Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Seniora took some incredible high points for this manoeuvre.
Bad weather cat chess
As you all know the Maifrin cat citizens are playing cat chess at the upper international level. They don’t let anything stop them practising this wonderful sport, not even bad weather (something that normally stops cats in the most ways). Off course everybody understands that with rain pooring down outside, it would be directly damaging for the cats to play with the normal rules, and they have instead changed to the special developed bad weather rules. The rules are more or less the same, but it is played over a much much smaller area.
Seniora say: “LOL and with this manoeuvre I outplayed both the Model and King Tiny completely!”

What the nest box should have been looking like.
A vandalized egg found near by.
Crime against egganity

It is with sadness that we must admit that a thief has been present in our nest. One of our favourite nests what broken into yesterday, and the thief didn’t only steel the egg, but also vandalised the whole area. Shattered pieces of eggshells was found all over the area afterwards. We think the last was an attempt from the thief to try to hide its track, but bad weather can be good for something, so the CSI (Chicken scene investigation) manage to secure several muddy pawprints, leading both to and away from the nest in question. The investigators are hoping for a fast solution on this unfortunate matter.
The Chicken investigator said: “The pawprints collected does indeed match one we all ready have in our database.”

Seniora demonstrating the youtfulness of her body.
 How blood works
Pending her upcoming surgery Seniora had her blood work done. The results was very promising indeed, stating what Seniora off course all ready knew. Her body might be old, but not particularly frail, as the result told her body was working just as well as a 5 years old.
Seniora gave the following official statement: “Nothing I didn’t all read know perfectly well!”

Beauty searching for good weather.
Weather forecast
There are tiny blue spots all over the sky.
The dogs recommend you to keep the hope going.


The dog of interest.
Dog of interest
This dog of interest is wanted for questioning regarding a serious charge of both thievery and vandalism. Please come forward if you have any information about this dogs current whereabouts.
Ref: CIA (Chicken Investigation Agency)

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