Monday, 14 November 2011

The brave Peace Supremo waiting for assistance
The result of the evil attack

Attacked again
Yet again the Peace Supremo was the victim of the most horrifying attack. While running peacefully after a mouse, some terrorist took the opportunity to cowardly attack him from behind. The poor chap had been hit by nothing less than a full length phleum seed carrier of the truly evil conviction. Peace Supremo tried every trick in the book, but the awful thing just would not budge. In the end there was no way around it. The remains had to be cut out of his perfect and oh so beautiful fur.
Peace Supremo says: “What is it somebody has against peace and understanding?”

The Dogs ready to join the Truffle fair
Two little dogs goes to the marked
Yet again it was time for the dogs to some diplomatic representation. Therefore the Dog had a private car taking them to the city and the famous international truffle fair. There they greeted everybody, no matter which species they belong to. The dogs were observed moving perfectly from dog to person, everybody treated with the same respect. In between the normal cocktail conversations that do belong to these tedious diplomatic affairs, the Sheppard even manage to help the household cleaning staff. Spite her perfect diplomatic occurrence she never missed when somebody has lost a piece of food on the floor, was loosing a piece of food on the floor or just planning to loose a piece of food on the floor, she was there in a jiffy, taking care of the  cleaner upper business. The Truffle fair was very grateful indeed.
The Sheppard says: “It is not easy you know, but the perfect housedog in me just can’t look at anything being spilled, and honestly, where was that cleaning staff. I just had to help! “

Shaum (left) before the horn trimming
Byebye hornie
The last days a certain sheep has been observed running around happily but almost hornless. The sheep had to pay the horntrimmer a visit when his horn not only grew that long, but also that thick, that they insisted to grow into his skin as well. Since the sheep didn’t think this was a good idea, but the horn stood on theirs, well he had the horn seriously shorten in length instead.
Shaun says: “I should have done it before. Now I can yet again scratch my air, who for that sake, don’t scratch anymore now that those heavy horns are gone.”

The Guest getting some last seconds standard safety tip before the advanced dog training lesson
 From the hotel park
The Guest has lately been observed in the hotel outdoor park area. With almost endless hiking areas in the 4 hectare big park, the Guest has been busy desperately trying to reach over the most interesting routes. Therefore he also went down to the hotel reception and ordered a guide to show him the hotspots, and even threw in some advanced dog training lessons. The Guest was last seen heading for the forest while the Sheppard was left with a couple if raps on her snout.
The Guest say: “My oh my!! This is getting better and better. The services here are just AMAZING! I am booking my next vacation right now; actually, I just think I will stay put, who wants to go home anyway?.”

Weather forecast
Sometimes in between the fog, it is actually something almost like sunshine.
The dogs recommend you to aim for the sunshine.


Finish up
Do you strongly dislike it when there are something left in your food bowl, but you just can’t manage to eat the last bit, finish it up? We all know that saving it for later wont work. It goes stale so very quickly indeed. You would rather just get a new and proper fresh portion whenever you need it, but for that you just have to get rid of that awful stinking incredible stale left over from your last meal. It is hard, isn’t it? You have tried to eat it, but honestly! You have tried to nicely stock it just outside the bowl, but noooo, nobody take a hint. You have tried screaming, nudging and scratching, but all in avail.  
Rests assure, the solution is finally here. With King Tiny’s  new finish up services, just call him the next time you are having your meal, and as soon as you are filled up (or maybe even before) he will in a perfect self-sacrificing way finish up, and your bowl are left fresh for the next time you need a fill up.
Ref: Finish up 

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