Monday, 10 October 2011

October 10th

Primadonna showing of the ear in question
The awful aching
Yesterday the Primadonna came to the conclusion that even though she hated just the very thought of it, she needed medical care. Therefore she decided she could not postpone it any further, and went to talk to the nurse. As normal the nurse was not very fast on the uptake, but as soon as the nurse awoken even she could smell the problem. The Primadonna had an unfortunate abscess problem and according to the smell, the abscess what not whole anymore.
Still the nurse didn’t find the puss, so the poor Primadonna had to spell it out for her. So when she insisted on getting her ear scrubbed, even the nurse felt the problem. The awful abscess was actually leaking into her ear, which was not only painful but also irritated, the ear as well. So the nurse did her best cleaning out the area, and said it would have to be the vet next thing. The poor patient was in the meantime restricted to the bed chamber area. Which was not incredible popular.  
The next morning the Primadonna was put into an ambulance carrier and off the vet it went. There they had no mercy what so ever, and drained the whole thing, and injected her with a very painful needle indeed. Than she was not only told to come back, take meds but also to stay indoors!! The indoors thing has been debated ever after, and we assume the debate will continue for about the next 12 days. The sad Primadonna is now back to the bed chamber, debating her freedom through a huge bowl of her favourite food.
King Tiny said: “Oh oh oh, this is awful. My poor poor Primadonna is ill! How could this happened, is there no justice in the world. My poor poor girl. I did off course offer to accompany her to the dreaded vet, but she was so ill that she mistook me for an intruder and slapped a couple of sharp claws in my direction. That is how ill she is!”

The tailless d'Oro
Feather perfect?
Every hen and rooster unfortunately knows that not all days are good feather days. Especially the moulting season can be hard on a certain good looking rooster, still is life fear when you loose all your tail feathers at once? This might have bothered a rooster with a poor self-consciousness, but luckily for d’Oro he suffers from no such thing. The tailless rooster is still observed clucking up the chicks like nobodies business. 
D’Oro said: “Tail feather or no tail feathers, the ladies still understandable adores me. I am just that hot!”  

Shaun showing off his latest accessory

The new accessories
Today the sheep department consisted on two very proud sheep. Due to very fast growing wool (needed for the upcoming cold season off course), the two sheep had ordered themselves brand new collars, as the old ones had just become to tight with all the wool pressing up from underneath. The sheep have spent the rest of the days parading their new accessories, and admired each other. Strangely enough the other citizens didn’t seem that interested in their happiness, so the sheep continued to admire themselves even more.
No sheep was available for comments as they were to busy admiring themselves, but we were lucky to get the following comment from the Sheppard: “Big deal!”

Henhouse roof
While the sub-humans were here, they showed out to be very useful, in more ways than one. They also was incredible thoughtful, so when the hens wasn’t really that into petting, the male human instead made them a completely new roof, which actually was something they had been dreaming about for quit a while. Now the rain will no longer bother the hens, or at least, it will not bother them at their safe haven.
Mr Purr say: “It works for me as well. This is a nice place for me to help with the feeding. That sub-human is a true hero!”

Weather forecast
The days are hot and the nights are cold.
The dogs recommend you to find a tin roof, drag it to the sunniest spot you have, than pay it a visit when the sun goes down.


The Primadonna planning her escape
Due to escape planning I am urgently in need of “Rome & Julie” written by Shakespare.
Ref: Urgent matter att: Primadonna


  1. Poor, poor Primadonna. Mog sends her very best wishes for Primadonna to get well very soon. Mog says being confined to the house is the very worst thing that could happen to her 'sister' and she hopes Pia escapes quickly.

  2. Dear Mog! Primadonna is so happt to have your support. A thank you has been smuggled out from her bed chamber.
    Thank you!