Saturday, 8 January 2011

January 8th

Something not so fishy

A desperate dog was yesterday both seen and heard trying to get out of the bathtub, (which for the time being was filled with water). Still it was all in vain and the very dissatisfied dog was not let out until all his precious perfume was rinsed away.

Tiny had this to say about the matter: “Whoaw!! I had been told about dog bathing days, but never seen it before. Honestly I though the Model Cat was exaggerating a tiny bit when he tells his stories from these days, but NOOO, It was just as great as he had described them. I just can’t wait until next time, and I have ordered front shelf tickets!”

(Due to a bad fur day this is an archive photo)

Sleeping deprived

As the noble creatures cats truly are, they don’t mind sacrificing their own sleeping comfort and let the humans crawl up in the bed with them. Still even cats have their limits, and after a while when the cats realized that the humans tossing around was there to stay, the human ended up being thrown out of bed.

Seniora had this to say about the unhappy episode: “Honestly we do our best to work together with these human, put sometime you just have to put your sharp paw down!”

(due to a mailfunction of the photographer of the sleeping type, this is an archive photo of the sleep deprieved cats.)

2 little piggies went for breakfast

Some serious swearing (censured for our readers off course) did this morning fill the otherwise peaceful surroundings of our beloved Maifrin. Very little investigation was needed to track the not so good language back to two very hungry pigs who at this time had found themselves a human and was busy walking after this poor being telling the poor human that some food bowls didn’t fill themselves so that the human could please get its behind in gear and get some proper work done.

DJ sQuil had this to say about the matter: “You know, when you are that hungry, and nobody gets it, what is a tiny little very small tummied pig to do? You just have to make yourself heard, as nobody else is speaking for you, right. Please send me food, as I am still very hungry, and I do not get enough food!”

Something even less fishy

While somebody doesn’t mix well with water, somebody mix better. Today Fritz went to the spa to get a full feather rinse after a not so lucky getting under the perches incident.

Somebody enjoyed the services of the spa so much that cats actually left their front shelf seats out of complete boredom.

Fritz said: “JUHUUUHUUU That was pure bliss. I can’t wait to get out to my ladies. You know how they are always looking for good looks and now I am clean as well!”

The Huntress

A very proud Silver did today finally make use of her course in hunting (course held by the Model Cat). The happy hen caught a mouse trying to get to the hen food, but he was not that lucky as Silver was patrolling the area.

The Peace Supremo had the following to say: “Personally I would not like to be eaten by a hen, but if that is what a mouse want, we will have to respect that.”

Number off eggs today: 7

Weather forecast

The colour GREY springs to mind!

The dogs recommend you to think of spring, as that is the closest you get to it.


Food wanted

Can anyone please spare some food? In that case, please forward it here immediately.

Ref: Hungry pigs

General information to all mice

The hen population at Casa Maifrin has been upgraded to dangerous enemy off all the local mice in the area. This together with the cats means that this area has now gone from red to DARKRED. Insurance did rise with 173% and travel insurance with 298%. Please also note that for the travel insurance to be valid, all mice need to travel with a minimum of 3 corn seed, to be thrown in the direction of a hen while you seek cover in another direction.

More information available at:

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