Thursday, 30 December 2010

December 30th

Where did that rabbit go?

There is nothing new about the fact that the rabbit is found of cats, but lately this might have gone a bit too far. He has got himself a severe case of identity crises, and is currently convinced he is a cat. Far enough a vegetarian cat, but still he is a cat. A psychiatric has been called, and in the meantime we have agreed to call him a cabbit.


Bad weather?

While most of us are not really enjoying cold and wet weather, somebody refuse to let the weather get them down. A shower always put the geese in a good mode, and it is never to cold for a bath.

Goosy say: “There isn’t any bad weather, just bad feathers.”


Today the Model Cat was observed temporarily breaking off his hibernation after he heard the words: “vet and Model Cat” in the same sentence.

Before re-entering the hibernation we managed to get the following statement from the Model Cat: “X-use moi, you just take a small nap, and suddenly everybody is worried abozzzzzzzz”


Yesterday no less than 3 wild boar hunting dogs came into our beloved property. This spite is was a hunt free day, outside the hunting season, in a hunting free zone! Luckily both humans and dogs were stand by and got to practise their emergency anti hunting dog procedure. 2 of the so-called dogs were smart enough to get lost somewhere else, while the 3rd dog had his sorry butt locked up in a case, were it was later pick up by the police and brought to doggy prison.

DJ sQuil had this to say about the matter: “I was off course not scared at all. After all this is something we have practised a lot about. So Big Daddy and I just went into our housing, closed the door, closed the gate to our garden, and put on the electric fence. Nothing to is at all actually. I wasn’t shaken at all, not at all I tell you. I am such a brave piggy. Afraid me? I weren’t afraid at all I tell you!”

(We have no photo from this incidence as we refuse to insult the camera by forcing it to photograph something as evil and ugly as a wild boar hunting dog)

Best hotel ever!

Lately a part of Maifrin has been turned into Hotel Maifrin were the cat Reg is currently staying. He confirm that this is the best hotel ever, where they don’t even have very well equipped suites with, fireplaces, gyms, cat-TV and nice sleeping arrangement, but yesterdays in-house entertainment was the best entertainment he had ever witnessed. Listening to the sorry ass wild boar hunting dog beg for mercy for over an hour was just purrfect, and seeing it was than hauled into the police car….. You just can’t ask for more than that.

Reg said: “They only thing that could possibly have made it better was if you had switched the dog with Big Huge (the dog I normally live with). With his behaviour he could really need a couple of days in the lock-up. MEOW MEOW MEOW! ”

Number off eggs today: 7

Weather forecast

Just depressing!

The dogs recommend you to get your paws on some good working Prozac.


Hotel Maifrin

The best hotel, recommended by a 100% of our guest as the best hotel they had ever stayed at, is free for bookings.

Ref: Hotel Maifrin

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