Wednesday, 5 October 2011

October 5th

DJ sQuil with his not so welcome bandage
Big Daddy proudly sporting his support band-aid
Pig bandage
DJ sQuil had as normal been out rocking the world, butt his time something had gone wrong. He came home with a wounded ear. It wasn’t a particular big wound or anything; evil tongs might even say it was hardly visible. Actually it hardly was visible, but that had more to do with that fact that the wound was on the inside of the ear and not the outside of the ear. Everybody knows that the inside of a black pig’s ear is hardly visible at all, wound or not wound, so there was no doubt that the wound needed nursing. OK, so not everybody meant that the wound did need nursing, and one in particular was absolutely convinced it did not need any treatment at all. So with DJ sQuils negative attitude towards treatment but the nurse insisting, something about truly evil flies, the small operation of cleaning and dressing the wound got almost as huge as DJ sQuil himself. The fact that the only thing who was able to stick on the poor unfortunate pig ear was the before mentioned evil flies, did not make the operation go any faster. Actually it went so slow that Big Daddy actually felt sorry for the poor chap, and insisted on getting a support band-aid on his own ear, which he then sported in front of the by now rather grumpy DJ sQuil. In the end the bandage did stick, and as his best friend, Big Daddy immediately put his snoutstamp on it.  
DJ sQuil was too grumpy to give any official statement, but we got the following words from his very good friend Big Daddy: “What a big pussy that boy is. Honestly I have been wearing this band-aid now for ages, and it does not bother me at all, NOT AT ALL. I can’t help it, but the truth is, DJ sQuil is nothing but a BIG cry baby! A BIG ONE! That is my honest opinion.” 

The Sheppard and sub-human having a nice chat
Sub-humans missing!
After 3 weeks with nothing but the best treatment from the 2 most wonderful sub-humans, the sub-humans have no left. Their departure was not popular amongst the citizens, but as they all know, nothing good last forever. So the citizens are currently hissing themselves through long feeding times while praying for the wonderful sub-humans to come back.
Seniora said: “Finally somebody understands an old retired street cat like my self’s need for a nice fur scrub, and than…. Gone! Oh I miss those magic fingers!”

The spy

Model watching the spy
Who flew over our nest?
Just the other days the citizens noticed that somebody was spying on them. Up there, in the air, somebody was looking down on the suspicious citizens. Still a citizen understands that they are the victim of envy, and behaved accordingly. Just in case a paparazzi was onboard immediately pruning and posing was done.
The Model said: “This is the backside of being a famous model. Everybody wants to have a piece of your private life. Still, I do accept visitors, if asked nicely, and sometimes I even show myself to these visitors, if I have the time, and they show the right respect towards a cat of my proportions.”

The dogs always makes sure their humans are safe

Meeting up with citizens of other nations is a very important diplomatic work which the dogs carry out perfectly
The dog show
This being the festive season in our area (This season is more or less all year round to be completely honest) the dogs have yet again been working very hard travelling to represent our nation to several big parties all over the region. Just the last couple of weeks they have been to wine festivals, a nut festival, antiques marked and so on and so on. Strangely enough the dogs seem to love all this jet setting, and are never turning down an offer for a new show.   
The Sheppard say: “It is not that I like the lime light, oh who am I kidding, I love it love it love it!”

Weather forecast
The weather is rather nice. Sunny and not to hot, but something tells us that the autumn unfortunately has arrived.
The dogs recommend you to ignore those yellow leave as long as possible.


Dear wonderful sub-humans please come back. Our fur is aching from the lack of your magic fingers, and we are hardly not fed at all. Please come back! Please!
Ref: Sad dogs

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