Saturday, 28 May 2011

May 28th

The Flowerbuds
Miss Flowers 4 egg has hatched, and we are proud to tell you that all the Flowerbuds are doing great. It is off course the most beautiful chicken anybody has ever seen, and Miss Flower takes her new role as a mother very serious indeed. Off course somebody might say she is a little overprotective, so she doesn’t like to take them out on the common. Still we did manage to persuade her to let us take their photos. After that, it was straight back in to the barn for the next generation of flowers.
Miss Flower say: “Now, I am only going to say this once, step away from my children!”

The poor poor Seniora was today victim of a hideous crime no cat should have to endure. She was dumped into the bathtub, while it was filled with water, and from there it got worse. Her beautiful and only partly filled up with earth, dust and other valuable skin product, was then massaged with shampoo! The torture seemed to go on for ever. Other frighten cats was seen evacuating the house faster than a car chasing dog, faring for the well being of their perfect precious fur. After what can only be described as ages, the Seniora had her once so beautiful fur rinsed out with the shower attachment!
Seniora was not available for comment as she was to busy emptying the king size food bowl who magically appeared in front of the somewhat wet but for once clean lady. 

Naked pig?
The time of the year has arrived. Dj sQil needs a new wardrobe, and has started to work himself out of the old one. This might take some time, and in the meantime, loose bristles can be observed flying around in his vicinity.
Big Daddy say: “Somebody needs to bye a new wardrobe earlier than others due to the lack of quality and beautiness. Luckily I belong to the group of others!”

Some guests are more equal than others
While in a hurry to get home, Mr Purr was taking the short cut over the shed roof, when something long fast and hissing occurred in front of him just before he was to leap over to the rustico. The guest who had been sunbathing on the end of the roof lost his balance and fell simply fell of. The next thing he knew, he was looking up at Beauty, Sheppard and off course Mr. Purr. Very shortly thereafter they were all gone, but angry yelling could be heard from the inside of the car. Mr Snake thought this was a very unfriendly place to be, and decided to retreat to more promising areas. He was last seen hiding in the safety of the woodshed.
The Model say: “Here at Maifrin we pride ourselves that all guests are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

Number off eggs: 7 

Weather Forecast
After several days with 32̊c you should think a cloudy day weren’t too bad. Still it is only the sun that has left and it has been replaced with a very hot moist instead.
The Dog recommend you to stay cool literally, preferable in your bed. 


Property for sale
Nice cosy houses for sale. Habitable immediately, but some upgrading is to be done. This is truly a wonderful prospect with a lot of possibilities for the right individual.
Ref: Miss Flower

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