Thursday, 17 June 2010

17. June

Tobias the kitten has now moved in

Today Tobias the kitten (finally) moved in. This is very good news indeed, as it means that he not only get to keep both his eyes, but that they actually work as well. There are rumours going around that he will actually fit in with our clan, as he after 2 hours all ready had befriended the dogs, Seniora, the chicks and the pigs. He would most likely had befriended more, but his need for a nap got in his way.

Tobias will from no one been known as the Kitten.

The Kitten was available for the following comment. “zzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzz”

More new Citizens!

The Maifrin immigration office is busy these days, as the Kitten is not the only one who has moved in this weekend. Chicken, geese and sheep has also been applying. All applications was found in order in accordance to the Maifrin Constitution, and therefore approved of.

The Sheppard had the following question: “When is the sheep big enough to move in, when when WHEN?”

Hot treatment

Today the Sheppard went off with one of the humans, and went all the way to the big city. There she was observed both taking a footbath (more like dipping really) and drinking (more like sipping really) the famous healthy drops from the local hot spring.

The Sheppard said: “I have a suspicion that the so called health benefit of drinking and bathing in this water is highly exaggerated as my tail is still limb. Ah, who need a tail anyway?”

Working hard for a living

Mike and Ralph have now started with their new job, which consist on cleaning up the outskirts of our kingdom. The goats are vey proud to have this very important job, and is always hard at work. For instance was pruning the wild cherries long overdue, but not a worry, the goats are at it.

Mike say: “I'ts a hard job, but somebody needs to do it!”

Dealing and wheeling

Today the pigs were seen sneaking off to see their private deliveryman. As normal a big box of apples and some other tasty snack arrived shortly thereafter.

The Pig department had the following comment: “All animals are allowed to forage for their own food; we pigs are just more practical about it than the rest of you.”

Number of eggs today: 5

Weather Forecast!

VINDY!! Very vindy infact.

The Dogs recommends you to find something to hold onto, and hold on hard.


Everybody here at Maifrin would like to congratulate our new citizen. You are all so very welcome.

Kitten (cat)

Mike (goat)

Ralph (goat)

Principessa (chicken)

Fritz (rooster)

Dotty (hen)

D’Oro (rooster)

Brass (chicken)

Copper (chicken)

Goosie (goose)

Gissy (goose)

Wolly (sheep)

Shaun (sheep)


In honour of all the new arrivals the pigs would like to invite everybody to a party this evening. We will party on to the late hours, and some might even keep it going until the sun go down.

Place: Courtyard

Menu: Buffet with apples, carrots, chick crumbs, fresh grass, cat food, dog food and even strawberries.

Outfit: Party mode off course.

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