Sunday, 21 November 2010

Breaking news from the chicken run

New egg on the block

The last days there have been a rumour going on that Holly has started to lay egg herself, just days short of her 7 month hatchday. The rumour was confirmed today when she was observed leaving the nest box after depositing the most beautiful egg.

Holly said: “It has been very important to me to honour all my roots, so I had to design a egg that equally Amrock and Hybrid. So a soon as I found a design I was happy with, I saw no reason to hold the egg laying anymore.”

Where did the chicken go?

A very depressed Mrs Flower have the last days been seen wondering along searching for her lost chickens, but all her searching and calling seem to be fruitless. The chickens has decided that only 13,5 weeks old they are now big enough to wander the fields for themselves.

Mrs Flower cried: “This is the thank you you get for trying to give your beloved kids a good start to life. As soon as they enter teenweekhood, off they run. If I didn’t know better I would think they are embarrassed to be seen with their mother!”

archive photo from happier days

Weather sick

Hippie has lately been observed a little on the downside. The muddy weather seems to have taken a toll on the well feathered hippie chick.

Hippie said: “All my beautiful new feathers, and than, I can’t show them off because of this *#¤#?)?=#)(¤=#)¤!! MUD!”

Fly feather, fly!

Lately feathers have been observed flying alone with out any hen attached. This phenomena has been tracked back to the Leghorns which are currently having a autumn cleanup and getting read of old feathers.

Miss Bronze said: “I just need to get some of the old wardrobe out before I can fit in my new winter wardrobe.”



Looking dam good

While some of the hens are looking a little bit scruffy a certain rooster is most certainly not. While he himself arrived here at Casa Maifrin in a rather extreme scruffy looking mode, he has used the summer well and has now finalized his new look.

Mrs Pearl said: “OH MY!! HE IS SO HOT!!”

Number of eggs today: 2, including the one from Holly

Weather Forecast

Due to ongoing terrible weather today’s weather is censured.

What the dogs recommend has also been censured due to the well being of our readers.



Everybody here at Casa Maifrin would like to congratulate Holly with her first egg.

Keep up the good work!

Kids in their teenhood?

Have you, ore have you experienced your kids going trough teen hood?

In that case would you like to share your experience, and ease off your despair with others in the same situation?

If so please join the new support group “Mother with teens”.

Ref: Mrs Flower

Feather sale

Do you need any feathers?

We have everything from small to big feathers.

Ref: The leghorns

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