Saturday, 1 September 2012

Eh NOOOOO noooo nooooo I did not try to dig through that wonderful  looking fence. Not at all actually. 

What the fence!
Whereas some of the citizens seems content with all this fencing coming up, (read humans) it would be an understatement saying that the rest of the citizens are somewhat piffed by the offensive matters. The propaganda that has been going out, claiming that the fencing is for the citizens own protection doesn’t really seem to have hit its mark. Several anti-fencing groups have all ready been founded, and are working hard on a literally break through.
The spokespig of “My food doesn’t need fencing” had the following to say: “We pig are very social and we like to share the food with everybody. This fencing thing makes the food sharing thing very hard. We have all ready noticed that we can no longer share a meal with the sheep and hens. What will be the next, wont we be able to share with the geese either?”

The only cure for weather illness - SLEEPING
 Home sick my tail!
Lately a spell of bad weather has hit our beloved place, and it has hit too hard for most of the citizens taste. The cats have even moved back indoors, and are yet again mass sleeping in the bed.
The Model said: “You know, why o why does some weather responsible seem to think I miss living in the raining capital of the world! I do not! NOT NOT NOT NOT! If I still wanted to live in an area were it rained 320 days per year, at least 100 days in the row, WHY do they think I moved away from that hellish weather? I like my sun, I love my sun! Sun it is! Grrrrrrr all this rain makes my fur really icky. I can’t stand it anymore, please sun, what have they done to offend you, please forgive them and come back to me!”

A happy breaker
A certain citizen wishing the swallows welcome.
 Exotic guests
Nobody likes rains, at least not the citizens and not the swallows who paid us a visit last evening. The poor poor birds were stranded midair when this awful wet stuff come pouring down, and had to seek shelter immediately. Luckily Maifrin was right there (Except that we would off course have liked to be in the sun instead, we have to admit that.) and the poor swallows was off course immediately invited to stay and rest. Which they did. They were last observed flying south.
Mr Purr say: “I invited them to stay, but strangely enough they didn’t take me up on my totally and utterly unselfish offer. How very strange indeed.”

Seniora and a little one 
 The Childhood experience
Not all the citizens has had a wonderful childhood. Some of them would have been happy with only nice, but no. Therefore they all do their best to help the lucky fellows who are born/hatched right here at Maifrin to have to most wonderful childhood they can hope for. So when a little fellow need some extra attention, there is nothing but care coming from the older citizens.
The Sheppard say: “It is our responsibility to take care of those who need it the most. Can I have a puppy? PLEEEEEAAAAASE!!”

Weather forecast
The dogs recommend you to stay DRY!


Rainglasses needed
Citizens are in desperately need of glasses who makes the rain disappear, and give you that nice comfy feeling that only true good weather gives you.
Ref: Desperately urgent  

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