Friday, 11 June 2010

June 11th 2010


A lot have happened since you last heard from us, mostly good, but also some things sad.

The Maifrin clan has grown, so we know consist of
4 cats 2 dogs 2 minipigs 1 rabbit 1 tiny parrot 2 goats 2 roosters 9 hens 3 chickens

And if you think it stops there, you are not correct. 2 minisheep, a rooster and cats are scheduled to move in. Oh and that’s just the ones that are already scheduled. Just as before we are a colourful animal kingdom, and especially animals in needs seems to pop by and keep staying.

Of the more sad news both the Rooster and the Chief Cat have left us. They both fought long and hard, but in the end they could do nothing but go to rest. But if there si such a thing as a better place, you be sure to know where to find them.

The Chief lost his life to CRF (Chronic Renal Failure)

While the Rooster lost his life due complications as a result of bad breeding and bad treatment provided by his breeder.

We are sad that we have to loose them so early, but happy for the time we had with them. They are now resting in peace.

You can read more about Lupus the Chief here:

You can read more about the Rooster here:

If you want to know more about the rest of us, just click at our photos, and most of us have put out our biographies. Not all off course, as somebody (let me not mention name) haven’t manage to write them yet. Rest assures they will be forced to do so, shortly!

Today Mrs Pear was happy to finally get her appointment with the pedicure specialist. It had been a long wait but it was all worth it. The happy Mrs has afterwards been observed taking some very long walks looking very happy indeed.
Mrs Pearl is out walking and therefore not available for comments, but her husband Mr Pearl had the following statement: “This is such a good day. She have been struggling with some inwards growing legfeathers for several days, making it hard for her to walk. I am so happy to se her enjoying her walks again. Oh my, she is even more beautiful than ever. Pearl, Pearl wait for me, wait for me!”

Not even a week after the Chief (cat) left us, a kitten turns up at our doorstep. Unfortunately he suffer from a virus that has attacked his eyes seriously, and he is in danger of loosing one of his eyes. The cat had been found wondering around in the street, most likely dumped there by his previous owner due to his poor health. The kitten was promptly named Tobias, and is now safe at the vets.
The Peace Supremo say: “If you need to get some evil thoughts off your mind, I am not saying you do, but if you do, please direct them to the previous human to Tobias. Please do so loudly! Thank you! Tobias is now under our protection.”

New home!
The Goats have now spent their first night in their new home here at Maifrin. The Bleating Corner seems to serve the goats every need, and happy bleating is now filling the air. At least in between some serious chewing.
The Goats say: “JUHUU our own home, and filled with snack as long as we can see. Let us tell you, those black currants thorn, my do they taste delish! Delish we tell you.”

Today Seniora had to answer some really hard question to get her new passport. After some thought she answered them as follows, with pride!
Name: Giovanna
Breed: My mother was a cat, my father, I don’t know.
Breeder: The streets of Stefano.
Owners: EXCUSE ME!!!?
Colors: White with tabby spots
Special characteristics: I am blind, toothless, miss a part of my tong and my left eye just wont open properly.
The Seniora had this to say about the matter: “Excuse me, but digging into my private life like that! Is nothing sacred anymore?”

Number of eggs today: 4

Weather forecast:
Hot but also cloudy.
The dogs recommends you to find somewhere with air condition.


Important message to all snails
The STA (Snail Travel Assurance) would like to inform all snails that from now on snails who are travelling in the Casa Maifrin area will no longer be covered by the ordinary travel assurance as this area is deemed unsafe after the infestation of the two black blobs (for some known as minipigs). For the snails who were already in the area when the infestation started an evacuation has been started, we are working as fast as we can.

Lap needed
A big soft lap always sited in the sofa is needed for an old rag of a cat.
Ref: The rest of the cats here at Casa Maifrin

A black and white feline, answering to the name of Primadonna, is wanted by the vet for her annual booster shot.
Ref: V-E-T

A big bird cage is wanted, as we have 4 birds of the type inseperabile, who wants to move in.
Ref: Huge cage


  1. wonderful to have updated news again! Please note that superiore Elite has a new red car incoming in a bit more than a week from now

  2. Christine Harris11 June 2010 at 16:20

    Just wonderful to get the latest news again TamTam! Missed it so much.
    I didn't know you had a parrot living with you

  3. Thank you! I hope you like it.
    Red the parrot have been living with us for several month now, but as h refuse to leave his cage, he is one of the more shy inhabitants around here.

  4. Oh TamTam, it's so good to have you back! Well, we didn' know anything at all about Red from Facebook, so that was a surprise.

    Deepest condolences on the loss of Lupus the Chief Cat, taken too soon. And for the loss of the Rooster, which was made worse because it was the result of greed. Their time was quite short but spent in the best possible company.