Saturday, 14 May 2011

Upcoming hatch
Miss Flower has now been laying on the eggs for almost 3 weeks, so everybody here at Maifrin is now looking forward for the arrival of the new citizens to arrive. Todays eggcheck showed that all 4 eggs were shaking and moving as normal in this late eggnency, but that still isn’t a complete guaranty for a perfect hatch. Miss Flower is a diligent mother though, so if it was only up to here, we would have nothing to worry about.
D’Oro say: “Please keep all claws and paws cross. Oh I can’t wait to see the little ones!”

Cabbit on the hunt
Being a cat trapped in the body of a rabbit sometimes give you a bit of trouble, but not all the time. So who is to say that a vegan can’t hunt and enjoy its fresh kill just because of this unfortunate body mix up? Somebody may say silly thing like that, but luckily the cabbit isn’t listening. Instead everyday he speed jump around the house, were he stalks out one delicious plant after the other. Then, with out any warning, he jumps them. The impacts normally finish them off, if not he wrestle them to the ground, and that takes care of the business. The happy Cabbit is than only left to eat the fruit of his labour.
The Cabbit say: “I like my food fresh!” 

The Modell has again heard from his good mate “The Englishman from the wrong side of the valley who has to live with that awful big black so called dog thing”-cat. This time he had the most awful news. His staff humans have had a mutiny, and they will be leaving the poor poor chap to fend for himself for several days. As you can all imagine, he was devastated! Luckily for him the Model is also running a small but oh so luxurious catel, and being the pal he is, he has reserved the very best suit for his friend in his time of trouble.
The Sheppard say: “I wanted to let Big Huge stay here as well, but the Hen Department put dawn their claws and vetoed it! Big Huge will instead have to go to the dogstel, poor chap.”

Official nest boxes
Maifrin now have 14 official nest boxes for the Hen Department. Until very recently we only had 12, but the Dark Ladies weren’t to happy about the 12 first one, and after what that can only be described as the most thorough nest box inspection in the history, they went and got them self a couple of new ones. Apparently these new ones are up to their standards, for now.
 Falcon say: “Honestly I thought my nest box was quit good, but I have to give it to the Dark Ladies, they know what they are talking about. Now I am putting my eggs down in the new nest box.”

Light (&) thunder
Last evening the weather thought about getting nasty. In the far distance you could just about hear some thunder, and if you had run fast enough, you might have managed to be hit by several raindrops. Still nobody here at Maifrin run that fast. The only lightning that was observed was that of the Sheppard, leaping for the door and hiding beside the bed. (She is too big to get underneath it). Beauty on the other paw, went for his normal evening walk with the cats.
Beauty say: “Yes that walk was very scary indeed, as the Model and the Primadonna started to quarrel.”

Number off eggs today: So fare 1, but it still early hours. 

Weather forecast
The sun has returned after a short but unwelcome break.
The dogs recommend you to get out of your hiding and start living again.


Personal add
Tiny pig is in search of lonely apples, bananas and oranges. To be honest they don’t have to be lonely.
Ref: Lonely tummy

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