Monday, 9 May 2011

May 9th 2011

Attacked from below
While out on a border inspection the very unfortunate Sheppard was the victim of something that can only be described as a cruel and vicious attack from below. She was happily trotting about her business when she suddenly felt something sting horrible in her back paw. She realized that somebody had managed to lure a big spine up in the middle of her now rather aching paw. She tried to lick it out, but it was all in while. The nurse (also known as human) offered to help, but her pride got in her way. The nurse insisted on helping, but still the Sheppard refused the help. In the end the nurse forced her help on the poor dog. This actually did seem to do the trick, and the Sheppard left the border inspection for an urgent trip down to the river to get the paw a proper clean out as she said.
The Sheppard said: “We suspect the culprit to be the dog next door. That dog has never been up to anything good in his whole life.”

The postcard
A very happy Model cat was the receiver of a wonderful postcard. It was a thank you note from his good pal “The Englishman from the wrong side of the valley who has to live with that awful big black so called dog thing”-cat. He was thanking the Model for the first class catnip plant he had sent over only days earlier. The Model who just loves to get postcard was thrilled, and the postcard is now hanging on the kitchen door.
The Model say: “If I got as many postcards as I give away, I would be a very happy cat indeed.”

False Alarm
While watching his wonderful wife having a bath, Mr Goose suddenly saw something red spreading on her chest. Mr Goose immediately panicked, and a nurse (still human) was called. Within seconds the nurse arrived with an emergency kit, consisting on scissors, disinfections, bandage and antibiotic spray, but NO wound was to be found. In the bath though, some red leaves were floating happily around.
Mrs Goose say: “I know he only likes to look after me, and make me safe, but honestly, sometimes he really is a little bit to overprotective.”

New hot chicks on the block
Yesterday the dogs went on the monthly hen marked. Upon arrival they realized that this time it wasn’t that much of a hen marked, but more like a rooster marked. Still the dogs were not to take lightly on the appointment to find the hen department a couple of new friends, and finally they found to very nice looking hen of the marans persuasion. The hens accepted the offer, and have now moved into the hen palace.
Mr Pearl say: “I must say, two really lovely girls, they really are. Still I can’t help feeling a bit disappointed, as we beforehand had talked about taking a couple of hens of the Barbuta d’Uccle persuasion, you know, like me.”

Something wet
Two rather moist big black unhappy creatures have been seen moving around Maifrin lately. If to be judged by the sound they made it should be nobody else than Big Daddy and DJ sQuil. They were not at all amused about the situation.
Big Daddy say: “I just don’t get it, how could anyone seems to think that I needed a shower? Can anybody direct me to the closest mud bath, this is an emergency!”

Number of eggs today: so fare 7
Number of geese egg in total: 55

Weather forecast
Nice, hot and wonderful! The dogs recommend you to enjoy it all, life included!


Nice and a very beautiful cat search postcards friends from all over the world
Ref: the Model

Everybody here at Casa Maifrin would like to wish our very good friend Fiona a happy birthday!
King Tiny has personally made sure that all the citizens have delivered their very best wishes.


  1. Wonderful news as always TamTam. I would personally like to thank King Tiny and all the Citizens for the lovely birthday wishes. Enjoy the sunshine.

  2. King Tiny is just thrilled that you liked it. As you can see from the diffrent photos in this newscast, you can really see he did go around talking to everybody about it :)