Saturday, 8 October 2011

October 8th

art according to Mr. Purr
art according to Mr. Purr
Some may think that the citizens don’t really care about art. That is wrong, totally and utterly wrong. The truth is that they do indeed care very much about art, but it need to be beautiful art, and the citizens has a clear view on what they consider good and beautiful art. Therefore the art is limited, as not much get up to their standards. Still even though they all more or less approve of art, some citizens approve of it more than others. Therefore this citizen had to go and have his sculpture made. Not only one, but two. He is very happy with the result himself, even though it must be admitted that not all citizens agree with Mr Purr that this is good art, not at all actually.
Mr Model say: “Honestly, I must admit that the artist has managed to get the best out of the situation, but off course it would have worked better if he had used a professional model. Just saying, just saying…”

Amber with Mum before mum shrunk
Amber after mum shrunk
Perched up
It was a big night for “not so little Amber anymore” when she had to sleep on the perch together not only with her mum, but also all the other hens and roosters. Lately mums wing had been shrinking so much, that she could hardly fit her head underneath it, so this night her mum thought she might just be big enough to sleep at the perch. It was off course a bit scary, but even though mummy’s wing was not over Amber, it was still just right next to her, and Amber did rapidly fell into sleep, and so did mum and all the other who was ready to meet the night at the perch.
Amber said: “Honestly, I would prefer to sleep under the wing of my mummy, but she has been shrinking so much lately, that I really have trouble fitting underneath it. Her shrinking is actually a bit scary, sleeping at the perch though, not scary at all, ok, almost not scary at all.”

Beauty re-inacting how he totally scared of the Fox

Mr Pearl living the henhouse
Unwanted visitors, yet again
Last morning most of us woke up to the most dreadful news. There was no doubt, in the distance we could clearly here the awful sound of a fox. Luckily the dogs did their job to perfection (as almost always) and the fox soon left the area. For our nevous readers out there, the fax was never seen, and after listening to the dogs department pep talk, we don’t think he will be back shortly. Still the hens are perched up an hour extra each day, as a safety measure.
Mr Pearl said: “If I had been awake, my feather would have been shaking with fear!”

Flooded swimmingpool
Flooded swimmingpool
The autumn is not only in the air, but also in the water, literally. The poor waterfowl department is these days struggling to find the water in their pool underneath a constant layer of old retired leaves. Even though the pool is cleared for leaves several times a day, new leaves are just to happy to jump in and spoiled a poor bird need to get her wings wet.
Mrs Goose say: “You know you jump out in the water to get clean, and what happens? Instead leaves stuck to you all over, and it takes forever to pick them off. Autumn is a cruel thing.”

Weather forecast
Windy but sunny.
The dogs recommend you to hold on to you fur.


well used cat for sale

Well used cat for sale, close up
Cat for sale
A very experienced cat for sale. This is an absolute bargain as this cat has done, seen and experienced everything a cat can experience, and that at least twice, most likely much more. She adores telling everybody about all of her experience, also at least twice, most likely more. This cat would therefore be the perfect cat for somebody fresh at the cat business, as she as earlier mentioned love to share her previous experience with everybody she can get her paws on.
She is today totally dedicated to her new life as a cat guidancespeaker, and are therefore fairly easy to look after. As long as she has a soft lap, a huge food bowl always full and a cat with great patience she is only moving her toothless grin.
Ref: The dogs

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