Friday, 28 September 2012

The lumpfree area of Seniora
Good news
Seniora has been back at the vets for a final examination. The lump had actually gone. Most likely it was an infected fatlump. The vets think it was really lucky that she got that cold when she did, so she didn’t have an unnecessary surgery. Seniora herself was last seen marching off in to the sunset when her tail hold high.
Seniora says: “To be honest I am not really sure what that lump was about, but for heavens sake, an infected fat lump? Aren’t they aware that you actually need to have fat to get one of those?!”

Rising DJ sQuil
Good news
A poor tiny pig felt really bad. One of his feet suddenly started to swell up, and shortly after all his legs started to swell up. The poor DJ sQuil was feeling totally miserable, and even sometimes didn’t finish of his dinner. Good advice was hard to come by, as there isn’t much medical research done on minipigs. Still the vets went up to the task, and after a week on human antibiotics and aspirin he is now back in his normal good spirits, and swollen free trotters are back carrying him wherever he wants to go, normally the closest food source.
DJ sQuils say: “Oh my, it is so good to be back. I am sure, it was touch and go there for a while. I even lost my appetite, that’s how ill was! Now, can anyone direct me to the closest breadsource?”

The Sheppard looking out the perfect grass slide hill
Good news
After all most all the citizens (yes, the geese don’t seem to get the bad in bad weather!) have been terrorized by bad weather the last week, today finally there have been traces of something similar to god weather. The citizens weren’t long to que up to make the best out of this situation, and long walks have been observed all over the place.
Sheppard said: “JUHUUUUUU Grass sliding time! Nothing like the felling of sliding down a hill of long grass.”

The Pirat's graduation photo.
Good news
We are happy to announce that the Pirat has passed her hunting exam and hasn’t stopped hunting ever after. We are not sure if we are sad to say this, but insects need to be very careful to avoid the Pirat’s good eyes and sharp beak.
The Pirat say: “I am not really a killing machine, but those proteins sure do me a lot of good!”

Sun and clouds fighting
Weather forecast
It is hard to say, hard to say. We are optimistic of nature then, so we are hoping the sun will outfight those nasty looking clouds.
The dogs recommend you to be prepared for everything!


Now that yet another hen has passed her hunting exam we do as normal recommend all our members to flee the Maifrin area as fast as possible.
Remember our motto: “We like food, not to be food!”
This message was brought to you from The Lets Flee organization. 

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