Thursday, 12 May 2011

May 12th

The Sheppard has yet again ruined her collar, and she simply refuse to tell us show she does it. There were no way around it, she needed a new one. Strangely enough the new one she ordered just happened to be the exact same colour and brand as the one Beauty got some weeks earlier. The only difference was that this was a tad wider, due to the fact that the Sheppards neck is somewhat huge (according to Beauty).
The Sheppard say: “It is not like I ruin them on purpose you know, not at all, but if that Beauty got a new one, honestly so should I!”

Today it was time for Senioras bimonthly clawicyre. As we all know Seniora retired after she was hit by a stroke, and even though she has healed almost perfectly, well a couple of issue is still unsolved, and one of them is the lack of proper claw management. And have you ever tried to leave the bed when ten claws are stuck in the sheets? This is not a pleasant experience indeed. Therefore, these days Seniora pop by the clawicurist about almost every second month on the dot. There she got 2 mm of claw nicely cut off, and is yet againfree to leave the bed whenever she wants, which to be frankly is not that often at all.
Seniora say: “Off course I could do it myself, but my body has become somewhat mushy after that silly stroke, so I just think I disserve to be spoiled when I can.”

Ladies of the evening
After the two lovely maran hens moved in with the Hen Department it shows that they literally have a dark side (feathers not included, which also happens to be rather on the dark side). They might not be ladies of the night, but they for sure are ladies of the evening. While the other hens and the occasional rooster, start looking for the perches already at 7 pm, the dark ladies do not want to hear anything of the sorts. They do go on the perches just after 9 pm, but that is just because they are persuaded to do so.
The Dark Ladies say: “Honestly, what is it with this early perch time? There are greens to be eaten, and well, more greens to be eaten.”

 The Egg thief
Lately a mysterious thief has been known to occasional steel innocent eggs around the property. Last night the thief was out on his bad mission again, and the poor freshly laid egg of Mrs. Goose was the victim. The egg has vanished, but nobody has seen a thing, not a thing. The C.S.I team has been working hard the whole morning, but they struggled from an overdose of different DNA.
Mr. Goose say: “Shall this never end? Those poor innocent eggs!”

Number off eggs today: Unknown due to a thieving bastard and some hens need to play hide and seek.

Weather forecast!
Still lovely, hot and wonderful.
The dogs recommend you to hit the deck and get your tummy rubbed.


Private Eye
Private eye is needed to catch that egg thieving bastard.
Ref: Egg layers united

A security company is needed to install a proper high quality security system to guard every nest box on the property. 
Ref: Egg layers unites

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