Tuesday, 18 January 2011

January 18th

Food frenzy

While the winter seems to be on a small break (THANK HEAVENS) it is still cold and the green could according to a couple of hungry geese grow just about very much faster. Still fresh, cold and crispy green brought in from the wine yard next door seem to satisfy the geese somewhat.

Mr Goose said: “I must admit I prefer to eat my greens fresh from the roots, but hey, a hungry goose has to do what a hungry goose need to do.”

Cats and dogs

With the sun making the outdoors look good, the Peace Supremo left the fire place and was today observed having a peaceful walk with good friends. Like always when the Peace Supremo is involved everybody felt the PEACE!

The Lady dog said afterwards: “I just don’t understand how it happens? However bad mood I am in, after a couple of hugs and some but sniffing, that cat has me all smiling again. He is a gift to animality and peace among the species. That cat is a saint!”


Yesterday the cats department was the victim of sabotage so low that it is hard just to write about it. Somebody had snuck into the kitchen and pied all over they tins with food. The CSI (Cat Smell Identification team) immediately confirmed that the terrorist of this unspeakable crime was as suspected the Boy Toy.

The Boy Toy had this to say about the matter: “I still think this was so fun. Let me tell you it was not easy to sneak in. I had planned this attack for a long time. I am not going to do it again though, because the next time it won’t be the tins I aim for, if you get my drift!”


Sometimes for reasons unknown for us normal animals, the humans leave the safe haven of our Maifrin. For their own safety the dogs than have to put a leash on them and guide them safely back to our kingdom.

Big Daddy say: “The dogs still claims they have sacrificed themselves by taking on this burden. Honestly I have a sneaky suspicion that they like it!”

(Photo taken by sub-human)

New office

We are sad to inform you all that the new office is yet not ready. We have also ordered fresh paint and furniture. Fare enough the humans did arrive with the paint yesterday, but humans will always be slow workers.

The Kitten said: “I don’t want to point any claw in any direction; I am therefore only going to swipe it lightly over some not so hard working humans’ buts. Letting that wonderful Sub-human leave! As normal, not a step in the right direction!”

Number of eggs today: The day is still too young to tell.

Weather forecast

AMAZING! The sun is melting away tired and exhausting winter faces all over. Even some greens have returned.

The dogs recommend you to GET OUT AND ENJOY YOURSELF!



Fast growing seeds wanted for small private grass garden.

Ref: Mr & Mrs Geese

New nick name needed as the old one is outgrown. Serious suggestion can be given. Non serious suggestions to be met by a sharp claw.

Ref: Kitten


  1. Nickname suggestions for Tobias - The Uncle Cat; Unca Tob; Big Brother; Cuddle Cat

  2. Thank you so much! So far we really like Big Brother, nice ironic touch, just the way we like it.

  3. I wanna suggest: "the Cuddler", "Soundmachine" "The cat with surround sound system"and just Tobias. TabbyTobby ...hmmm.... ;-)

  4. Thank you! The Cuddler is also up there in the top. The cat with the surround sound system has for sure a ring to it, but it is just a little bit loooong.
    Please keep those suggestion coming.

  5. Thanks for news again TT, love them :-) just a small question, there aint any photograph of the Coffee and Latte on the righthand side. Are they to annoying?

  6. Rest assure we are working on that bit Torild, but they are not co-operating, not at all. We are also planning a huge change of profil shots, and they will be in there.

  7. I agree with Fotogruppa and would name the Kitten 'Uncle', possibly 'Cuddle Uncle' or 'Caring Uncle'.

  8. He is definitely, Caring Uncle Cuddle (CUC)