Thursday, 5 May 2011

2011 May 3rd

O Mighty river

Here the other day it was so hot that the dogs got all excited, and ordered themselves a private car to bring them down to O so very mighty Belbo River indeed.

Down by the river the excited and somewhat hot dogs decided that it was time to be cool and jumped into the water. Off course the Sheppard is an experienced bather from before, but the rest of us were stunned to see that even the Beauty jumped right in. Not that he hasn’t been in the water before, but than it has been more of the “NO NO NOOO That wasn’t an accident at all” kind of baths. This time on the other paw, he went straight at it, and we are proud to announce that not only did he go for a couple of swims, but he joined up to cross t the torrent.

Witnesses are still shell-shocked after watching this great display of doggy grandeur.

The Beauty say: “Whaw, that was great. Did you see it; did you see it, wasn’t I just great? I felt great you know, I think I’ll do it again, and again.”

The anti sunbathing project

Everybody knows that humans are not known for their capacity to understand the need of other species need. Still the Hen department has lately been seriously shocked over the level humans can sink to when it comes to putting their own need in front of those of the hen department. So OK there might have been some almost polite request from the humans that the hens should keep their sunbathing to areas approved for such use, and let the humans have their flowerbeds for themselves. But of reasons who should be all very clear to all living creatures this request has been denied by the Hen department.

Therefore it was in horror the hens could only watch while stone after stone was dumped all over their favourite sunbathing beds. So fare more than half of their spots have been covered, and the stones keep arriving.

The Hen department has given the following official statement: “This is a seriously blow to our existence. We are currently to shell shocked to comment this any further.”

Hard working cat

Tiny being the understanding cat hi is, tried his best to help the hens by sabotaging the “anti sunbathing project”, unfortunately it turned out to be very hard work indeed, and to much for a small kitten to handle all by himself. It didn’t help the cause that both human hands and stones taste rather awful. A truly exhausted Tiny soon had to leave his “paws on” action, to only supervision the cruelty from the shade.

Tiny say: “Honestly I tried, I did, but the stones were just to hard and bad tasting for me.”

Pig support

Also the pigs did theirs to help the hens rescuing their favourite sunbathing spots, but due to a incident involving free ranging apples on another part of the property, they unfortunately arrived to late. Spite their huge effort, nothing could be done.

DJ sQuil say: “You know we might be able to have arrived earlier, but we couldn’t hear anything over the sound of Big Daddy chewing through those escaped apples.”

Hairdresser on the loose

The days are getting warmer around here and the sheep started to get seriously hot under their wool. Therefore they were just too happy to welcome the arrival of a wool cut. The sheep have now been seriously undressed, and are all the happier for it.

Shaun say: “OK, so it might not bee the prettiest wool cut in the history, but I still feel great.”

Number off eggs today: 8

Number off goose egg in total: 51

Weather forecast


The dogs recommend you to get rid of the winter clothes for this season.


We are sorry for our delays, but we have had seriously problem with our ability to upload the news. Normally we do not do any PR for anything outside our beloved Maifrin, but this time we will do an exception to this rule.

Explorer SHAME ON YOU!!!

Firefox THANK YOU!!!

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  1. So glad to have 'Latest News' back. But how awful for the hens to have their sunbathing places used for far less useful growing flowers and vegetables. Staff obviously need more training.