Thursday, 27 October 2011

October 27th

King Tiny trying to get out
Seniora trying to get out
The flapping fiasco
The grumpiness and in some cases (most actually) angriness, spread like fire through dry grass on a very windy day when the new cat flap was installed. 6 cats, an angora cat, a dog and a hen were all furious of the new instalment. The dog meant it had become too tight, the hen and the angora cat thought it was useless, and the cats got really upset when they realized that the flap only opened inwards and not outwards. The Primadonna refused all allegations that this was done to keep her indoor because of her bad ear. Still the new flap is there, and the cats, dogs and hens had moved out.
The Model says: “You know I had to get out in human down time here the other night, and it took me several minutes to get the lazy human to open the door for me. Than half an hour later when I really needed to get out again, it took even longer timer to get out. I would seriously recommend for that flap to be fixed asap. Who care about that silly ear of the Primadonna anyway? Not me, I promise you that much!”

Beauty in his winter proof bed
A winter snooze
There is no way denying it, the hot days of summer is really gone. Therefore the dogs have started to winter proof their beds. The beds had their thick woolly sheet back on, and are now placed next to each other for the sharing of warm comfort.
Beauty say: “I miss those hazy lazy crazy days of summer!”

The new ventilation shaft

The anonymous philanthropist
New ventilation
Yesterday somebody installed a new ventilation shaft on the henhouse. Somebody thought that it was of vital importance that the ventilation was improved in the area of the hens’ food bowls. Even a child knows that all food area in damp areas needs a lot of ventilation to avoiding it getting mouldy. Actually the good doer even sacrificed his own well being and ate the whole lot just to see that the food was good enough for the lovely ladies. The saint behind this beneficiary work wants to be anonymous, but serious research has led us to believe that this self sacrificing animal is none the less than Big Daddy.
The Spokeshen say: “What a guy, what a guy!”

The very upset Mrs & Mr Geese
The pool mystery
Lately the geese have come upon a terrible problem. Their beloved water in their beloved pool seems to escape in a scary fast speed. This is really mysterious since this started to occur just after a huge rainfall. The terrified geese now insist on having their pool topped up at least twice a day.
Mrs Goose say: “You know, I was just about to run into the water, and than there were no water to run in to!”

Weather forecast
Wet and awfully foggy
The dogs hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they do recommend you to get your winter sleeping arrangement in order.


Experienced diplomat
Diplomat with long and relevant experienced towards communicating with wild boar hunters are wanted. We have tried hard to communicating with them, but they speak neither cat, dog, pig, bird, sheep, goat, rabbit nor human. We are at the end of our wits.
Application with CV and recommendations to be forwarded to the Citizens.

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