Saturday, 19 June 2010

June 19th

Crouching cat, hidden food bowl

After a blind cat moved in some weeks ago no food bowl is safe. Especially has the kitchen been the victim of a crouching cat always ready to attack an innocent food bowl. That being said it is not much easier being a food bowl in the living room, the library, the hall. I guess you get the drift here. Food bowls is now always under attack from a purring and meowing white and grey furry thing with a toothless grin.

The Model say: “It is not like I never pay the food bowls visits myself, I rather enjoy that actually, but excuse me… it is not a good sight seeing another cat standing with 2 paws and drooling over what used to be food. It does kinds of get your appetite down.”

Bad hunting part 351

Confidenza the Hen was today out patrolling the field looking for tasty edibles in the shape of crawlies and creepers. She was just testing out a new possible snack when she was rudely interrupted by a crazy looking human waving her arms like she was trying to fly rudely pushing the hard working hen away from her new found possible snack. The attacked scorpion was last seen moving into a brick wall.

The scorpion said: “Yeeze, I was heading over to the next stone to pick up a foxy chick, and not to be picked up by a not at all foxy hen!”

The Party!

The welcome party for all the new citizens was a huge success. The food was great and the mode even better. After a while the tired guest went home, but the pigs just kept going and going. They stayed up to the sun went down! Off course 2 pigs might have been described as rather grumpy when they got up this morning, after such a tiny nap at only 10 hours.

DJ sQuil said: “Jeeze that was a fun party. Oh my, am I feeling rather groggy today! Can I sleep for just one more hour please? NOOOOOO! I should have though about that yesterday you say!! Hey, you just can’t off and leave a party when it is still tomatoes on the ground and wonderful pigtunes to be oinked!”

Moving out, moving in

The geese have now moved into the vacant plot left o of the pigs last year. Unfortunately the plot is not as vacant as it is told to be, as some pigs in the shape of Big Daddy claims that he has first right to the property and all food left on it.

The Geese say: “PLEASE! Can anyone get that big black blob out of out food bowl! Fix the fence while you are at it. PLEASE!”


Yesterday the Boy Toy was the victim of a really cruel sabotage attack. We all know it is not easy being famous for being such a beauty, but still, who would ever sink so deep to place a gum under his favourite spot at this pub? This was also obviously a planned attack, as nobody except a very well informed spy would have known of his visit at all. The MIA(u) (Maifrin Intelligence Agency) has traced the perpetrator (scumbag) back t a very jealous neighbour dog famous for having nothing but bad fur days.

The Boy toy say: “I can still see the nudge in my otherwise perfect fur. How can anyone steep this low?”

Number of eggs today: 4

Weather forecast

Wet and noisy.

The dogs recomand you to get intoFet a sound proof room before the thunder get started. Hurry on, hurry on!!



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