Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry Mealtime everyone!

Due to the special season currently bothering a lot of humans, our humans included, we have decided to dedicate this edition of the news to our humans and let you all see how thoughtful and considerate we animals are to our humans. We have been duly informed (by humans) that this is what this season is all about you see!

But since we are political correct animals we would like to start off with a political correct song for the seasons, this not to offend those of our readers that to not belive in the bee good season.

We wish you a merry meal time

We wish you a merry MEAL TIME


The following is expects from the giftstag from us animals to the humans. Just to let you know how utterly thoughtfull and totally unselfish and not to mention that we animals stand together no matter what.

This is, is, is a gift from me, me, me and Big Daddy to You, you you. It should have been from only me but, but Big Daddy threatened to eat all our food, so, so I had to let him join in. you, you, you, you kno, knw, know how he is, the Fat pig he is, he eats almost all the food anyway. That is, is what I wish for Christmas, to get enough food. I am trying to tell you that I want food ant that it is not enough but you do not understand. After Christmas I would like to have a Big Daddy and chickenfree zone with food all the time. You do see how thin I am, not like Big Daddy who can’t keep his tummy clean. I thought you wanted a looking good filter so that you could take even more beautiful photos of me so I bought you 2! Not that I need it but am I photogenic am I photogenic. Not like Big Daddy. Should have bought you a black lince to Big Daggy but but understand that you all ready have one that is called linceprotector. That one you have to use when you take photo of Big Daddy. Otherwise I would like to mention that for Christmas I would like some food, you do see how thin I am. I am almost starving to death and need some snacks if I shall survive this day. You better open your gift but first you have to give a little hungry pig food and don’t forget to give a thin little pig a little food.

Merry Christmas from


(gift “UV-filter and Polar-filter”)

Merry Christmas

Here is a small reminder about what you have in your house, IN HOUSE! Not only that but we are not aloud to get in and have to settle with the apartment where the servants used to live. Only 3 rooms! It is a shame! A shame it is! But we expect that after this gift you take to your senses and get the dangerous animals out and we move in. We look forward to that.

Merry woof

Boy Toy and the Sheppard

(gift “Bad cat a day calendar)

Merry Christmas

Here is something you can use some time at so that I can jump up to the bedroom and hide myself under the bed to do some serious relaxing.

Merry Christmas and Merry carrot from

The huge white hope

(gift “x-box game James Bond and the movie “Local Hero”)

Other gifts arrived to humans from the animals:

“play with your dogs” the book (from dogs and pigs)

“A paperplane a day” calendar (from cats)

“Good perfumed soap” (from chicks)

“Cock wear for eggs” (from roosters)

“A cat decorated bag” (from cats)

In the end we would like you to join into yet another political season carrol

W’re dreaming of a huge mealtime

Just like the ones we used to know

Where the food bowls flooding

And humans listen

To hear those bellies burp

W’re dreaming of a huge mealtime

With every food bowl that we have

May your food be merry and good

And may all your mealtimes be huge

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