Friday, 21 January 2011

January 21st

The last farewell

Today was is a very sad day in the cat department. The very last beanpuff spilled its guts all over the new office floor. No surgery in the world could fix the huge flare in the gut area, and beans where all over the floor. Spite something as rare as begging cats, the beanpuff was put to rest in a garbage bag.

The cat department has given the following official statement: “We would like to thank our beloved beanpuff for the wonderful time we spent together. No matter what our problem was, you where always there to give us the support we needed. You hugged us tight and gave us of your heat. Dear dear beanpuff, you will always be in our hearts. So long and until we meet again. A last hugs from your cats.”

1st photo; from happier days

2nd photo; the funeral

One big room

Today Tiny finally figured out how to use the catflap. He has afterwards been observed in an out and out and in. Kitten is having a hard time watching after the little one.

Tiny say: “Whaw! That is really one big room out there, and all those strange animals. Whaw whaw whaw. IIIIK that goose is scary. KITTEN WHERE ARE YOU?!”

Guard pig

We have all heard about guard dogs, and even guard geese. A little rarer is the guard pig. Lately though a guard pig has been observed here at Maifrin. The guard pig has specialized in guarding the door so that no food can escape. The pig has developed a special snout for this very function. We are proud to announce that several apples and even the odd piece of bread have been detected trying to flea by this very guard pig.

Big Daddy say: “It really is hard work, but like all jobs, somebody has to do it!”

Fresh water

A happy goose is giving the fresh water in her swimming pool a run for its money. Advanced exercises as saltoes with screws and feather spraying is done perfectly. A very proud Mr Goose is watching proudly from the poolside.

Mr Goose say: “You know, she is just such an athlete. I can only dream to do the things she can do with water. I am the luckiest man on the planet to be married to a girl like her.”

Flying high?

A hen has lately been observed trying to get down from the hayloft. It was very easy to get in, but somehow the opening seems to have changed since she got in there.

Brass say: “I think I should have paid better attention in those flying classes.”

From the office

We are surprise to confirm that things are actually moving forward when it comes to our new office. The walls have all been painted, and today strange words have been coming out of male human mouth when he is trying to connect the floors and the walls with a peace of wood.

Snow say: “I am ready to move in, and the cage is not coming with me.”

Number off eggs today: eightish

Weather forecast

Not bad, not bad at all actually

The dog are to busy enjoying themselves in the good weather to give any recommendations at all.


Magic cleaning solutions wanted to remove paw print, traces of dead mice, accident just outside the litter tray, rabbit poop and all kind of lost fur.

Ref: Tired human slave

Beanbags wanted urgently

If you have an old beanbag (or a new one, we are not famous for being difficult) you do not want anymore, please forward it here immediately. Here it will be transferred into lovely beanpuffs, cat size.

Ref: The cat department

New nick!

The Kitten would still love more ideas to what he could use as his new nickname. Afterall you must all understand that he really has grown out of Kitten.

(photo: sub-human)

Ref: New nick needed urgently


  1. to Tobias, after some brainstorming we would like to suggest: Maestro Brooom, alternativ Mr Broom Broom, the Caretaker, bigbrother (might be suggested already, we have discussed the mather, and cant agree on the subject).

  2. Thank you for all your suggestions. They all ound fine. Big Brother actually have been suggested early, ut that also have a realy nice touch we think.