Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Model and his stalker
The Model and his stalker

The stalker
Lately, while going about life as normal, a certain Model seems to suspect that he is actually being followed. It is like whenever he looks in the corner of his eyes, there it is, something following his every move.
The Model say; “Well, it is not bloody surprising then, is there? Being the most handsome and friendliest chap ever, it was doomed to happen one day or another. Actually I am only surprised it didn’t happen earlier!”

The Sheppard in front of the Roman bath.
 The first bath of the season
Since sunny days are scares, everybody likes to take full opportunity of them. This includes the Sheppard, who while walking along for a more private walk, decided that this was it, it was time to start the lovely season of heat and cooling baths.  Therefore the beautiful lady popped into the first roman bath she passed by.
The Sheppard say: “My of my, that was a lovely feeling. Off course it would not have hurt if it had been a tad warmer.”

King Tiny looking into this whole dandy lion business.
The dandy lion expedition in homeward direction.
The walk
Lately you can safely say that the weather has not at all been on our side. This has led to an unfortunate muddy situation, and it is hard to find a proper mud free place to walk. So when the sun first arrives no citizen can be to choosey, and off we go for a joint adventure to the holy dandy lion lane.
MC Gorgeous say; “I don’t know why some of the other citizens seems to be a bit testy on the subject of sharing a walk, as long as they save all the dandy lions for me, I have no problems with this arrangement what so ever.”

Miss Flower with her first kids.

May this motherhen really have time to produce an egg?
The egging mystery
Unfortunately we are sad to pronounce that our beloved Miss Flower left us with out a trace Saturday, and we there for are to believe that an evil falcon took her away from us.
Therefor you can imagine our positive surprise when we found an egg in her private nest box 2 days later. This especially since the other hens was closed inn, and neither do they know about here secret nest box either. Unfortunately closer investigation did relieve that spite a close similarity, the eggcolor was not eggsactly the same tint, and the egg was 4 gr less than the original Miss Flower product. Off course if she has become invisible or turned into a ghost we admit to have no experience to what this might do to the egg production. Still, we are fairly earth connected in this area, and don’t actually believe that you can become invisible or that ghost can lay eggs, so we have started lean forward to the idea that the egg might have been placed there by a hen who actually knew about the nest, as she is raising her chicken right next to it. A certain mother hen will be kept under close observation through out the day.
Big Daddy say: “Let us be totally honest here, I do not at all care who laid the egg, what I do care about is the absolute shocking news that I haven’t had a single egg for days!”

Weather forecast
The morning mist disappeared only to reveal some evil looking clouds. The birds stopped singing and the rain started to fall.


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Ref: The mice and rat hunting socity

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