Thursday, 25 April 2013

King Tiny protecting the Model against his stalker.
Wheres the stalker?
When King Tiny first heard the rumours about his incredible good friend and beloved mentor being stalked, he immediately cancelled everything on his (rather crowded actually) program to become the Models bodyguard. He has not (hardly at least) left his side afterwards. This seems very efficient as King Tiny has not yet seen any trace of the stalker.
King Tiny say: “Off course there was a stalker, my purrfect mentor would never make anything like that up. Still I have now watched over him for several ages, and that must have been very efficient indeed, as the stalker now seem to be scared away. It is tempting to go back to my normal program now, but what if the stalker then comes back? I’ll stay for a couple of more days, and then we will take it from there. The Models well being and safety is off course what comes first!”

New Chicks on the block
The happiness spread out through the Citizens when the news that Miss Browns 2 beloved egg had finally gone in to hatching. Soon everybody’s hearts went to their throats though, when the hatching seemed to go on forever and forever. The only thing to be heard was the tiny squeaks and the sound of tiny beaks repeatedly hammering against the eggshell. Then finally in the early morning 2 tired but very happy chickens finally broke out of their eggs.
Miss Brown say: “Isn’t these the 2 most perfect chickens you have ever seen?”

A proud Caffe showing off his new Bææækini.

A wool cut
Two very happy sheep had finally got the spring temperature they had been longing for. Not only because they as everybody else off course prefer the wintertime to be left behind us, but also that it was finally time to get rid of the very thick winter clothing. It was time to pay the wooldresser a visit. After the visit the 2 friends were observed celebrating their fresh summer outfit by running and jumping around. Something they hadn’t done for a while, as the wintercoat had just been to warm and heavy.
Caffe say: “JUHUUUU I just love, love LOVE my new bæækini! So sorry, but I have to dash along. Latte and I were just to run around the old wineyard.”

Professor  Big Daddy showing propper sleeping techniques  to his promising student.
From Piggyschool
Big Daddy has gone back to school, but this time it is as a teacher. Big Daddy is a firm believer in proper education, so when he brought in the new assistant MC Gorgeous, he wanted him to get nothing but the very best education. Therefore he was immediately enrolled to the Maifrin Univeristy, the faculty of piggy business. Then to make absolutely sure that the education would be nothing but the very best, Big Daddy agreed to become a Professor.
Professor Big Daddy say: “With me in charge I think we can safely say that this little piglet will have the best education you could ever hope for.”

Weather forecast
The weather is highly unstable, but at least it is warm.
The dogs recommend you to be prepared for everything, just to be on the safe side.


Baby arrival
Finally my 2 beautiful egg have hatched, and the 2 most beautiful chicken you have ever seen has arrived.  I am happy to say that they are both in good health, blond and weight 28 gram each.
Just perfect!

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