Friday, 14 January 2011

Januray 14th 2011

New office

We are proud to announce that Latest news by TamTam is moving into a new office. A wonderful Sub-Human has arrived to help us getting it al ready. Needless to say our regular humans could not be trusted with such an important task, as they really do not have any talents what so ever, even though this has meant some seriously delays on our behalf.

The Primadonna said: “Hmmmm, where can I put my paw print of approval?”

You are hereby warned

The Model Cat was lately given a amazing gift by some top-notch superior elite sub-humans.

Finally he has got a sign warning silly humans and other not so bright creatures about the danger of touching his highness. The only problem he could se about tis is that he only got one sign, and he could really need some more.

For those of you not fluent in Italian, this is the translation: “From here on and beyond. BE AWARE OF THE CAT! (Don’t tell us later that you weren’t warned”.

The Model Cat said: “For the first time ever I can’t hardly wait for my next VET appointment. Still, can vets read?”

Egg trouble

Today a very embarrassed Mrs Flower was caught red feathered laying an egg. The one moment she was minding her own business of laying eggs, and the next moment a surprised human had removed the roof and floor of her new secret nest box. The egg just fell out of shame.

Mrs Flower say: “Jeeze, can’t a hen get some privacy. It is getting harder and harder to find these private nest boxes. Still I have to keep on trying, as somebody is always trying to steal my eggs.”

Getting Hay

Some much exited goats, sheep and pigs are today expecting the delivery of 30 bale of alfalfa hay. Somebody wants to eat it, and the pigs want to build with it.

Mike say: “We are going to have a huge party to test the merchandize this evening!”

Number of eggs today: so fare 8, but the day is still young.

Weather forecast

FINALLY IT IS SUN! What is that big grey wave coming in over the valley over there? FOG! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

The dogs recommend you to live in the moment!


Secret nest boxes needed

Ref: Mrs Flower

Are you living or going to Rome? In that case please get in touch with the Model Cat, as he needs your help.

Ref: Shopping list

Utterly adorable tiny pig is in need of a personal assistant.

He has his own brush, so only the ability to handle a brush is needed.

Ref: DJ sQil

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