Saturday, 29 October 2011

On the road again

Archive photo of Primadonna
On the road again
After Primadonna got her health certificate back from the vet (after the awful ear incident) she is now back on the road. She has been observed around snack time, but next to that the cat is celebrating her new found freedom, and is spending it on the road again.
The Primadonna was not available for neither comment nor photo.

Seniora on the road
 On the road again
Today the citizens woke up to the most beautiful autumn day. The sun was shining and the temperature was rising. Actually the weather was so great that even Seniora went out, and not only out, but she hit the road and went for a walk. The old lady who normally seems allergic to every living green thing was observed almost all the way to the hen house, where she even got completely into the spirit, and hunted down an insect.
Seniora was not available for comment as she was to tired after the long walk, and was currently sleeping a serious nap in the indoors area.

Beauty doing a propper border inspection
On the road again
After a long period of getting older, Beauty today took a break from his normal refusing to join the Sheppard for a longer walk. 2 happy dogs were last seen walking the hills, inspecting everything that possible could be inspected, at least twice.
No dogs were available for comments as they are currently off on a full border control and inspection.

DJ sQuil cleaning out an area
Big Daddy cleaning out an area
On the road again
After the grape season came to end, the pigs have yet again been allowed on the road again. This has finally led them back to their work for the neighbours were the unselfish pigs help out the overworked farmers with land management. The pigs help consist on vital input towards the cleaning and fertilising department.
The pigs were not available for comments as they were currently to busy cleaning away every last piece of fig under the neighbours’ fig tree.

Chicken watching the road

From left: Chicken, Mother Hen
On the road again
After several days with what everybody will claim has been rather grey what the weather is concerned, today even mother hen was happy. Therefore even she and her little one was observed leaving the barn and trotting around on the huge courtyard.
Neither mum nor chicken are available for comments as they are to busy getting back to the barn.

A butterfly having the last meal of the season?
On the road again
The citizens were not the only ones who wanted to take advantage of the earlier mentioned beautiful autumn day. Even the occasional butterfly decided to postpone the winter hiding, and went off to enjoy a meal on the last flowers of the season.
The butterfly was not available for comment, unknown of what reason. 

Weather forecast

A beautiful autumn day is to be expected.
The dogs recommend you to run around and bask in the sun.


Sub-human superiore elite Torild

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our dear bestest friend and sub-human superiore elite Torild with her birthday today! May you have a truly wonderful day with all the food and naps you want!
Torils is currently on the road again. 
Big purrs from Seniora and a big hug from every citizen at least twice.

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