something done, and you want to do it propper, you best leave it to me!”

The Model and King Tiny hard at work!
 Working hard!
With spring on paw, there is a lot of work to do outside, especially after this awful cold and incredible snowy winter. Off course we all know that a citizen do what a citizen has to do. So when the cats heard that the hens needed new nest boxes they made totally sure that no straw was left unturned to secure only the very best welfare for their beloved hen friends.
The Model said: “More straw over here please! I SAID MORE STRAW OVER HERE PLEASE!!”

Weather forecast
Sun the one moment, grey the next.
The cats recommend you to always be prepared no matter what the weather throw at you.


Warning to all members!
This is a general warning to all mice in this area.
If you see this cat, play very dead indeed, or he is inclined to help you to stay dead forever.
The Mice Institute of Cat related Emergencies 

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