Monday, 3 September 2012

Seniora is ill!

Keep those get well snacks coming! Keep them coming!!
Today we have heartbreaking news for you.
Saturday evening our beloved Seniora told us about a lump in her tummy area, and therefore she was the first guest at the vets as soon as they opened this morning. The vets were not at all happy, and since Seniora is their absolute favourite citizen they even got a second opinion, but the news was equally bad. Seniora have gotten herself breast cancer.
Luckily she is in wonderful shape (especially consider her age) and she is in n pain. Still a surgery has been ordered for the 17/9 and blood work to be done the 11/9.
Seniora is now sleeping of a box of Applaws who we all agreed she needed, but manage to give the following statement before she started to snore: “I didn’t have a nice childhood, I had a hard life and now my plan about a long happy retirement have got a serious dent in it. Still in the meantime you all know where to send your get well applaws/sheebas/porta feline etc.”

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