Thursday, 13 October 2011

October 13th

Big Daddy in exercise mode

Speed 17
While out on his daily trot, a certain Big Daddy was so totally into his exercise that he had totally forgotten to see where he was heading. So when he saw the fence coming toward him, it was just too late. There was nothing he could do. The speed was way too high. Big Daddy immediately realized that this was not the day to be outside his fenced in area (hunting day) so he started to slow down. Off course you don’t have to know much about the law of physics to know that pure muscle in such a big size need a lot of time to slow down. Therefore Big Daddy was seen taking some rather advanced turning operations, hoping this would slow him down. Which it did, but the speed was so HUGE. The first turn slowed him slightly down, but only slightly. Strangely enough this turn had put him in the straight direction of the barn door, just smashing through the geese feeding bowl first. This started to be very scary for the normal rather tranquil pig, as there just wasn’t enough time to take another turn to avoid hitting the barn door. Luckily for the poor chap, the door was slightly ajar, so he aimed for the opening and hoped the impact would not hurt his muscle mass too much. The impact made the whole barn shaking and the barn door flew straight up. The speed was now noticeable smaller, but still the speed was dangerously fast. Big Daddy had by this realized that crashing was not to be avoided, but he continued his turning manoeuvres to make it as little as possible. But in the end, there was just no more place to turn, and the desperate pig crashed straight into the waterfowl food container whit his snout first. Finally the pig stopped, but unfortunately the impact had been so big that the food container had tipped over and spilled its guts all over the floor. After checking that no damage had occurred on himself, the unfortunate pig thought he better start to clean up after himself, because as you all know, pigs are by nature very clean animals.
Beauty said: “I saw the whole thing; it felt like it all went by in slow motion.”

The almost ugly duckling
Our beloved peachick has still refused to reveal his true sex for us, but the speculations has lately taken a new turn after she/he lately gave us a glance of her new feathers. If the peachick stand in just the correct angel towards the sun, and you again stand inn the correct angel to both the sun and the peachick you can almost completely clear see a shimmer of green in the neck feathers. This is a big discovery to lead us to believe he is a boy, versus the clue about the brown eyes versus yellow or blue leads us to believe she is a girl.
The discussion is as you can imagine going high, and some betting has even been rumoured to go on.
The peachick itself say: “HIHIHI This is so fun!”

The big rescue
This morning one of Miss Flowers tiny ones had manage to escape from his house. The tiny one was no where to be seen nor heard. A huge rescue operation was immediately put in to action to find the little one trotting around all alone. Miss Flower and the rest of her tiny flock went in one direction, the rest of the search crew in other directions. The rescuer met up as agreed, but nobody had any good result. The only one who wasn’t there was Miss Flower and her tiny ones. So the search was now for Miss Flower with all of her flock. Normally this is a rather noisy bunch, but not today. The search was no concentrated on the area Miss Flower was last seen, and sure enough, not fare from there you could see Miss Flower laying on the bottom of a very steep hill, and up from between her wings was a tiny red head popped up. Miss Flower had with out any problem at all found her missing chicken. So in the end, all she needed the rescue help for, was to go and fetch a nice helping of snack, to motivate the little chick for the long climb up again.
Miss Flower said: “I knew where he was all along. It was nice of the others to help, but off course totally unnecessary.”

Weather forecast
Wonderful weather for autumn
The dogs recommend you to enjoy it for as long as it last.


The Primadonna planning her escape
Due to escape planning I am urgently in need of the movie “The Italian job.” Needless to say it is the original from 1969 I need, and not the so-called copy from 2003.
Ref: Urgent matter att: Primadonna (still in the sick bay)

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